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  1. We got a Rotten Tomatoes consensus now lads! [it's also currently at 69% with 54 reviews, on the verge of passing Detective Pikachu as the second-highest rated video game movie on the site, even for a moment]
  2. Another review popped up, this time from Comic Book Resources. Fortunately this one is also pretty negative, citing the film's apparently inconsistent tone and plot as key fundamental flaws with it. I really hope that this review, along with the Slant one, aren't an omen for what's to come for this thing review-wise. EDIT: Also apparently that Slant review got taken down? Guess they got in trouble for breaking the embargo lol
  3. https://old.reddit.com/r/SonicTheMovie/comments/e8ujcs/my_screening_is_over_d/ You gotta dig a bit to find it [or alternatively you could just search through the OP's profile to find his responses, it's in there somewhere]
  4. Oh god, Schwartz and Carrey are so much better in this compared to last time. I liked the idea of them playing these characters before, but the performances felt half-hearted and phoned-in in that first trailer. Now though? It's the total opposite, I'm really digging them. It feels like they're actually having FUN playing these guys, and I actually have fun watching these dudes do their thing now as a result. I'm also gonna repeat a few points that everyone else has said so far. The plot setup still looks really dumb; you can definitely tell that this started off as a Sony film, lol. Sonic's new design looks absolutely adorable, and his animation especially looks great now! He's so much more expressive and everything! I can actually immediately tell what emotion he's feeling now and he's so much more lively too! It's incredible how quickly they turned things around. There are some points in the trailer where the CG in general didn't really blend in all that well with the live-action footage [a few of the shots at Tom's house and at the bar come to mind], but I think that aspect's way better now too shockingly. I thought they were gonna really rush through that part, and yeah I guess they did for those parts, but the ratio of VFX shots that looked convincing versus those that didn't was actually much higher compared to last time, I feel. Now onto the parts that I'm kinda ashamed to admit. I actually laughed at some of the comedy here. Like, genuine laughter, no sense of irony behind it whatsoever. The performances showcased here and the more dynamic animation helped out a lot in its favour. I dunno if it's because the first trailer set the bar so low that I'm feeling this way as a result, but I'm baffled that they managed to kinda turn that aspect around. The action looks great too! The cinematography in those bits were genuinely breathtaking and just, wow, they're just absolutely solid. Nothing else to say here but, dang. I feel like I'm just going insane. According to everything we knew and saw from this film up until now, I should not be genuinely enjoying this as much as I do. And who knows, if the final film ends up being total dogshit regardless, I'll take back everything nice I said in this post. I'm still really cautious about this though. Again, the plot, the single most important aspect of any film, still looks really stupid and is a typical "kooky CG character hangs out in the real world!" kind of story, and it's gonna hurt this film a lot in the long run. But everything else about it? I honestly enjoyed it. Obviously not great, but I had fun watching it. Gonna wait for impressions & reviews on this one before I consider even seeing this in the cinema though, as I'm still pretty weary about it, but I digress.
  5. Finished up this big honkin' Sonic Boom retrospective/documentary! I think I talked about this one a little bit on here before actually. Anyways, I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this behemoth of a project, so it'd mean a lot if you took the time to check it out (or not, your call)


