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  1. Popping in a quick question: I'm currently working on a mini-doc on the Sonic Boom sub-series as a whole and I'm wondering - since CN treated the show pretty badly over in the States, was the show treated any better in France (or Europe in general for that matter) considering that the show was a French-American production?

    Already asked this over on Reddit and I only got a few replies. So maybe I'll get some more if I ask over here or something?

    Also if anyone can link me to anything about the cartoon's development and history, that would be great. There's so much info about the development of the game, but none about the cartoon. I'm trying to contact the show's developer and executive producer for a chance at some info, but to no avail unfortunately.

    1. Thigolf


      It got a pretty lousy dub in Germany with maschine-translated Episode Titles (which turned out as well as you'd probably expect), constant name switching (the Lightning Bolt Society had a different name pretty much every time they were mentioned) and they switched out half the main cast in the middle of the season with worse ones. Season 2 wasn't even bothered with.

      That's the German experience.

    2. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      In the UK, it started on Boomerang in summer(ish) of 2015. It stayed on there for a few months before mysteriously vanishing, after which it showed up on Netflix.

      It then started showing on the TV channel Pop about year ago. The second season only just got around to premiering in the UK via Pop back in April.

  2. You know you're new to the whole documentary-making thing when you're still shaking in awe (even many hours later) over the fact that one of your potential leads actually got back to you

  3. I started doing non-YTP videos on my channel recently. I figure that I would post them here too. This one was for my animation class. We had to do a video essay about a film, which was randomized for each student. I ended up getting Roger Rabbit, obviously. This was a lot of fun to make, and I'm definitely doing more in the future. I already got the topic for my next one in mind, stay tuned!
  4. All these edits have me thinkin', could you imagine if some absolute mad lads actually got together and made a version of the whole film that edits Movie Sonic to look like Modern Sonic a la the Star Wars Despecialized Editions? Of course that still wouldn't fix the C-tier writing and story, but hey! It'd still be somewhat of an improvement.
  5. Wow, that trailer was... really underwhelming. It wasn't the absolute disaster many were expecting, but nothing was particularly great or even good either. Barely anything surprising at all. I mean okay, Schwartz and Carrey do good performances here, especially Schwartz actually! He has a great voice for Sonic and he's someone that I've always wanted to play the character ever since I heard his previous VA work a couple of years ago, and I feel that he fits the character very well. But I mean, this is actually a franchise that I feel has a lot of potential as a film. You'd think that with all the various different stuff in the franchise over the years, not only just games, but a well-received comic book series and a few damn decent animated series, they would have a lot of material to take inspiration from. But this just uses the bare essentials. I mean I actually do like the idea of the rings being used as teleportation devices. I thought that was a clever way of integrating them (though I still have no clue why they didn't just use the Chaos Emeralds as the MacGuffins here). But I mean, you have this vast ocean of ideas and concepts, and you really don't do anything with most of it?? I can understand starting out small when adapting something as vast as this series, but.. really? I mean after the posters and the CinemaCon footage, I was expecting an average, mediocre, relatively inoffensive flick. And yeah, after seeing this I can confidently say that that is what we're gonna get. The only thing close truly offensive about the trailer to me besides you-know-what, is just how bleh the integration of the CG is at parts. Now, a lot of the time it actually looks fine. But god the bad parts are just SO distracting and just kills the illusion. Sometimes the lighting on Sonic in those parts just look unfinished, a few of the robots don't really move as they should (talking about the moment when that tank was deployed in particular, something about the movement ain't right), there are a few REALLY distractingly obvious green screen effects.. heh, I should keep my inner animation and VFX expert to myself sometimes. But back on track, as someone who was pretty ambivalent and middle-of-the-road towards the film in the leadup to this trailer (after the initial shock of the design wore out) and expected it to just be mediocre, yeah it's mediocre. But it's really starting to set in that it's just mediocre and god, that feeling is just uncomfortable man.. So, basically TL;DR for this little ramble:
  6. I found another write up on the trailers from Gizmodo. There are some more details in this I haven't seen in the other articles posted here, especially regarding the first trailer. They pretty much wrote a detailed play-by-play for that one (though there seems to be a tad less detail for the description of the second trailer with Eggman..) and I'd say it really does fill in a lot of the blanks I got when I read up on other people's descriptions in other articles. It does make the humour sound a bit better at the very least now that those scenes are written with more detail here IMO, though it really is going to depend on the performances to make it work if you ask me.
  7. Oh god that Dreamcastguy person wasn't lying this whole time about the trailer? Pfffft, this movie's gonna be the death of me I swear lmao
  8. Yeah I don't really believe this guy. Anyone can write and make stuff on the internet that's just believable enough and pass it off as a "leak" these days so I'm taking this with a grain of salt unless he can somehow manages to give some evidence of the test screening's existence. I decided to go and shoot the shit with him regardless just to see what would happen and I got a kinda vague answer. This and all of the other answers he's giving just seem to be based on stuff that one would expect if someone was to predict how the movie's story would go if they heard about all of the info we know so far. So yeah, really skeptical about this to say the very least.
  9. Oh shoot! I wasn't expecting someone to actually recognize me from those old YTP forums. I don't remember you though. Though from your demeanor I think I may have a few guesses But yeah, thanks for the warm welcome c:
  10. Hey, new gal over here. I've known about this site for a good while and I've started to particularly lurk around these forums during these past few months. I've decided to take the plunge and finally join these forums. Anyways, a bit about myself. I'm a young transwoman who recently started studying art and animation for college last year, so of course those are my main interests, expect a lot of art posts here, lol. I also like editing videos together, and I used to make YTPs, though nowadays I don't really do them. I wanna do some other kinds of vids besides YTP in the future. I'm also a small time fangame developer. I'm currently in the early stages of making a Sonic fangame, but I'm taking a bit of a break from it to focus on my studies. I'm hoping to get back into making it by the time my summer break rolls around. So anyways, yeah that's the gist of it. I hope to post around here fairly often since I don't usually do well in a forum setting, but I got a good feeling about this one. Hopefully I'll get all nice and comfy in this place
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