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    Sonikku2k reacted to sucram_h in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    because his games, especially the boost games and the classics, offer something that isn't available anywhere else. Great graphics, catchy music, fast gameplay, complex levels, all rolled into one package.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to StaticMania in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    The Character designs. I like the characters, they all look "cool". Sonic is the reason I got into drawing and these characters are really fun to draw.
    That's pretty much it.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Diogenes in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    Nothing else out there plays like a good Sonic game. And when a Sonic game gets it right, it's one of the greatest platforming experiences in gaming. The speed, flow, and freedom that a good Sonic game offers is simply unmatched, and it's something I want more of.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Lord-Dreamerz in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    To put it quick and simple. I think i'm mostly into it for the overall art style, characters and insane surreal fantasy worlds and imagining it all in new ways... I am also super fond of long running series that can keep me company across my life which I can keep returning to instead of always having to hop onto new short lived media.
    Going into more detail. I like many of the characters, especially their designs and I love the art style in general. I enjoy both drawing Sonic characters and other people's art of them a lot... it is amazing seeing the different interesting ways artists put their own spin on the characters and concepts. I love it when Sonic media focuses their worlds and concepts more on the artsy surreal otherworldly side of design... and I hate it when they try to make Sonic's world closer to real life such as they did on Sonic-06 and Unleashed... I'm absolutely not a fan of Sonic media trying to emulate real life simply with cartoon characters tossed on top... I desire fantasy worlds that doesn't resemble our world whatsoever and want to explore and discover things that you only can in crazy far out there fiction.
    The Sonic side cast these days interest me more then Sonic himself honestly... with Blaze being my current favorite Sonic character... don't get more wrong I still love Sonic too... Sonic from the OVA movie is my favorite portrayal of him. It's fun to imagine what the characters do in their day to day lives and what adventures they go on and how they interact with each other... furthermore the Sonic series in general is just a very fun series to reinvent and expend upon for fan made media.
    The classic style games for me definitely contain the best overall packaged deal when it comes to art design, gameplay and their fun vague implied stories that allow your imagination to run wild. I really love Sonic music too obviously, both of the Sonic CD US & JP music sets being among my fave Sonic music... I am a fan of the Sonic OVA music and the Sonic Rush music too along with some others. Even tho I enjoy enough of the music from modern games... I prefer the classic Sonic games music styles more overall as I find many of the modern games rock and orchestra music pretty generic and dull often... I think I prefer more unusual style music... luckily there is tons of amazing fan made Sonic music out there too with enough even in the music styles I personally enjoy most.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to altum_dolorem in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    Sounds like an easy question for me. The answer is pretty much the same reason I'm not looking forward to the Sonic Movie. For the purposes of your research, I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

    Bright Colours, Characters & Varied Environments:
    Maybe it was because of the limited technology, but many games back in the 90s were bright and colourful. You'd need to be able to identify your character in the environment they reside in. The earliest characters I can remember from that age is Sonic and Bomberman, I think I became a Mario fan a couple of short years later. The variety of environments was quickly apparent in every game. One second you are in an open field area with waterfalls in the background and islands visible in the distance, then your suddenly in a plant, with dangerous blue chemicals and bright pink water, progress more and your in a city modelled around a casino. No zone looked like a previous zone.
    With the characters and the bright levels, the games felt very stylised. I've never been interested in realism and would often actively avoid it. That sense of toonish fun was always present in Dr. Eggman.

    Comically exaggerated moustache, simple round body and stick legs, tiny glasses, a toothy grin and a shiny bald head. Every time you beat him, he is engulfed in explosions and is clearly frazzled by the experience. But insists on coming back to try again. Right then and there, you already know that this world is not about realism. Considering the original trilogy, Eggman must've fallen out of orbit and survived, several times. And I haven't even mentioned his crazy over the top gadgets and robots. None of which ever look truly menacing. Except for maybe one...
    Comic's Expanded His World:
    Back in the day, story telling was limited due to what developers could work with. When you wanted to learn more about the characters and world, you'd have to wait until the next game, but not when the series was expanded into comic form. Back then, there were two. (Though I didn't know that at the time.)

