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    Calm down a bit. No, it's not gonna end Youtube and no, it's  not designed to save Youtube. COPPA is an old law getting enforced these days because Youtube has personalized ads thanks to the big G (Google) owning it. COPPA is more designed to protect children.

    The agreement settled on a crapton of money, Youtube having creators identify if their videos is designed to appeal to children or not, and those abusing the system to be charged well over 40,000 per video.

    Now, that latter part is scary to a lot of people, after all, Sonic, for instance, can appeal to children (but it seems to appeal more to young adults, if my analytics are anything to go by) so a lot of people are also freaking out about that.

    Truth is, it would be impractical for the government to start charging video makers fees by the thousands. It'd land them in court over and over and over and over again. It'd piss off a loooooot of people (especially if big personalities are hit) and can easily cost Senators that voted for the FTC Chairman, Simons, their seats.

    Honestly, worse that's likely to happen is the child-friendly channels are likely to go under since they can no longer make much off of ad revenue. Unless Google can come up with a way to save them (or care to do so.)
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    Palette reacted to Big Panda in Popping in a quick question: I'm currently working on a mini-doc on the Sonic Boom su   
    In the UK, it started on Boomerang in summer(ish) of 2015. It stayed on there for a few months before mysteriously vanishing, after which it showed up on Netflix.
    It then started showing on the TV channel Pop about year ago. The second season only just got around to premiering in the UK via Pop back in April.
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    Palette reacted to Thigolf in Popping in a quick question: I'm currently working on a mini-doc on the Sonic Boom su   
    It got a pretty lousy dub in Germany with maschine-translated Episode Titles (which turned out as well as you'd probably expect), constant name switching (the Lightning Bolt Society had a different name pretty much every time they were mentioned) and they switched out half the main cast in the middle of the season with worse ones. Season 2 wasn't even bothered with.
    That's the German experience.
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