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  1. On 12/1/2020 at 09:00, SBR2 said:

    Onestamente, questa non è nemmeno la prima volta che Ian afferma di essere bi. Lo ha menzionato prima su Twitter. 

    Personalmente mi piace pensare che Sonic e Sally abbiano provato ad uscire dopo il riavvio, ma hanno scoperto che l'atteggiamento avventuroso di Sonic e l'incapacità di rimanere in un posto hanno reso difficile per loro rimanere in coppia, così si sono lasciati reciprocamente.

    I think the same

  2. 5 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    "Sally was made Bisexual after the Super Genesis Wave" *Remembers the panel of her "Admiring" Mina's music in pre-reboot* ...Yeah I'm not too sure about that Mr. Flynn.


    I hope that this will stop having people saying that they made her gay to stop her from dating Sonic,since now it's been confirmed that she is either bisexual or pansexual,meaning that she liked boys as well. She and Sonic simply were not into each other in the reboot

  3. On 9/24/2019 at 5:48 AM, Dr. Mechano said:

    I've been thinking. Before regaining his memories, Mr. Tinker exclaims "I don't want to be Eggman!" I just really find that fascinating.


    Some part of Eggman, without the memories of his villainous career, manifested as a kind, compassionate inventor who just wants to help people. Some part of him that recoils at the very thought of becoming a supervillain again. Some part of him that just wants to live the rest of his life in peace.

    That's probably the extent of what we'll ever see of this aspect of the character here, but I still think it's interesting. "Mr. Tinker" didn't come out of nowhere; Eggman's own mind formed that persona in the absence of any other memories to go on. He genuinely felt and thought and did kind things of his own volition.

    I know it's beyond the scope of what Sega would ever allow Ian to do, but it really makes me wonder what set Eggman on the path to conquest in the first place. He just seemed so much happier and so much more fulfilled as a good guy, and it kinda makes me wonder what drove him away from that path originally.

    Honestly it would have been cool to see more of that . I wish Mr Thinker stayed longer: it would have made him becoming Eggman again more tragic

    52 minutes ago, SBR2 said:

    Nah somehow I'm sure him being overwhelmed will be seen as character assassination and Ian Flynn clearly hates Tails and so on and so on until the end of days.

    Not even trying to fight enemies he has beaten in the past with ease even before his supposed trauma of Sonic dying and not being useful at all is character assassination; feeling stressed and worried because of his responsabilities and having to deal with a new danger never faced before it's complitely normal. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

    Thinking like this assumes that because a character has "developed" they're no longer capable of making mistakes. Shadow may have developed from when he was first introduced but he's still got a big ego and he's currently pissed at Sonic, the guy who told him to run if he gets infected, the guy who he blames for this whole mess for getting in his way with Eggman. It's natural enough that he'd keep following his gut and try to do things his way than let someone else tell him what to do when that went so wrong last time. It's the wrong choice, obviously, but it doesn't come from him being "dumb".

    Of course he still has flaws,but there is a difference between "overconfident " and "idiot"! Shadow has learned to realize when he is wrong,so why was he so dumb here?

    3 minutes ago, StaticMania said:

    He honestly did seem out of character, to be honest.

    He doesn't seem like the character to boast himself up while fighting.

    But he did say that the Doctor's virus "can't infect the ultimate lifeform" so maybe he really did think he couldn't get infected.


    Yeah,but then he saw that he wasn't and he STILL refused to run

  5. 3 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

    Overconfident lone wolf character gets punished for acting like an overconfident lone wolf, this is bad writing somehow? I really don't get these complaints.

    Because Shadow is supposed to have matured and developed: he is not that dumb! As soon as he saw he was infected he would have runned!

  6. 44 minutes ago, Razule said:

    Two Worlds.

    So now all the humans moved into another world,since until recently the existed in the same world as them?

