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  1. If turns out Sonic Rangers is actually after BOTW's heart. I wouldn't complain.
  2. This reminded me how much of a joke were the Chaotix in that show.
  3. Lots of potential for sure, but only to be more annoying than She already is.
  4. If Sonic Team discloses a ship, It would be as subtle as a raging boner.
  5. I don't understand justifying that a character has no place merely because there's already someone that does a similar thing. Like if they have to meet a role quota. This is a comic telling a story, not a party-based rpg.
  6. I recall that jap Sonic in SA2 says something along the lines "Sorry, I guess being stubborn is my saving grace". It's more poetic than 'I die hard', but nevertheless , both have an alright delivery. It was visuals that actually setup the epic engagement. This remark reminds me of Looking Glass Studio (Ultima Underworld,Thief I &II,System Shock I & II,etc.), a 90's gamedev company that lasted only about 10 years but left quite a legacy to the industry. I also consider them as among the finest videogame storytellers overall. So anyways. Conveying narrative exposure through exploration(or more precisely interactions between gameplay and level design) was the signature creative direction of their writing, rather than let cutscenes and dialogue carry most of the weight of the storytelling (as it happens in modern sonic), which in turn were relatively sparse on their games. E.g. when they put audiolog recordings all over the place in System Shock II, these were they were pretty short, and their message typically fit on the tiny PDA data screen, and also made sense as element in the setting where the action happens: a prototype research FTL starship. Also usually reinforced by logical environmental narration that gave them even more proper context. The same can be pretty much said about notes,ledges,books,etc. or even valuable loot scattered around a Thief's level, which helped both on understanding the main actors of the linear overarching plot, or reveal some useful knowledge from the self-contained story in the current mission. The point is, since Sonic is heavily visual, action-ridden; and considering Modern doesn't intent to replicate the same minimalist, yet fitting, storytelling of Classic. I believe the franchise could benefit from some core concepts of LGS narrative direction to tell a story (except for audio/note logs since these haven't much place on a sonic game), instead of throwing most stuff on cinematics that end up as mere flavored intermissions between stages. However, for that even be possible, the writing staff has to work quite closely with the dev team, and a talented editor for the cutscenes. Which sadly isn't the case, as Pontac n' Graff admitted to not know much about Sonic. I'm afraid the new writers would work on similar terms.
  7. Funny how this shows how whimsical and aimless is Sonic Team creative direction. "Herp derp, I'm gonna neuter creative output of side works for stuff that I'm unsure or even care about, but I feel somehow Imma only be entitled to do" Fast forward nowadays, movie sonic has his origin. Nothing from sonic team in that regard yet. Maybe they should refrain from taking royalties for a while and make something consistent with their canon for once.
  8. Welp, so the comic still has the writing quality of a happy meal. Definitely, they only want to cater on mostly kids.
  9. Back in 2018, Dark Horse Books published Nintendo Zelda Encyclopedia, with a trailer and everything. I wonder whether this will receive the same promotional treatment with a release trailer and all. I guess It was a sensible idea they chose Ian Flynn, compared to hiring some freelance writer unfamiliar with the source material that is.
  10. Cuz Maria was a plot device. Shadow:"Sorry Maruia, I need ruminating over vengeance until my memories becomes all warped n' hazy, gotta need something to do during roughly 50 years of suspended animation".
  11. Finally, It came to a closure. Good riddance. The Six were among the most irksome parts of this arc. It was just plain silly. Welp, alright, at least now is clear to me that these comics are not my cup of tea.
  12. By holding Omega severed head kinda reminds me that scene.
  13. Cream and Omega..... "Cream let it go"
  14. I kinda like that the platypus begin to realize how much of a clown fiesta actually are the execution of Eggman's plans and a usual clash between him and Sonic. I don't know if It was intended, but also appreciate that the full cast stay true to their respective game characters, in such a way It's hard to tell whether they're less dumber than on videogames or not. And Amy chewing more than She can swallow in regards of Upper Management lol, oughta be damning knux for pretty much ditching his role in the resistance. The only thing all these rescue and evacuation shenanigans have been put to use in the script so far is to convey how one sided has escalated the conflict, although the execution was kinda silly and highly derivative. Also the shallow worldbuilding is starting to hold back the arc IMO. So this is pretty much Flynn's writing? Archie scale plot conflicts?. First time I have read anything related to sonic comics, just curious why some ppl were yearning for him being part of a sonic's game writing staff.
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