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    Ricochet reacted to azoo in Issues with recreating Classic Sonic gameplay in 3D, as observed from fangames.   
    People get too caught up on trying to be 1:1 to the Genesis games that they lose sight of making a game feel tight, dynamic and focused. People also tend to act like that a lot of the decisions for level design and game feel in the SA games weren't things they actively decided to do with good reasoning.
    Though I used to believe this in the past, I don't think trying to pursue some super perfect physics and making really ambitious level design is the answer to Sonic. Despite everything being said about how 2D Sonic works there's still something to remember about it: it's simple. All of what it introduces is not only easy to understand, but easy to the point that there's no vagueness to it. In order for Sonic gameplay to reach an equilibrium, it needs to run on as arcadey principles as it can get while still maintaining a depth.
    This is why the homing attack, as it stands, already works. It makes things easy, and it has a simple trade-off in function: you either get a sure shot into an enemy while sacrificing momentum, or you don't but the reward is more retained speed. The homing attack doesn't need to send you flying forward; if anything fangames like Sonic GT (and other games made in, say, HedgePhysics/Bumper Engine) only teach that it shouldn't because it's really, really squirrely. Sure, you could always say not to do homing chains excessively because that's bad, and that'd be correct, but that's also just a simple "don't" instead of an entire plot recoursing.
    Speaking of 'momentum', fangames are obsessed with that. To a fault, even.
    The Sonic Adventure games put Sonic under a speed-cap when running, and pull back Sonic's speed and control the longer he's suspended in air. People can see these as limitations that hold back the gameplay from being what it truly is, but I think these things are meant to make control better. 3D movement allows for a lot more exploitation of building forward speed than a 2D game does, and fangames have only proven that when you don't try to cap Sonic's movement speed (especially in air) then there's a lot of soaring over massive chunks of environment, skipping entire setpieces and sometimes having air hang-time run into the 10+ second range. SA's lower speeds and "simplified" physics, while imperfect, were elaborate in design.
    "But Azoo", you may ask, "why don't the levels just be made bigger to accommodate that?". This is many people's answer, but I don't think it's the right one. Again, Sonic needs to retain a simplicity to it, and expanding these maps out to blown up size just to make up for how easy Sonic is to fly off the handle kind of proves... a problem. Sonic shouldn't need a massive map just to be considered viable, because big maps are overwhelming and confusing when the objective is "get to the goal". And you may argue to just change the game to be something else, but (as fun as that is to think about) Sonic shouldn't need a big reinvention of his game progression in order to work in a 3D space; and (before one brings it up) just because Mario did that doesn't mean they had to, as Mario's 2D gameplay works in 3D just fine (see Mario 3D World).
    I think a lot of these issues, most of all, come down to a misunderstanding of 'flow'. That became a huge buzzword for Sonic games in the past several years and what people want, but honestly I feel like the sentiment is misplaced. People seem to think 'flow' means 'move at a constant high speed from start to finish of a level', but forget that the very games they criticize (ie the boost games) are constructed on that while the games they praise (the classics) do not.
    'Flow' in traditional Sonic gameplay is not about moving at a consistent high speed, it's about the level design organically flowing from one pace to the next. 
    Classic Sonic games are constantly speeding up and slowing down the level design, with slower more trepidatious platforming areas, steady upward climbs, moderately quick slopey areas, and speedy set-pieces relying on semi-automation. This formula is honestly.. pretty much kept in the Adventure games, give or take maybe using dash panels too much. And sure, it's mad simple in comparison, but I'd give that less to the limitations of the game design and more so the limitations of what could be done then; whether that's due to time, money, understanding of 3D, or the hardware (which in the SA games' case, probably all four). 
    Anyways, I typed a lot more than I intended to, but I think the honest truth is that we've already had classic Sonic gameplay in 3D. People just refused to take it or accept some of the decisions made, and I believe some of the decision-making done when converting Sonic to 3D only make more sense when you see how fangames tend to falter in mechanics or level design. 
    Does that mean SA1/2 can't be elaborated on and that it's already perfect? Well uhh fuck no of course not, those games are kinda buggy and didn't get the chance to refine the concepts enough. But does that mean we already had the groundwork and all it takes is just applying what it learned? Absolutely.
    People just.. gotta slow Sonic down, give him some air resistance, and make tighter, compact level design that cares less about some cosmic philosophy to how Sonic should be and more about making a fun, varied platformer.
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    Ricochet reacted to KingScoopaKoopa in Save Cosmo   
    I think it's about 14 years too late for that.
