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  1. But if that's the case what's Shadow's character anymore? It's like saying that Krypton never existed in the Superman canon, or that Uncle Ben never died in Spiderman, or that Bruce Wayne's parents never died! They can't just erase the whole motivation of a character
  2. Spoilers: P.S.: can somebody please tell how to hide the spoilers?
  3. Unfortunately, it doesn't come across like it,since you constantly need to bring up the Pre-Reboot to justify how better IDW is to you. It's better taking risks and fail that not trying at all just because one is afraid of making mistakes
  4. Then let's just cancel Sonic all together so no one gets mad
  5. So again, this is all about you? Also you don't want the characters that caused the ones you liked to exist in the first place but you support the company that took the characters you like away? Not the best logic.
  6. It's not really it's own thing if it's just the game 2.0 What characters and why do you make it all about you now?
  7. He meant hypothetically, if the two were to fight to the death
  8. Last I checked Sonic, Shadow, Silver and everyone else with powers only relies on them. Amy too only relies on her hammer : in one episode of Boom when it got stolen she cried about it until they found it for her and she even said that without it she was useless And I don't see how those designs are not unique or bad. Again : why are so mean to me? I'm not insulting you or anything
  9. You know, you don't have to be so harsh about it
  10. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Sonic doesn't seem to realize that this is all his fault for letting Metal go? Granted he doesn't know that Metal was the reason Eggman got his memory back but he doesn't seem to care that letting him go bite him back
  11. I really did not like this issue. Spoilers: Mod edit: Added spoiler tags
  12. Yeah just because of one bad game, it doesn't mean that they should never interact anymore. They should just make sure that this time it works better and I'm talking about FRIENDSHIP not romance
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