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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to MetalSkulkBane in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    BTW, did anyone realize that Heroes have incredibly easy way to beat Deadly Six?
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    0I think the d6  function fine. I do not think they are interesting and needed. And I think any praise to just functioning ok,kinda speaks to how dire their situation is as characters.
    My issue is they at least in my mind don't feel nessicary but dont feel interesting to have around. IMO the thing that should have messed up egg man's plans is metal sonic or rather neo metal sonic. I think the goopy should have infected him, made him neo again and he takes control of the zombies. I think narratively the story coming back to metal and eggman as the catalyst for what's going kinda would wrap the whole thing up in a nice bow of mayhem. But also would have legit made the morality question somewhat interesting. Could a has characters who never fought neo metal deal with him
    The d6 are fine. But that's it. They are...fine. thy just kinda feel like stand ins, I dunno
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Natie in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Gotta say, the pacing disappointed me in this one, cuz there's a lot of great story ideas all over but they all just happen in the blink of an eye.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    So here right. I want to make this very clear, i'm not making a moral judgement on your person. But this is my belief system, and in this scenario I think you have missed the point. Or rather have confused two different ones. So my belief is this and shadow's ENTIRE NARRATIVE is this. People are not born good or bad. Experiences make them good or bad. That's shadow's entire deal. Every single thing about his creation what happened to him , who's he's related to , why he exists should point him into being the bad guy. But hes not really. And in that scenario in SA2 , shadow had the experiences to make him good removed or altered to make him in a more violent malicious way. That's kinda the whole point of that narrative is that gerald was trying to define who he was, but the family he chose won out. He remembered, and those experiences are what inspire him to do good yeah someone " told him " your mom or dad, uncle whoever told you to not be a dick. But that experience problably helps you not be a dick and that doesn't invalidate your chose to do so because that wasn't an idea you had when you are born. You learn  and grow, that what' brings me to my other points you missed.
    Part of the other part of the story is shadow has no context for what the earth is, who's on it why is it  a thing, not just because he had his memory manipulated is just a foreign thing. He doesn't have the memories telling him to go to and protect it , his a giant or rather 3 foot 3 ball of anger  who's memories are telling him to blow up the planet. With those that would get him to stop removed. Shadow's like a week old outside of the pod canonically. He is an experiment he knows very little and what he does know was manipulated so he only remembered "that's the place the bad people came from that took my sister away ".  Like to compare that to fully grown ass man who set out from jump " I'm gonna take over the world " is weird to me man.
    Shadow wasn't born shadow, his experiences make him shadow. And those experiences were removed to make him carry out some shit he may not have agreed with otherwise.
    To compare that to eggman , a guy who just actually decides to be a dictator on the reg. Who is like at least 50 years with experiences and choices made to make him who he was. Speaks more about sonic in this scenario than not. Whether it be lack of worldly understanding, fence sitting apathy  , or some form of active maliciousness. Its not a good look
    If you think people are born a way morally, that's cool. Do you. But We have to at that point end this conversation because that in itself is a philosophical argument I do not think is fit for the thread.
    I'm not arguing in bad faith. My argument is that it shouldn't be argued in any faith. Eggman is a character who in no circumstances should be taken that seriously. And in evoking the narrative of whether he should die or not calls into questions his actions. When you look at his actions, he's a murderous dictator. Even though I think the premise is flawed, if sonic would have kept it to memory stuff. He could be talking down shadow. As soon as he started making arguments about " He helps " then sonic is trying to justify his actions. Sonic's argument should have never been trying to justify eggman's previous actions more so what new experiences could make eggman or tinker at the time a better person in future. His arguments were " Those things in the past were bad but sometimes he helps so that makes it cool " and then its " Well you did a bad thing once, aren't you as bad as he is " and if this was a normal person or even another shadow, sure. When its a dictator that gives this entire conversation a different context it wasn't ever meant to have.
