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  1. Finally, It came to a closure. Good riddance. The Six were among the most irksome parts of this arc. It was just plain silly. Welp, alright, at least now is clear to me that these comics are not my cup of tea.
  2. By holding Omega severed head kinda reminds me that scene.
  3. Cream and Omega..... "Cream let it go"
  4. I kinda like that the platypus begin to realize how much of a clown fiesta actually are the execution of Eggman's plans and a usual clash between him and Sonic. I don't know if It was intended, but also appreciate that the full cast stay true to their respective game characters, in such a way It's hard to tell whether they're less dumber than on videogames or not. And Amy chewing more than She can swallow in regards of Upper Management lol, oughta be damning knux for pretty much ditching his role in the resistance. The only thing all these rescue and evacuation shenanigans have been put to use in the script so far is to convey how one sided has escalated the conflict, although the execution was kinda silly and highly derivative. Also the shallow worldbuilding is starting to hold back the arc IMO. So this is pretty much Flynn's writing? Archie scale plot conflicts?. First time I have read anything related to sonic comics, just curious why some ppl were yearning for him being part of a sonic's game writing staff.
  5. funny, turns out civilians are safer as "zombots" in the meantime rather than panicking around being a hurdle or "rescue" objectives.
  6. There is a youtube video around explaining the reasons why Sonic X ended up like that; pretty much both animation and script direction were a mess, and alledgedly only one person was in charge of doing the titanic labor of put all that "chaos" together. Go figure why some animated frames looked lousy and the writing required a colosal amount of suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed, cuz overall was downright dumb (though, in their defense, you can't expect much from the source material). Sonic X was a just a shill anime that happened to be also a reverse isekai, meant to be a throwaway product, can't be helped. Therefore, I didn't expect anything but legacy treatment, just like TMS did by publishing the english dubbed episodes on youtube. Best case scenario is a fan project remake, I don't think shippers are prepared to let that cosmo and tails thing slip from their hands and fade away into oblivion.
  7. I found curious how Galar region industrialized setting is a stark contrast to the sunny tropical archipelago of Alola. Wonder whether is going to be as underwhelming too and what kind of new gameplay mechanics have been implemented. So far It's safe to assume they'll be still recycling outdated and dull design decisions in regards of layout exploration and storytelling.
  8. what? I only remember a single conv where Tails asked about her verse she was reciting and that's all. You don't see him ponder over what she said or anything after the flashback. Tikal was supposed to be this cryptic ancient being trope that only sonic had the privilege to eventually understand. Funnily enough, despite remaining oblivious towards her until the late game flashbacks, Sonic find out her name somehow when tails was the only one that knew it. Sonic Team storytelling is so laughably clumsy and all over the place, that It made Tikal look like an amy reskin poppin' around randomly without a concrete purpose but filling up some screen time. It was just like they saying "Hey, this is a tech sonic theme demo from our Guatemala's trip inspiration, enjoy! ". The whole thing feels like a deleted content that restored last minute. So I don't see how It would affect tails in forces.
  9. Megaman X and Zero series had ludicrous moments story-wise, but they didn't have many issues with their next villain power escalation. Considering Megaman and Sonic share similar themes as action focused games. Regardless, Does it really matter? How much were the stakes when the game constantly hand over plot elements to you like candy, given the only thing you did was just clear stages and watch the next cutscene exposure?. Even sometimes the story told through cutscenes keep on going as a microverse apart from gameplay and even doesn't really need your input. In those cases, the magnitude of the danger feels, at best, anecdotal.
  10. Yep. Specially when it comes from Jim Sterling, everything that says the butterball cenobite should be taken as grain of salt. In regards of Cream, any character that served gameplay in any meaningful way on previous games is alright to me. However, I don't care for any of them when they are added just as flavor content.
  11. Certainly doesn't really matter. Is just that recently I casually read somewhere that Chaos was in fact a mutated Chao, and didn't remember any mention about it after playing SA DX several years ago. Heh, didn't know about the Chaos Chao, I barely dabbled with the garden on SA2. Pretty cool, you can breed your own Chaos, well, sort of. Interesting. And in DX It is some kind of screech sound effect or something... I dunno, all the game's audio sounds kinda muffled.
  12. Either due to awful writing or lack of in-game explanations, SA has several plot related stuff that left me puzzled. Chaos is one of 'em.
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