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  1. Mr. Elson Wong! I wish you'd come by more Darkspeeds we really miss you. have a great day and a happy one.

  2. Mr. Elson Wong! I wish you'd come by more Darkspeeds we really miss you. have a great day and a happy one.

  3. Happy birthday darkspeeds, keep being awsome or something. :D

  4. Happy birthday dawg o=

    1. goku262002


      Yeah like he comes here at all...

    2. Jetronic


      doin' it anyway

    3. BlazingTales


      Still, a happy birthday from me, whether you see it or not!

    4. Jetronic
  5. Heya Little T! Love the concept behind this! Outrageously hilarious. Watching this reminds me of my listen through to Dreadknux and Roareye Black talking (and singing along to!) about the cheesy Segaworld Sydney stage shows. "GIVE ME CHAAAAAAAAAAAAOS INSTEEEEEEEEAD!!!" XXD Oh and btw! The quality of the voice over recordings were great! Good job!
  6. Hey guys! Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong here. = ) Just posting my latest initiative based off the awesome SONIC UNIVERSE series created by the wonderful team at Archie Publications Inc. The goal of my initiative is to both entertain current fans of the comic series and attract/encourage newbies into reading the comics. Click on the image below to begin the animated adaptation. Enjoy! Any feedback is most welcomed! Also please do not hesitate to ask me questions about the project (voice-over auditions, how the animation process works, what is involved in creating a the visuals/audio etc...)! I'll be happy to answer your questions. Finally, I'm currently working on the 'second act' already as we speak. "ALL HAIL THE KING BABBEEY!"
  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate the birthday wishes. ;)

  8. Happy birthday, Elson! I hope you have a good one!

  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday my Yorkshire brother from down under.

  11. it's been a wile you kinda disappeared from the interwebs.

  12. Yeah I'm still alive, I just don't post that often that's all. XD

  13. are you still alive

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