    I think you may have misinterpreted the source of my disdain on this and to be fair to you and other's in this thread, my conduct has been shadow focused to say the least. I think that's fair to say, heck it started this conversation. But my biggest issue with that issue, isn't shadow's lack of agency or him being written like a plot device. I got issues with that, I do , but they aren't my biggest ones. Its sonic. One sonic should never be having to argue this in the first place. But two, sonic should never been trying to brush away the things eggman has done. Sonic comes off in this book like a manipulative douche , and a guy who "both sided" a dictator.
    I don't think i'm arguing in bad faith, i'm kind of just reading the book. Even if you want to read sonic's actions in the best light possible, he's still being a manipulative jerk. He is still bothsiding a dictator . He's doing it for a reason that's naive and stupid what he thinks is good. That's the best read. That's my read. But even in that, its still not good look.
    Like how else do you read that? After the story envokes eggman's past which paints him as a dictator. Sonic then trying to justify his action and then compares shadow to eggman? How else do you read that?
    That's why you don't write that story, because there's no other way to read that. Its weird an inappropriate among many other things,
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Here's my two issues with this.
    1) I don't think you can say memory manipulation or not. Because his memory was manipulated, its not a did or did not thing. When that " spell " was broken , he immediately did the right thing. Like if shadow's arc was like a zuko kinda thing where it was over the course of several games to start doing good stuff. Like SA2's ending happened like 3 games later, then like I would be with you it would be clear even when undercontrol of his own own memory and mind he made choices. This isn't the case, the stuff he was made to believe ( as melodramatic as it was ) was so drastic as soon as that stopped happening he changed. It was damn near immediate. Its very clear while shadow is upset at GUN for being GUN , that shadow would have if gerald hadn't messed with his head. Its made very clear in the next few games too where shadow has ample oppertunity to I dunno blow up every gun facility in existence. Outside of noncanon endings in his own game, he doesn't. I think its very clear that with geralds own admission he was a bit of vengeful asshole and fucked with his own son's head to get that revenge taking away his autonomy in doing so.
    2) Eggman IS a monster generally speaking. Eggman doesn't need memory manipulation. He regularly steals living things to shove them into robots to power them. Ruins the environment and regularly summons gods with flagrant disregard for what they will do to people in attempts to take over the worlds(s). He pissed on the moon for god sakes, who even does that?! Seriously though this is a guy who under every opportunity under his own normally functioning non programmed mental faculties. Decides to inact plans to be a dictator  , the last game was literally him doing the thing he wanted and taking over the world so hard that it was a resistance scenario. Eggman does not care about your petty morality and is willing to murder, steal , enslave and often all three to get to his end goal. Eggman is a monster.
    The thing is  you aren't supposed to think about eggman like that. Yes eggman can very easily be a hammer over the head representation of " dictators are bad, Pollution is bad , fight the power", however he's a very cartoonish representation of that. You aren't supposed to think of him think of him that seriously especially with his game interpretations. He's either cartoonishly evil in classic games whipping out death stars or giant robots with his visage. Or in the modern games a goofball who seems evil but doesn't really have the follow through or the ability to plan ahead to make those plans mean something. He is often outsmarted by his help, or summons or creations or what have you because its supposed to reinforce he's kind of a goofball. Eggman is the character you are supposed to take the LEAST seriously. Everytime eggman is on the screen you expect him to screw up and he often does. You are not supposed to actually think about his actions seriously because when you do , you go " this guy is a dictator " . Its a collective ludonarrative dissonance that we as an audience have decided to go with because we like the characters place in the narrative. Its like Team Rocket , they work for a mob/terrorist organization that steals pokemon and are willing to at least leave people in deadly situations whilst doing so if not try and kill them. But you don't think about that shit because its jessie and james. Prepare for trouble, and make it double. There are other more serious characters for that , they are goofballs that are occasionally a bit more serious when the story needs it and less so when it doesn't.