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    Ricochet reacted to Shadowlax in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I don't think that matters much unless its regularly acted upon. Specifically because how it came about.
    If I may use another villain example. Dr. Doom. He's a villain but he isn't always villainous he's looking out often for himself so that puts him at odds with good and bad guys and he respects people that he feels deserves that respect. And he has soft spots like his god children and his own children and his mom , these things are regular parts of his character that doesn't really need to be coaxed out of him these are things part of his character you can see.
    Mr Tinker isn't Eggman. Mr. Tinker is Mr. Tinker. What this entire argument and what sonic as a series proposes is that our experiences and your memories are what make you who you are. That's sonic's argument from the beginning. Shadow shouldn't kill him because the man before him, isn't the same man who did all that other bad stuff. And by that same token, Eggman isn't the same guy who did all that good stuff. He has some vague memory of it. But it doesn't really matter, it is at best a hypothetical. Its not development. Tinker is what happens when eggman just lacks the memories and evil influences that made Ivo robotnik, Dr. Eggman. That's not development, that's a what if story at best.
    You could write a story about shadow being a happier person if he didn't see a bunch of people get murdered. That doesn't really play into shadow's current development at all. Its just..a what if scenario. And that's what this is
    Unless there's going to be regularly turning back into tinker, that's not development.
    And no one is claiming development solely needs to be about change. The issue is nothing is happening. And Eggman saying " that was kinda neat, but I like being an asshole " is representative of that. The tinker thing plays to role into who is as a person now and had to be envoked by sonic to even matter. And we haven't even mentioned sonic who has yet to and will not waver in his thinking because he can't. And shadow who doesn't even have agency.
    If Eggman had been pretending to be tinker and then had that thought. That's Eggman having that thought. That would mean something. Him having residual memories of another life, and those memories seeming kind of pleasant because he was literally a different person and then deciding he likes the person he is now isn't growth or development. It reinforces who he is, that's what that scene is supposed to do btw. That's the whole point
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    Ricochet reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I just got Issue 25 and my blood is up. It's pumping and going and I feel like bouncing off the walls right now. This is how Sonic should make me feel all the time dammit. 
    - So I gotta thank my local comic shop first and foremost. I've only been with them for as long as this comic has existed but as soon as I walked in, the man in charge asked one of his employees if they had the Sonic issues and the variants for me. It felt great getting that awesome Deadly Six variant cover. Adam Bryce Thomas is still great with his art and Matt Herms is still the master of colors.
    - I know it's sacrilege or whatever but I really gotta say this; I think I'm done flip-flopping on my opinion of the Deadly Six. I really like them. When it gets to the point where I'm pretending that I am them and reading their lines out loud like a maniac, like I do with Eggman, it's time to settle in on the truth. I'm just a sucker for eccentric villains I suppose. The set-up for what they're doing is actually incredibly brilliant and, once again, I'm left jealous that I didn't think of it.
    The fact that all six of them are scattering and using the chaos emeralds to cloak themselves in energy strong enough to control the metal virus and the zombots is cool enough but seeing how they're utilizing their stranglehold on the planet is great. Zomom especially has got this hedonistic, fat king vibe going on where he's demanding food from the peasants in rags and have barely anything they can offer. The instant one tells him he's only got a little bit of food, he feeds them to the zombies.  It's so dark and mean and I love it.
    - My favorite bat girl, Rouge, showing off how awesome a spy she is and how she gets it done. I do like how her disappearance was set-up and the follow-through with it here was great. 
    - I'm glad the Rogues are here and I'm also glad I got to see Sonic stomp all over his ego by sucking up to Jet like that but I do gotta admit, their entrance did feel a little quick. I suppose it would have been a bit much to waste space on a more bombastic entry when being quick and to the point helps move things along. We're clearly in the Endgame now and it's successfully got me amped up so it's thankfully easy to let slide.
    - The way Dr. Starline and Dr. Eggman's manner of handling a situation is being pitted against one another is very interesting. Starline's methods sound more pragmatic and obvious but the dangerous, erratic, impulsive nature of Eggman's desire to get things done quick is sort of, kind of being showcased in a more positive light in this instance...? Kind of? The danger is still laid out but assuming this IS the plan they're going with, if it turns out it's the plan that works then it would be an example of how Eggman's manner of risk taking could be used to his benefit. If so, it's a neat little thought experience. Obviously, it won't excuse the recklessness of his desires to just create something and push it out to the world as fast as he can but it would go to show that there is, however small, a method to the madness.