    15 minutes ago, Kazhnuz said:

    TBH, Maria happening and Shadow being more of a jerk isn't really incompatible to me. That's a huge case of "good is not nice" tropes, but that's not really incompatible, especially with things in Sonic X, where he tended to shut himself a lot from other and stuff. Maria can still be his drive to protect the world and too fight for the goodç, but what he suffered might make him less open to other, and way more unforgiving. (It would for me make even more sense about why he is way more radical than Sonic : because protecting the world is more "personnal" for him). And that's a tropes we see in a lot of fiction : people that are really harsh, edgy and kinda anti-heroïc, but have a "morality pet" (alive or not) that make them do the "right choice". (something that bother me sometimes, when it's used to excuse horrible stuff, like for Severus Snape where his relationship with Lily is often used as a way to say "looks he is not a bad guy" #AngryHPFanRambling.)

    Maybe you should elaborate more about how this would invalidate the "Maria" part of his backstory, because I really don't see it, and I would be pretty interested to understand better.

    Shadow developed since then and he cares about people,but now in the comic he doesn't

  7. 3 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    I am but ok.

    I'm making a funny about a previous time because I thought it was funny.

    Or I thought of a joke, about something that happened last year. Typed out that joke and then it seemed like you were legitimately offended, so I tried to reassure you that I was not being serious nor did I think less of you or anyone else for disagreeing with me because I was trying to be nice.

    " Haha remember when I said this " that was it, I literally wrote the original filled with memes and over exaggerating the situation because it was supposed to be funny. But ok, if you are legit offended or I made you feel bad or anything. I'm sorry.I didn't want to hurt your or anything , I was making a joke.

    It was joke, I was joking .

    That's a bold claim. I mean at this point it makes sense. I mean if you want to know you can ask him yourself, he got a podcast and a patrion, we could just ask Ian if maria exists in this canon.

    It's just a theory and I hope I'm wrong about it

  8. 4 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    Im gonna say one more thing, and then i'm done.

    Some folks are saying shadow is now " pre-06" that was my thought last year, but I would like to edit this. This shadow is as if Sonic Adventure 2 didn't happen and maria didn't exist. Now if this is an really wanting shadow to be antagonistic for the sake of his own preferences hopefully he gets criticism that causes him to stop doing it...again. If it actually is corporate meddling, that confirms some theories I have.

    Considering,how there seems to be no human character and G.U.N. doesn't seem to exist anymore,I'm starting to fear that Maria never existed in this canon

  9. 2 hours ago, StaticMania said:

    Does Sonic tell Shadow that running with stall the virus?

    If he does and Shadow doesn't run anyway...then that would be bad writing.

    If he doesn't...then that would be bad writing.

    He tells him,but Shadows doesn't run because "cowards run" 😑

  10. 1 hour ago, SBR2 said:

    And is that not what's happeningin the comics? Is Sonic not in a majorly grim senerio? 

    As for "Instantly" happy when has that happened ever? Even in Lost World he got pissed and stayed that way. 

    No: what is happening is the usual Sonic going all"I wasn't fast enough to save them" used every time and Sonic never truly develops. Even in Lost World it didn't make sense: him being reckless caused the Deadly Six to get control of Eggman's robot,Sonic realizes it...then he makes the same mistakes again and getting Tails captured...his reaction"I wasn't fast enough to save my buddy"...Dude,if anything,if you slowed down and listen to him,he wouldn't have been caught! Being fast and reckless was the mistake,not "not being fast enough".I assure you that once this arc is over,Sonic will complitely forget about it and will make the same mistakes again.It would have been interesting having Sonic blaming himself for not keeping an eye on Mr Tinker and letting Metal go and heck,even having some characters getting mad at him for it.

  11. 14 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    Now see if that's what people are wanting that's fine (and again is essentially what's currently happening) but the way people are phrasing it makes it sound like they want Sonic to lose and never recover from that loss. Which would be bad storytelling. A loss that Sonic comes back from, like the Metal Virus, is perfectly fine but one that he never comes back from? What would be the point of that?