    The one that I grew up with will be referred to as Fleetway Sonic The Comic. During the Saturn era, when Sonic games were few and far between, with no real plot or adventure to them, the comic helped bridge the gap. They also helped to introduce me to characters from games I was never able to originally get at the time. So because of Fleetway, I became a fan of Chaotix, Mighty and Nack/Fang.
    Sadly, Bean, Bark and Ray never appeared (To my knowledge anyway.)
    ...Have to cut this post shorter than I wanted. If I can, I'll continue from my post with the Adventure era, next time.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Kazhnuz in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    Because I'm having fun.
    Even if the game are kinda lackluster and not perfect since at least 15 years, the franchise is full of life and creativity. Be it the IDWComics or other derived product, fan-created content, I've got with Sonic a big dose of new and fun content, and I'm simply still enjoying my experience of the franchise. For me, a franchise like Sonic is way more than just an IP. My experience of Sonic isn't just my experience of the flawed last games, it's also the experience of stuff like Sonic Robo Blast 2 and its derivative games, many romhacks, etc. I'm simply still having fun with Sonic, and enough fun for still wanting to create my own games based on this "universe", for still wanting to explore this universe and create things for it even though I've got my own universes to work on.
    ( and TBH, even the last few game were kinda enjoyable for me, and are part of why I'm still into Sonic. They were flawed, yet full of small ideas and reference that where enough to make me have a good moment with the games. Sonic Lost World was pretty lively and had fun ideas and used diverse gameplay better than other boost games, and Sonic Forces was kinda fun even if a mess in many place. For me, it's not really that different of how I enjoy Heroes and Shadow even though they are pretty mess on many account. )
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    Sonikku2k reacted to PC the Hedgehog in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    Nothing too deep for me. I like seeing a colorful, cartoony cast of characters in a colorful cartoony world getting into high-octane exciting adventures. Pretty much the same reason I like Mario (minus perhaps the "high octane" part).
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Marco9966 in Why are you really into Sonic?   
    I want a comic that's not too sad, that has adventures, that can be long, and IDW Sonic fits this pretty well. It's always good to also see the other members debate about the comic.
    Right now I only like the comics, but not the games, I only like the games fron 1991-2010, everything after that is soulless.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to SBR2 in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    The Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic get the same treatment as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman for being from the Genesis Era. They're Macguffins to get the plot going and get a better ending. Sure we learned more about them in SA1 but that knowledge doesn't mean much plus with the Master Emerald it was pretty easy to piece together that Knuckles had some connection to them.
    I'm just saying storywise Sonic has never been particularly complex and stuff like Chaos or Black Doom or Dark Gaia are only important to the plot of the one game they appear in. Hell Shadow almost fell onto that list since he was supposed to die for real.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Scritch the Cat in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    What would you call the Emeralds?  What would you call Knuckles' association with the Master Emerald?  Those lasted a great deal longer.
    It had ceased to be novel, though.  In terms of basic game structure and aesthetics, you can pit Sonic against just about anything and people won't complain so long as it plays and looks good (and you know; isn't a giant flying, fire-spitting penis), but when it comes to writing plots, they were essentially recycling the same story and making Eggman look pathetic in the process.
    That's not to say that I like Pontaff, though.
    Some things did continue back then, though, like Tails and Amy toughening up.  I'm going to make a bold guess and say that if they were still in the habit of making them playable, then that sort of development would have stuck instead of weird portrayals later on in the series.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    Sonic is an episodic action serial with staff that rotates frequently. That's why all of these so called soft reboots exist. They're literally keeping themselves free to make changes for the next generation of staff to suit the next generation of kids. This sounds like they're trying too hard to be trendy or something on paper but you won't catch Mario or Zelda making much in the way of long term commitments outside of lip-service for similar reasons.

     Actually rebooting everything is an entirely meaningless gesture in the wake of what this series is. It's a series of products that have their own different stylistic nuances, not an attempt to do one long running story. I honestly prefer it that way. I like being surprised. I like Sonic changing things up. The more a series gets caught up in it's own lore the more it tends to bore me.

    The loose continuity was never a thing that stopped people from buying, playing or enjoying Sonic games. It's a non-issue that you'd lose more people 'fixing' than you'd gain. It's fun to fantasize about long form Sonic storytelling but I never thought the games needed to be the place for that. Read the comic and help us push for it in other formats.