    - Small aside, I actually don't agree that there was anything wrong, story-wise, with Eggman reacting to the Deadly Six by impulsively sending out Metal Sonic like that. In situations where you're taken off guard, the fight or flight response isn't necessarily rational. A problem that I do agree with, however, is the little thing at the end where Zavok somehow found all the people directly connected to Sonic and is sending them after him... or at least that's what's been implied. If so, I'm hoping for a tiny blurb of an explanation there, like, he's doing fast research on one of Eggman's computers about Sonic's friends or something. Otherwise, that's a little too convenient. Appropriately dramatic, but still a bit hard to buy. It's a minor nitpick though. This decision is one I do feel is ultimately better for the sake of a more thrilling story. I can't wait for all the anime battles to start. Scary, evil Charmy is demolishing my soul. 
    - Don't know what to think or feel about Starline's firing just yet, if only because I really like him and I want him to stick around. I hope we find out how he deals with this sooner rather than later. This has got to be one of the more harsh, "Never meet your heroes" stories ever.
    - Holy shit, Whisper was ready to put a cap through Eggman's head. At least wait for Omega to regain his body so he can bite his ankles off.
    - Silver's future apparently is one that changes depending on which dangerous plan is being hatched in the past. So when he goes back, I'm assuming that it's never stable for him. If so, that's a horrifying existence. It's amazing he doesn't have Shadow's personality like they originally intended. 
    That's all. I love Sonic. I love Sonic comics. Feed me more comics, daddy. 
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    Ricochet reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Sonic: I tried not to touch the grass.
    Knuckles: What's wrong with my grass?!
    His Sanctuary has the perfect grass folks.
  6. My Emmerdoods
    Ricochet reacted to Your Vest Friend in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Doesn't change the fact it'd actually be hilarious if IDW Sonic died right as the metal virus arc ended.
  7. Chuckle
    Ricochet got a reaction from THATGIRLSABRIYAZEFER in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Cream and Omega.....

    "Cream let it go"
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    Ricochet reacted to blueblur98 in Ranking the 3D Sonic Games From best to worst   
    SSS tier: big's big fishing adventure 3
    F tier: every other sonic game
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    Ricochet reacted to Sonic Fan J in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Adding my thoughts to the table,  and leaving out my Amy and Shadow complaints as best I can (though I'm actually good with Shadow right now after some serious thinking about his character), I can say that while I've enjoyed the comic so far, I do think it's primary weakness is pacing.
    We know that Flynn wanted to focus more on stories and action than world building, but for me that has hurt the comic a lot. While I don't mind the nebulous and open possibilities of the world not being heavily established on a global scale, the lack of world building hits hardest for me in character establishment. As character driven stories have always been my preference compared to plot driven, I find myself a lot of times struggling to figure out who these characters are supposed to be. The exceptions are Tangle and Whisper who of course just had a miniseries focused on them and the other are the Chaotix. I'm not sure if it's just because they aren't primary plot characters so they are allowed to breath, or if it's something else. Unlike the majority of the rest of the cast every appearance made by the Chaotix has been used to build upon their characters and response to the world, plot, and other characters. In contrast the other characters feel like they are being remote controlled by the plot and lack any personal agency and feel unnatural. Even when Restoration HQ fell the Chaotix were still going through their own story arc and demonstrating who they are as characters. On a whole they are probably my favorite characters in the comic so far because of that.
    Regardless of my primary complaints on characters though, I've enjoyed the comic as a whole even as the current arc has grown monotonous for me. I am concerned about the Chaos Emeralds being their get out of jail free card, even if they have to work for them as it cheapens the victory for me. The idea of Tails successfully constructing a cure and then the subsequent battle to be able to manufacture and distribute it would have been more rewarding for me than turning the Chaos Emeralds into the Dragon Balls. Ultimately, I feel like I probably enjoyed the comic more in a weekly format just as it gave the story and characters time together to get focus. As a result I think I'm mostly still along for the ride because of the flashes of brilliance that have given me hope that the series can be the definitive Sonic media for me. It's just a matter of moving out of this plot driven period for me and the comic giving more characters than just the Chaotix room to breath and show us who they are.
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    Ricochet got a reaction from thumbs13 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    funny, turns out civilians are safer as "zombots" in the meantime rather than panicking around being a hurdle or "rescue" objectives.
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    Ricochet reacted to Diogenes in Think *secondary character* could carry their own series?   