    When sonic or the comic itself starts calling eggman's morality into question, it makes the reader and more so the series have to think about what eggman is. And that's a dictator. I'm not saying shadow is perfect either, he ain't. While yes I do think shadow wasn't under normal mental faculties in SA2, do I think he feels that bad for some of  it? Nope. The most casualties that happened were on a GUN base. He's probably more than fine with that innocents were deffo on that base. And while I think the true ending of shadow's game implied to true path, Shadow probably killed some gun soilders on the way to that true good ending, you think they stopped shooting at him when he showed his " I'm doing the good route card " nah he defended himself. Shadow is a guy in this scenario willing to kill for the greater good, while I like shadow I think in most cases that mentality kinda starts off on the negative end of the morality spectrum. He is by no means an angel. But to compare him to a dictator... no that's not it. That speaks ill of the person who makes that comparison. On many levels.
    I don't think there is an inherent moral difference here. That's like saying I dunno eggman found a gun and decided to rob a store vs He made a gun and decided to rob a store. Yes one has a bit more agency in that the intent is there to learn how to make a gun, but he made an active decision to do so. One just requires a bit less work on his end. Work smart not hard.
    I would say so, not just because of all the stuff I said.
    But also , asshole thing to do. The suggestion is that shadow, when he was being abused and manipulated by his creator from beyond the grave is the same as a dictator. While again I don't think shadow feels that bad a gun base got blown up, he probably feels kinda shitty he almost did the one thing his best friend didn't want him to do because his creator abused him and messed with his head. And to use that as a moral comparison point on the part of sonic is fucking gross to be blunt. And speaks to how little of an argument those writing sonic actually had when this was made. Its like if during the argument that shadow and knuckles had whilst fighting in the archie comics, shadow instead of suggesting knuckles find a new path, said the emerald is why his family is dead and if he follows their path he will die too. While yes in both scenarios there might be a kernel of truth, like "If you play judge jury and executioner too much every problems looks like a guillotine" and maybe "blindy following traditions can lead to your own demise."  Both parties both in the real scenario and in the hypothetical one aren't doing the thing enough or aren't " fallen " enough to warrant that talk. Shadow wasn't some guy killing everyone he ran across if he did forces wouldn't have happened. He was a guy willing to do something that due to the comic now evoking canon with eggman's deeds is kinda justified in this willingness to do the thing.
    So in this scenario it isn't sonic calling out some character flaw, its sonic being emotionally manipulative with a subjective sensitive to shadow in one of the worst ways possible. Sonic wasn't being sonic in that scene, he was scourge. He was a manipulative douche and it might have actually been better for him to bring up maria because at least that would have been an appeal to shadow's inherent sense of right and justice rather than comparing his issues with his " father " to that of a willing fascist. He doesn't want to wish harm on his worst enemies, but emotionally manipulating a guy who you consider a hero as well? That's above board?
    I like Ian Flynn , I hope he writes TV and movies and shit some day. But IMO this was a bad call, and his continued desires to make eggman some super serious character that can be called into moral question continues to open up the dialog of " Why don't they kill the dictator" . When the characters a dictator that's kinda hard question to deny, but when its about a guy who's lost his memories? That's an easier moral ground to tread. And a more interesting one for this series.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Also I dunno...its kinda gross? If the argument was purely framed around memory loss. While flawed, I would get it. Sonic does two things in that argument that kind of makes this sonic either inattentive, sociopaths or just an awful hedgehog.
    1) he compares shadow to eggman. A guy who had his memories manipulated  and then once that stopped, stopped being a dickhead. Well at least a world blowing up dickhead anyway. And a robo Dictator. Keyworld Dictator
    2) He says that eggman helps. And its true when it saves his own skin he does. Here's the thing though, now we are actually telling stories that make eggman actions matter. Sonic is basically consenting to eggman murdering innocent people because he helps sometimes. Not even thinking that there is a possibility help society or whatever to like stop these godly threats ( eggman often is the harbinger off ) by themselves that don't require the robo dictator around.
    If sonic would have kept the argument to just " its kinda fucked up to kill a dude with no memory " that's an interesting moral argument on its own and doesn't really need the rest of that. I don't think its that interesting in this context for the reasons you mentioned, but it like on some level has merit. But when you start making moral comparisons and start justifying eggman's continued villainous fuckery. The argument about " That guy helps " is an argument heroes have about anti heroes or villian's like Dr. Doom who's morality has been clearly defined to be while self serving nebulous and keeps to his own shit and even that's a stretch because he has tried to take over the universe multiple times. Its an argument you would have to someone else about shadow. Its argument for example batman has about jason todd a character who is on the moral strait and narrow but he's doing things for the greater good. Its not an argument you have about hyrda, or vandal savage or some shit. When the argument is about a dictator the conversation takes a tone I don't think ever should come out of sonic's goddamn mouth.