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    Sonikku2k reacted to Diogenes in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    What does this even mean? How do you simultaneously throw out the continuity and acknowledge it? There's a difference between actually starting fresh and just being lazy and uncaring.
    Yes and I have acknowledged that the people responsible for the series need to change or at least get their heads out of their asses for this or anything to work. That doesn't mean there isn't value in doing the same for the continuity.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Kuzu in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    Sooo, you didn't answer my question before. What would this "reboot" change that these soft-reboots did not? 
    Because a lot of the soft reboots did exactly what you described, only really keeping the names of the characters the same. Continuity has been kind of thrown out of the window beyond the general "HEY REMEMBER WHEN THAT HAPPENED!?" The series has built new ideas before (and screwed them up), they've "started fresh" (And fucked it up), and the new writers literally had tons of flexibility in the newer games (And they still fucked it up) 
    A lot of the problems that you think are holding the series back are not continuity or story related problems, its just really a matter of the people behind them like you said. They've advertised "going to Sonic's roots" more times than anyone really cares for, and I don't think another "reboot" is going to change anything if we're stuck with the same people piloting the ship.
    The only way a "reboot" would work under your guise is if it wasn't done under Sega, period. But even that carries the risk of alienating the people that are drawn to this series by all of it's dumb shit. 
    So creating yet another version of Sonic that might alienate people :V
    There are so many alternate versions of Sonic, all of them advertising themselves as "new and improved". Boom  tried to do that and it still fucking sucked because they never capitlized on anything with it. 
    Really, a reboot is unnecessary...at least with how Sega currently treats the series. They're content half-assing everything about Sonic, so I feel that's a more immediate problem than once again trying to rebrand the series, because people aren't stupid. They're gonna see it as a blatant publicity stunt to garner attention and knowing Sega, they'll just half-ass it once again . 
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Diogenes in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    "Soft" being the key word. A soft reboot isn't really much of anything, the way I see it; it might include a change of direction, but without giving anything up, it's just adding to the mess the series has become. Anything a soft reboot ends up doing has to be squared with the games that came before it, because it's all still one continuity.
    A proper reboot would sweep all that stuff away. It's a chance to start fresh, to get rid of what didn't work, to retool what did (or almost did), and to build new ideas into the foundation of the series. It allows for a level of flexibility and freedom that you can't get if you're still beholden to a quarter century of sketchy writing. That alone doesn't guarantee success of course, you still need the right people with the right ideas, but cleaning up and starting fresh can give them the space to do their best work rather than being held back by the existing continuity's problems.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to FFWF in What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?   
    I've heard much the same about the baby characters in Mario Kart.  Sometimes it's important to remember that not all of the characters are for us, the adults arguing about talking animals on the Internet.
    It's still true that Cream hasn't had a good showing in a while, though.  I sense that she flourishes in multiplayer or multiple playable character games; and outside of that it's difficult for her to be relevant unless you're making more of a commitment to storytelling and world-building.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Diogenes in Should there be a new "Sonic Bible" and reboot based on it?   
    If they can get people with enough talent and vision to handle it, sure.
    Modern Sonic is a mess of contradictory and unrelated ideas with no clear vision of what it is or where it's supposed to be going. The whole mess needs to be sorted out in some way, and considering how far it's gone, I'd say a reboot is an entirely reasonable option. Take some time off, figure out who the characters are, what the world is, and what it's all supposed to mean, and come back with something (hopefully) stronger than the usual confused mess of a game.
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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from Failinhearts in Sonikku’s art attempts   
    Thank you.
    Yeah this board is different to any other board I've used so I am figuring it out still. Also I posted those from my iPad so maybe that's the reason.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to Failinhearts in Sonikku’s art attempts   
    Wow, these look pretty great! Good job, so far! You just gotta figure out a better way to embed the pics without resorting to external links, but it's no biggie!
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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Ah so there you are. I have seen your art before last year... DeviantArt I think 
    I like it a lot
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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in Your Recent Creative Endeavors and Accomplishments   
    Great topic.
    I ended 2018 on a busy note which means I didn't do anything of much because work was taking all my time. I doodled for the first time this year, yesterday.
    I am looking to pick up my comic last year that I only did two pages of... At the time I was really busy with other projects. I came back to my Telegram groups on Monday and noticed a lot of interest and questions about it so maybe I should continue. I did a doodle yesterday to make a joke on a local forum, which got me thinking about doing it again.
    I also started with my Sonic tattoos this year. I've been chickening out for obvious reasons but I went through with it. So far we have Sonic and Tails on my arm. I want to end up with a full sleeve of as many characters as we can fit in.
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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from SpinSlash165 in Sonikku’s art attempts   
    Here is stuff from last year.. I will add as I find them and them afterwards I will post new stuff as I create it.
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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from Failinhearts in Sonikku’s art attempts   
    Here is stuff from last year.. I will add as I find them and them afterwards I will post new stuff as I create it.
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    Sonikku2k reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread   
    Made a 3rd poster of the movie. I had Sonic running down through Lombard Street.

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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from ebongrey23 in The Introduction Topic   
    Heh thanks for the warm welcome
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    Sonikku2k got a reaction from Failinhearts in The Introduction Topic   
    Heh thanks for the warm welcome
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