    ...I don't feel like that's a whole lot to base a spinoff on, honestly...
  12. Promotion
    Ricochet reacted to StaticMania in Think *secondary character* could carry their own series?   
    I dunno.
    I don't think anyone wants to follow a tsundere cat princess.
    She doesn't get along with others, so people may be put off by her stand-offish nature.
    That might also affect how consumers feel as well, probably not a very good idea, in this random opinion.
  13. Too Many Rings
    Ricochet reacted to Rabid-Coot in What are you willing to sacrifice to make Sonic popular again?   
    Sonic is now a 100 create your own character battle royal game.
  14. Promotion
    Ricochet reacted to MetalSkulkBane in What are you willing to sacrifice to make Sonic popular again?   
    I'm willing to sacrifice Pontac and Graf. And all over usages memes. Constant presence of Green Hill Zone and whoever ordered to to put Classic Sonic in Forces.
    It'll be tough but I believe in us, we'll prevail.
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    Ricochet got a reaction from Gumbit in What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?   
    Yep. Specially when it comes from Jim Sterling, everything that says the butterball cenobite should be taken as  grain of salt.
    In regards of Cream, any character that served gameplay in any meaningful way on previous games is alright to me. However, I don't care for any of them when they are added just as flavor content.
  16. Way Past Cool
    Ricochet reacted to Indigo Rush in Why doesn't Sonic get more complaints about being Overpowered than Shadow   
    Bad, terrible, awful things happen to your mental serenity when you take Sonic's narrative too seriously. 
    Infinite kicks Sonic against a wall and is faster than him. Sonic isn't OP anymore, so bask in it.
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    Ricochet reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Did the series already reached its limit?   
    Is that the mentality people have nowadays? If so, it's no wonder DBZ feels so out of whack. Once you go past villains like Cell who claim they have enough power in the palms of their hands to blow away the entire solar system, how do you make people care about the constant upscaling?
    You do what good story-telling does and make the conflict about the characters. A big conflict can be as big as it wants from a perspective of scale but it won't reach its truest potential if it's not tied, in some way, to the characters in a way that has a chance of developing or affecting them personally. The premise that Forces had would have been a good way to do a lot of that considering a war story typically has a better chance at being about the world and it's cast than not. As it stands, it definitely hasn't reached any sort of limit, because it didn't even really attempt to capitalize on that.
    It can throw Gods and monsters at us all it wants but it's never gonna feel like the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood climax with it being as impersonal as it is.  
  18. Nice Smile
    Ricochet reacted to Shaddy Zaphod in Did the series already reached its limit?   
    Narrative escalation is what you're talking about, and no, I don't think so, not in any way that it's meaningful. The series has so little regard for continuity and every single story it's ever told has been either so sparse or so clumsily-written that nothing is ever so high-stakes that it feels like it invalidates any lower-stakes debacles.
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    Ricochet got a reaction from Iko in What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?   
    Yep. Specially when it comes from Jim Sterling, everything that says the butterball cenobite should be taken as  grain of salt.
    In regards of Cream, any character that served gameplay in any meaningful way on previous games is alright to me. However, I don't care for any of them when they are added just as flavor content.
  20. Way Past Cool
    Ricochet reacted to Darth InVaders in It is Chaos a deeply mutated Chao or just a water based monster?   
    What Pengi said
    here is a link to the translated SA guide
    Also of note, Chaos was not at first called ‘Chaos’ but was unnamed until it reached some transformation; and the Chaos Emeralds were not given their name until Chaos destroyed the Knuckles Tribe - they were named after Chaos
  21. Nice Smile
    Ricochet reacted to Diogenes in It is Chaos a deeply mutated Chao or just a water based monster?   
    The former. Though I wouldn't call this a matter of poor writing on SA's part, considering it doesn't really matter. Big chao or water spirit or whatever, the important part is Chaos' bond with the chao.
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    Ricochet reacted to DabigRG in It is Chaos a deeply mutated Chao or just a water based monster?   
    A deeply mutated Chao that had exposed to a great amount of Chaos Energy.
    In Sonic Adventure 2, it is possible to get the aptly named Chaos Chao after several reincarnations under specific conditions. Chao that achieve this evolution resemble Chaos himself and are apparently now immortal.
    Add in Chao's slightly gelatinous complexion in some games, their tendency to grow and even transform after exposure to certain energy sources and other life forms, and Chaos's own close connection with the Chaos Emeralds and this becomes obvious.
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