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  1. How anyone can actually defend this rendition of Sonic I do not know, film look's so bland and boring. It's been emotional lads, I'm outttttt! Peacccce!
  2. Honestly there are worse things In life lads, if you like the look of the movie go see it. If not, don't. Simples. It's not the movie most fans were expecting but it's not end of the world is it. ❤️
  3. I'm guessing a full poster reveal first? then a week or so later the trailer? Noiceee
  4. I've got to admit, the look of robotnik in this movie is horrendously generic and lazy....blurgh Poor design choice here, should have just stuck with his iconic look regardless of whether it's an origin story. It's not like we are going to get a sequel lol
  5. Not sure how credible but saw this..Detective Pikachu does seem to be a pretty good auidence to expose it to. May 10th is our next watch date then lol
  6. Has anyone who has seen the trailers confirmed what Sonic looks like, for example does he have gloves or is his hand fur white?
  7. I thought they would release the trailer this weekend after stirring up a bit of talk from initial reactions, do trailers from CinemaCon usually follow short after it's debut?
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