  6. And here's that Sonic Boom retrospective! Decided to release this a bit earlier than I intended to. Poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this whole project, so go ahead and give it some love [or don't, your call]
  7. This feels like someone took another article and put it through Google Translate like a hundred times. Probably because it actually is, here's the actual original article. Much less mind-numbing to read. And here's the real quote in question for those who don't wanna go there: So overall, it's just marketing fluff really. I'll believe him when I see it.
  8. Well, two come to mind. The first's Sonic Advance 2. I had never actually played any of the other Advance games in the past despite loving the first game ever since I was a kid (it's among one of the games I replay the most), and I wanted to give the others a shot. So I booted it up on an emulator not too long ago, and well, to put it bluntly, Sky Canyon can go suck a big one. Never really touched it again after that session, and I never got around to playing Advance 3 either. The other one's Sonic 4 Episode II. I was a bit curious about it (and its predecessor) after hearing a lot of the buzz surrounding how bad they are, but I was never in any real rush to go out and buy it. Don't really wanna spend my time playing bad games y'know? The old demo they had on the App Store didn't really convince me otherwise. Then I saw that they made it a part of the Sega Forever initiative and I thought "...alright fine.". At first it wasn't too bad, but eventually it got worse as it went along and I quit at the Oil Desert boss, not because it was frustrating or anything, but because that was the point I decided I was tired of wasting my time on this absolute mediocrity. But yeah these two broke me, even though I grew up with and 100%'d Sonic Genesis on the GBA. Weird. EDIT: I almost forgot mention Sonic Blast! Yeah, that water level fuggin' blows lol
  9. If it counts for anything, the Spanish version of the original trailer came out the exact same day as the English one, so make of that what you will. Either way, I'm absolutely filled with that sense of dread and genuine intrigue that I've always felt about this film anyway. We're in the endgame now folks.
  10. I found the dude's website and it seems like he's just the guy who composed the other small pieces of music throughout the original trailer (?) I actually thought those other little bits were Junkie XL's score but apparently they aren't. Huh.
  11. Well, since we're all just kinda walking around in circles in this thread waiting for something new to pop up that isn't a totally fake """leak""", I'd figure that I'd just pop in a little interesting tidbit that I stumbled across a few months ago that answers a few of the questions I had regarding the VFX when watching the trailer once you think about it. These two comments were posted under a reaction video to said trailer. Before anyone asks, yes I verified that the animator ain't lying. Searching his name on Google takes you to his Linkedin profile, which states that he's currently working for Moving Picture Company, a VFX house who are indeed working on the film. [fyi, please don't harass this guy to try and get more info, he's prolly under an NDA so he can't say much else] Even though it's just two comments, I feel that I can infer quite a bit from this. If I may go into a bit of speculation, the fact that they were constantly getting new designs/models, even up till the very last possible moment before the trailer dropped, makes me think that production has been at least a bit chaotic, even before the news of the redesign and delay, and even while the VFX and animation process was underway, when they should probably already have a finalized design and model to ensure a smooth production. It might also explain that weird feeling I got when watching the trailer - plenty of shots looked unfinished [especially throughout the middle], and I had a sneaking feeling that Sonic's look was constantly changing ever so slightly throughout the whole trailer, almost like they were switching between different models throughout numerous shots in the trailer. Turns out that might be the case after all. They were getting new, tweaked models all the time, so they weren't able to finish up all the shots with the latest model they got in time for the trailer - and they got new stuff while they were in the middle of making those shots, and they might've not been able to update them properly in time, which explains why Sonic doesn't blend well with the environment more than half the time in the trailer, and also why a lot of the other CG elements in it look like total ass. The VFX team simply didn't have enough time given their circumstances. Of course I might just be looking too deep into this - it is just a few Youtube comments. But my dumb self speculated about this, and came out with some interesting propositions that I felt like I wanted to share (which may or may not even be actually true). Make of this what you will. Apologies if this seems too ramble-y or somethin'
  12. 10k+ words and 24 pages later, I'm done with the first draft of the script for my Sonic Boom documentary/retrospective. It's shaping up to be an absolute behemoth of a video. God help me.

    1. booblur98


      oh, i've definitely been there before.

  13. Not sure if this can be considered as fan-art as I'm not really a fan of what I've seen of the movie and the design, but I drew the Blue Gremlin himself out of boredom today.
  14. Popping in a quick question: I'm currently working on a mini-doc on the Sonic Boom sub-series as a whole and I'm wondering - since CN treated the show pretty badly over in the States, was the show treated any better in France (or Europe in general for that matter) considering that the show was a French-American production?

    Already asked this over on Reddit and I only got a few replies. So maybe I'll get some more if I ask over here or something?

    Also if anyone can link me to anything about the cartoon's development and history, that would be great. There's so much info about the development of the game, but none about the cartoon. I'm trying to contact the show's developer and executive producer for a chance at some info, but to no avail unfortunately.

    1. Thigolf


      It got a pretty lousy dub in Germany with maschine-translated Episode Titles (which turned out as well as you'd probably expect), constant name switching (the Lightning Bolt Society had a different name pretty much every time they were mentioned) and they switched out half the main cast in the middle of the season with worse ones. Season 2 wasn't even bothered with.

      That's the German experience.

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      In the UK, it started on Boomerang in summer(ish) of 2015. It stayed on there for a few months before mysteriously vanishing, after which it showed up on Netflix.

      It then started showing on the TV channel Pop about year ago. The second season only just got around to premiering in the UK via Pop back in April.

  15. You know you're new to the whole documentary-making thing when you're still shaking in awe (even many hours later) over the fact that one of your potential leads actually got back to you

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