    Its self indulgent in a way I just don't find interesting. Its like one of those fanfiction stories where people torture thier OC's. Eventually that starts to blend in and becomes and uninteresting slurry of generic sadness ( That is how I feel about Evans fan comic tbh ) . Though To evan's credit she will be the first one to tell you its a self indulgent slurry of sad. I don't want that feeling from the main book, its a feeling I used to get pre-reboot on occasion that went away during the reboot era and its not a welcome one
    I like sad, I like characters with sad stories. But like you have to earn that sadness it doesn't feel earned here
    this. I have yet to see amy be amy without this looming over her character
    If I'm not misrembering when they literally drive under the sea
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Ryannumber1Santa in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    The new comic was eh
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to MetalSkulkBane in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    "Good news. Because we made you you starved all day, you'll getting a really big dinner. Isn't life great?"
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Ryannumber1Santa in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Called it that Eggman would end up betrayed and having to run to Sonic for help.
    Also, you have to love flawless Eggman logic. 
    >enemies that can control robots with a simple hand motion and a few seconds
    >sends deadliest robot at them immediately
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to SBR2 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Honestly this isn't even the first time Ian has said she was Bi. He's mentioned it on Twitter before. 
    I personally do like to think that Sonic and Sally tried to date post-reboot but found that Sonic's adventurous attitude and inability to stay in one place made it hard for them to stay a couple so they just mutually broke up.
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    Redbluethunder5 got a reaction from Someguy in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I hope that this will stop having people saying that they made her gay to stop her from dating Sonic,since now it's been confirmed that she is either bisexual or pansexual,meaning that she liked boys as well. She and Sonic simply were not into each other in the reboot
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to DabigRG in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    More Bumblekast, this time 105:
    Something I just remembered:
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to SBR2 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    "Sally was made Bisexual after the Super Genesis Wave" *Remembers the panel of her "Admiring" Mina's music in pre-reboot* ...Yeah I'm not too sure about that Mr. Flynn.
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    Redbluethunder5 got a reaction from antyep in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    She has SOMEONE ELSE'S personality now...
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I don't really think the gun raid was stupid , but do you.
    This didn't do much for me. This story lost its drive for me issues ago, everything at this point kinda feels like ...someone writing a fanfiction to be dark but it long stopped being interesting because in doing so lost the reason why i enjoy the source material. Sonic having introspection is kinda neat so you know, that's cool.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Marco9966 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    SPOILERS found from unknown source:
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I really don't think it does. Sonic made the decision to not let shadow do the murder, and now this is happening. Along with eggman's previous action being called into context, while yes they should take stock in their own inaction their beef with sonic more than justified. This is what your protagonist being flawed looks like , sometimes people actually criticize him. I don't really think this is an issue and I don't think this makes them looks like jerks. Sonic took charge and decided this was what he wanted to do, he's getting called out for it.
    One of my  issues is the person who probably should have the most uh...meaningful words for sonic , even if sega hadn't intervened would have been turned into a zombie for a cheap pop. And none of his or anyone elses  opinions of have actually mattered throughout the narrative? Like while other characters are criticizing sonic, he never stops to think his actions effect others. Its always " Its gonna be ok " or " i'm tired " like I think the characters need to keep criticizing him until he realizes " he needs to think " . He has not been criticized enough, sonic's thoughts are largely still self centered
    My other issue is , its focused around eggman. Eggman has to become evil again because he's one of the most famous villians in media ever. He is never not going to be a bad guy, and to frame this sort of " did you do the right thing narrative " around him removes the nuance from it.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    "Oh man the day is saved and eggman escaped. " Before I would suggest then another sonic and shadow argument would begin. But like you have stated below, it seems Ian flynn was trying to be ambitious, but has been met with a narrative wall with shadow. They may just forgo even mentioning the fact that this entire thing started because of that beef and just move past it. This might just end with a hurried wet fart to move past a bunch of stuff Ian Flynn thought he could do, but couldn't.
