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  1. Honestly it would have been cool to see more of that . I wish Mr Thinker stayed longer: it would have made him becoming Eggman again more tragic Not even trying to fight enemies he has beaten in the past with ease even before his supposed trauma of Sonic dying and not being useful at all is character assassination; feeling stressed and worried because of his responsabilities and having to deal with a new danger never faced before it's complitely normal.
  2. I liked this issue of Tangle and Whisper. It was cool seeing more sides of these two characters
  3. Of course he still has flaws,but there is a difference between "overconfident " and "idiot"! Shadow has learned to realize when he is wrong,so why was he so dumb here? Yeah,but then he saw that he wasn't and he STILL refused to run
  4. Because Shadow is supposed to have matured and developed: he is not that dumb! As soon as he saw he was infected he would have runned!
  5. So now all the humans moved into another world,since until recently the existed in the same world as them? Shadow developed since then and he cares about people,but now in the comic he doesn't
  6. It's just a theory and I hope I'm wrong about it
  7. Considering,how there seems to be no human character and G.U.N. doesn't seem to exist anymore,I'm starting to fear that Maria never existed in this canon
  8. He tells him,but Shadows doesn't run because "cowards run" 😑
  9. No: what is happening is the usual Sonic going all"I wasn't fast enough to save them" used every time and Sonic never truly develops. Even in Lost World it didn't make sense: him being reckless caused the Deadly Six to get control of Eggman's robot,Sonic realizes it...then he makes the same mistakes again and getting Tails captured...his reaction"I wasn't fast enough to save my buddy"...Dude,if anything,if you slowed down and listen to him,he wouldn't have been caught! Being fast and reckless was the mistake,not "not being fast enough".I assure you that once this arc is over,Sonic will complitely forget about it and will make the same mistakes again.It would have been interesting having Sonic blaming himself for not keeping an eye on Mr Tinker and letting Metal go and heck,even having some characters getting mad at him for it.
  10. No: people want to see Sonic being effected by losing,see him recover in a belivable way. Not having him sad in one scene,than instantly happy in another one
  11. No one said that Sonic has to always lose,but losing once in a while,yes. Heroes can lose sometimes
  12. One thing that I don't like is how the civilians are waaaay too incompetent: I get that they don't have the experience of the game cast,but neither does Tangle and she does just fine. Why can't others being decent at their job? They fought a war! You'd think they should be able to handle themselves. Instead they constantly fail at the simplest things just so that the main cast can look better
  13. If it wasn't used almost every time,it would be funny,but at this point is repetitive and predictable. Yeah,Sonic has to win but it doesn't state that it has to be so easy: heroes can struggle with strong enemy and still win! The bad guy doesn't have to be an idiot for the hero to win. In fact,if the enemy is so dumb,it makes the hero look less impressive: anyone could beat this bad guy,so the hero is not special
  14. Seriously? Is there a mandate that doesn't allow Eggman to use his brain and LEARN from his mistakes ?! He didn't make sure that he had full control of the infected people? How many times did his creations or minions turn against him? When will he learn?! Then why not use another villain if the main one is not allowed to learn from his mistakes? The "Eggman gets betrayed by his own creation " plot has been overused and it's getting boring
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