    No: people want to see Sonic being effected by losing,see him recover in a belivable way. Not having him sad in one scene,than instantly happy in another one

  12. 15 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    I don't find the idea of the hero failing interesting no. Who the hell would want to follow a series where the hero keeps losing?

    No one said that Sonic has to always lose,but losing once in a while,yes.

    Heroes can lose sometimes

  13. One thing that I don't like is how the civilians are waaaay too incompetent: I get that they don't have the experience of the game cast,but neither does Tangle and she does just fine. Why can't others being decent at their job? They fought a war! You'd think they should be able to handle themselves. Instead they constantly fail at the simplest things just so that the main cast can look better

  14. 8 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    An Eggman plan backfiring because he got overconfident? That never happens! XD

    For real though while we could have guessed the Zombots weren't going to keep following Eggman's orders it's still always fun to see Eggman's plans bite him.

    If it wasn't used almost every time,it would be funny,but at this point is repetitive and predictable. 

    2 minutes ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

    No, but there IS a mandate saying that Sonic has to always win. Making sure Eggman doesn't think is one way to keep that mandate in check.

    Yeah,Sonic has to win but it doesn't state that it has to be so easy: heroes can struggle with strong enemy and still win! The bad guy doesn't have to be an idiot for the hero to win. In fact,if the enemy is so dumb,it makes the hero look less impressive: anyone could beat this bad guy,so the hero is not special

  15. 12 hours ago, kimplix said:

    2 new pages have been added and oh look



    Eggman's pretty much failing again. It's like his own special trait or something.

    Seriously? Is there a mandate that doesn't allow Eggman to use his brain and LEARN from his mistakes ?! He didn't make sure that he had full control of the infected people? How many times did his creations or minions turn against him? When will he learn?!

    11 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    Sounds like you're thinking of another villain.

    Then why not use another villain if the main one is not allowed to learn from his mistakes? The "Eggman gets betrayed by his own creation " plot has been overused and it's getting boring

  16. 8 hours ago, RedFox99 said:

    Except here it's a bit more understandable since a) it's her mother telling her it and b) it would be nigh impossible for Cream to go out there w/o getting infected.

    It looks the same to me... but I respect your opinion

    3 hours ago, Shadowlax said:

    Thinks about tails the last few years




  17. 9 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

    Really? He rambles listing things he likes, without saying a single argument why he likes them.

    All he could say about Archie was  "became like fanfic" and "it got weird with love triangles", which is really ignoring everything Flynn wrote (...fine, everything past House of Cards). And calling out furries is just confusing in many ways.

    I just re-read Archie Reboot. Mega Drive, Championship, Cassia & Clove, Eggman Dozen. Is any of this a fanfic furry soap-opera?

    THANK YOU!The fan fiction/soup opera stopped A LONG TIME before the comic got cancelled!If people keep bringing up how the comics was at first and ignore how it changed how can they expect people to stop wanting it back just to show them that it improved?

    9 hours ago, Ernest the Panda said:

    Bringing up problems that haven’t (or hadn’t) been relevant for years to “prove” their point is a common trait of blind Archie Sonic haters.


  18. 17 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    To be fair, it looked like they had just been corned. And he does get them through the ally while Sonic is talking to Eggman. 

    Wait, issue 8?

    Ok and AFTER he got them to safety? Why didn't he help Sonic

  19. 12 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    Well Tails had a Nervous Breakdown and Blaze wasn't even aware anything was happening.

    Exept that even at the beginning of the game Tails had this so called "breakdown" since he was just covering in fear instead of fighting and protecting the civilians when Sonic was fine and just stood there as his best friend was beaten to a pulp and captured. He wasn't even escorting the others to safety: he was just watching

  20. 7 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    Amy being mature and not being constantly "IGOTTAFUCKSONICIGOTTAFUCKSONIC" is character development because most people found her old Personality awful and her hateable as a result.

    Thing is,we should have SEEN her develop(like with Shadow,Tails and Blaze) rather than having her changed out of the blue: see how she got there.

    Like this is just a way to overglorify her.

    Why not having Tails or Blaze in charge?

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