    You have basically stated one of my primary issues. " Hey kids don't show mercy " is kind of the lesson here. Even if its supposed to be ambiguous, it isn't. The man in question memory removed or not is a dictator who did what dictators do. And " should you murder a murderous dictator " carries a different weight especially after this stories proceedings. Whatever ambiguity Ian wanted to communicate is lost due to the character in the focal point of this narrative.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Zaysho in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I don't really mind seeing Sonic being challenged and pushed to his limits, it's actually what's made this arc fun for me since I thought the first year of the comic was boring. These are fairly realistic reactions, I admit. It just feels like piling on and I'm not seeing what it's doing for Sonic other than giving him a chance to yell back at other characters about how he's ultimately in the right.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Also I wouldn't blame a show being moved to a new network and its audience not wanting to follow it. Sonic boom wasn't supposed to be the hugest thing on the planet it was a funny cartoon that was supposed to be accompanying a bunch of games in a new branch of sonic, those games failed and while people didn't just drop the show they might not have felt the burning desire to follow it to another net work because the writing was on the wall
    I don't think that the archie reboot was soft  , by any means. However as far as the book goes, so I have problems personally
    Shadow's characterization, and while that has to do with sega that didn't make ian flynn still write him in situations where it doesn't work. Because I don't believe his current characterization can't work, Ian flynn needs to figure that out thuogh Amy basically being an exposition and forces reference machine. That's Kinda all she's been and I don't like forces and I think amy is a lot more interesting that reminding you that forces existed. The story is not going to fast, but more so its kinda erratic in a way form like 5 million miles away due to the set of the book you can see that nothing happening is gonna..matter. Yes I know this is a funny book for kids but this book has a bad habbit of doing stuff that just sort of takes you out of the situation entirely despite the characterization mostly being on point with the general story struction Its focused on the narrative rather than the characters and I think the book and any sonic product doing that suffers for it. I feel like you focus on the characters because that's what selling... all the sonic shit, but I'm not in charge the book Best character American president has yet to show up, damn shame All that said, how does it compare. Its still better than like...most of the archie main book run. Including the reboot . I find this world and the focus on game characters more interesting. Now, Sonic Universe is still the best, and this is nowhere near as good as that. But as far as the main book goes, this is better than most of it
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to dbzfan7 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Ok why would they have NO ONE guard the supposed only person who can find a cure. That just seems really dumb. I can understand sending out a rescue effort as failing to do so would apply more pressure to eventually come to the lab, but still nobody to keep guard is really irresponsible.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    axe ...?

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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    The new x men is good, if you are talking about hickmans run. Read it.
    Yeah he's supposed to immune to disease, people are speculating though it might make him sentient or he might like sonic said when he first got infected eventually become so angry , just gain sentience and rebel. This just in man so angry that he literally can't die.

    I don't think it showed she was the real leader of anything. She never really gives objectives to anyone, and neither of them would listen anyway.  If anything it showed they are kinda barely a team because shadow is in fact not listening to anyone, and sega is dictating him to be that character. I wish they were more a team but , i'm not in charge so its whatever. And there's now a built in narrative back door to keep him from listening to her in any regard. So we will see where that goes I guess. At this point they exist as a team because technically they were a team once. But not even that according to sega, that's right I forgot. Sega said they weren't even a team, shadow just finds them useful. I forgot the new lore.
    You are right, internet people didn't like that.They haven't stopped talking about, even the community manger and Ian Flynn didn't like it.

    I don't think anyone has an issue with it being by the numbers. I think if anyone has issues its more so that they expected more stuff to be happening. I think a lot of people are really wondering about that shadow thing back during the whole invasion of angel island thing. And some impatient folks just wanted shadow fighting whisper or some shit book one.  But I'm seriously in doubt anything happens with that at this point.
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    Redbluethunder5 reacted to thumbs13 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    So...Sonic commits tax fraud?
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