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  1. THANK YOU!The fan fiction/soup opera stopped A LONG TIME before the comic got cancelled!If people keep bringing up how the comics was at first and ignore how it changed how can they expect people to stop wanting it back just to show them that it improved? Exactly
  2. Ok and AFTER he got them to safety? Why didn't he help Sonic
  3. Exept that even at the beginning of the game Tails had this so called "breakdown" since he was just covering in fear instead of fighting and protecting the civilians when Sonic was fine and just stood there as his best friend was beaten to a pulp and captured. He wasn't even escorting the others to safety: he was just watching
  4. You mean,Tails being an out of character wimp and Blaze absence being justified in a comic,not in the game?
  5. Thing is,we should have SEEN her develop(like with Shadow,Tails and Blaze) rather than having her changed out of the blue: see how she got there. Like this is just a way to overglorify her. Why not having Tails or Blaze in charge?
  6. The description says A powerful ally,which means only one of them. Maybe the one that was spared will have to help Sonic and Omega in some other way
  7. Well,Charmy was her age yet he wasn't spared...
  8. By testing how the virus worked with super speed I'm not saying that he has to change complitely but at least trying to be a little more coscious: it's like Lex Luthor not wanting to find out Superman weakness
  9. To be fair,it is confirmed that one of Sonic's friends will be infected(I hope it isn't Tangle or Wisper: they are still too new,it would leave a bigger impact if Tails,or Knuckles ,or Amy ect. were infected). My only problem is that Eggman is STILL too cocky that he didn't even make sure that his arch enemy power wasn't a way to slow down the infection! I mean,come on: the dude has lost so many times that you'd think he learned not to be so cocky! He is cocky,yes,but he is supposed to be a genious!
  10. Really?! How was she like in STCO?
  11. I heard some say that it was because the robots that Sonic took down were nothing to be scared of and that the villagers were made useless to make Sonic look better,despite the fact that they were soldiers as well and should have been able to fight on their own. At least that is what those people said
  12. Has it been confirmed that robots are immune or won't explode like in Archie Sonic?
  13. You mean,aside of how Bunnie hated looking like a freak,or how terrified people looked when they got robotizated?Or that one story when Bunnie had a nightmare that Robotnik turned into a full robot to make her kill her friends,showing how scared she is of herself? Or the fact that she has to constantly update her robot part to survive,reducing her chances of ever being normal? Or the fact that in the Mecha Sally arc Sally was also tore apart for Eggman to weaponize her,making it nearly impossible to turn her back and making her hurt her friends and family and how broken she was in the reboot when she remembered it? Or the fact that there was also that whole removing some of the organic parts of his soldiers to replace with robot part with either a bomb or a device that paralize them and remember that they also captured innocent people and forced them to this! Yeah,not scary at all.
  14. But if that's the case what's Shadow's character anymore? It's like saying that Krypton never existed in the Superman canon, or that Uncle Ben never died in Spiderman, or that Bruce Wayne's parents never died! They can't just erase the whole motivation of a character
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