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  1. I get that Silver was a big help in Forces and like their main foot soldier while the Chaotix was more of a recruitment team and all, but I honestly feel like the Chaotix didn't get enough screentime at all. If anything, Vector should've been up there with Silver in strategizing and helping Knuckles with his plans. Hell, they are a detective agency and could've been another source of intel like Rouge as well as could have done the digging on who Infinite was. The way the story in Forces played out made it seem like they were ONLY good for being the ones responsible for the Avatar joining and also making frequent comments on the Avatar's abilities along with everyone else. Like, people believe Silver had no reason to be there (for some reason) when the Chaotix provide almost nothing to the story. Their ONLY savi g grace are the comics which expand upon their roles but even then I feel their assets could've been used for more. Also, why I know it was because they needed a scene and reason for him to be taken out, Chaos 0's scene with Tails should've had Chaos swapped with Shadow or Metal Sonic because then Tails' OoC moment would've at least made more sense.
  2. A Silver game, or a Sonic game revolved around Sonic actually travelling to Silver's world, would be really neat. We haven't actually seen much of Silver's world aside from 06 where it was in ruins, but what about beyond that? Maybe this could be the setting of a new Riders game given how futuristic that series is? I dunno, but I wanna see Silver in his time period and experience that world before it ultimately falls to crap. Maybe even a small prologue to a new Sonic entry to give a reason and motivation as to why he's there. I realize 06 pretty much did what I'm talking about, but with a little more curating I think it could work well.
  3. This one has been mentioned in spinoffs and somewhat shown in the Archie Comics, but those cuffs on Silver's wrists function simlarly to Shadow's, and if they were to ever break he'd either lose his powers (they could be futuristic technology that enhances brainwaves and grants psychokinesis since Silver said he's mot unique in his future) or his mental abilities would amplify to extreme heights similar to Mob Psycho. I also think that since Silver can somewhat warp space on a limited scale to achieve temporary lightspeed propulsions, and since space is often linked with time, that with practice Silver could be able to harness a form of chronokinesis similar to Chaos Control and this could explain how he inexplicably travels back and forth through time without issues of more than seven Emeralds coming up.
  4. Silver is a good example of the comics doing his character justice. Wayyyyy more of an actual character than his game counterpart. He's also adorable, and those star-eyes of his in the preview for the next comic is amazing -- really befitting his age. Knuckles and Vector actually being good leaders and having responsibility? Wow, we haven't seen those traits for a while. I really like these comic versions of the characters apart from maybe Sonic himself and then Shadow. Tangle and Whisper also aren't bad for new characters. This is why I really wish Ian had more freedom to use Infinite as I feel Infinite could've benefited from the development the characters tend to recieve in the comics.
  5. This is really an arbitrary topic now that I think about it. In terms of reactions times and who can keep up in a fight, no character (besides Sonic the Protagonist) really has an edge on their competition. I guess we're determining this by purely travel speed? If such is the case, then we already know most Power Types are the slowest on foot. Flying Type Characters, however, are actually portrayed as very fast and can travel almost as fast as Speed Type of characters. Obviously, there's deviations, like Cream being capable of keeping up with a Boosting Sonic in Generations, Knuckles keeping up with Sonic and Tails and thus Rouge by association for keeping up with Knuckles, and then Omega for being designed to put Shadow down, meaning he's probably the fastest Power Type sans Knuckles. Then there's the odd case of Silver who has varied significantly but recently has shown speed on foot and in flight relatively on par with the other Hedeghogs (even exceeding boosting Sonic in his Generations boss fights). Personally, a revised list disincluding Super forms and such would probably look like this: - Infinite (Sonic never did exceed Infinite on his lonesome in the story as it took a Double Boost and even then Sonic and the Avatar only barely catch up to his casual backwards flying) - Sonic/Classic Sonic - Shadow/Metal Sonic/Blaze (arguably Silver as well) - Silver - Amy Rose - Espio - Tails/Cream - Knuckles - Rouge/Charmy - Zavok (Recent IDW Comics and stats from side material show he's more of a Power Type and is seemingly going to fight on par with Rouge even while empowered by an Emerald no less in upcoming IDW Issues) - Omega - Vector - Big Think those are most of the reoccurring cast.
  6. Yeah, it may have gone a bit unnoticed by some, but there has been a progression to Amy's character. She started as a damsel in distress, then saw Sonic's heroism and became both enamored and inspired. This led to her actively pursuing him and eventually ending up getting caught up in the act of doing good and saving people. This also led to her developing her skill set to include stealth like infiltrating a prison and snatching the key to Sonic's cell on her lonesome, developing her own unique style of fighting in Sonic Battle, and teaching herself how to wield a hammer with maximum proficiency. And now? She's graduated to being a sort of leader and taking hold of a situation, and in that, I see the empath in her maturing and strengthening. She's reached the point where she can use her ability to take in a situation and analyse the causalities to full effect in a role where it's most needed, and she's grown into a person that can perform that role with a fluidity and level-headedness on par with the most skilled and experienced in the group. And her crush on Sonic? It hasn't gone away at all. It petered out in her energetic attempts of wooing Sonic and swooning over him, but it's definitely still there even as of Forces and shown in IDW as well. I don't think she's out of character at all. Personally, I believe Amy has had the most development out of the core cast in recent times; conversely, Sonic has stayed relatively the same and/or has had certain traits dialed up to eleven, Tails is outright regressing as a character in the games, and Knuckles is in a weird limbo but otherwise pretty consistent. Though, I do agree that the next step in her character progression is having her own solo experiences and branching out from Sonic and actually trying to strengthen her ties with the other characters. Having Amy tag along with a Team Dark character in one of the games could be really interesting if done well, and it could help Amy see things without rose-tinted - or should I say blue-tinted - goggles on.
  7. Tails has some of the most impressive feats for being with Sonic most of the time as well as having an equal amounts of solo adventures as Shadow the Hedgehog at this point. Don't think I need to list his (funny since he has the best weight lifting feat of the cast bar Big, Shadow, and Silver with his TK) Knuckles can punch a device on the Moon in Sonic X and can punch the air so fast it splits the atoms and causes explosions in the air. He also somehow punched the "Super" out of Super Sonic in his first appearance. Amy can contend with Rouge the Bat who is Knuckles' equal in strength as well as can create tornados by spinning around, predict the future and curse others with her Tarot Cards. Can also befriend or pacify almost anyone she meets like Cream did with Emerl in X as well as Omega in Archie. Amy also beat a big robot dude on her own and threw her hammer hars enough to cause damage to Eggman's large battleship-thing in X. She also is decent with technology and can gather some decent intel as of Forces. Oh! She also casually smacked Knuckles into a tree and has the statement of having so much stamina and persistence that she'll follow Sonic anywhere and will find him no matter how fast he goes. Rouge has fought the Ifrit which was able to destroy the world's surface in the future much like Iblis, has infiltrated many highly secure areas undetected, and can gather some impressive intel as well as knows her way around technology. Similarly to Amy or Cream, she can pacify almost any threat with her charms through sending a heart projectile that makes them infatuated, which works on robots. Probably implied to have modeled her own bombs as they have designs that fit her aesthetic. Also can lift Omega who is canonically in the tons as well as Shadow. Big can lift entire cars and apparently is resistant to toxins as I think he's the only character who can get through the poisonous area in Chronicles without issue? Cream can fly as fast as Sonic even while boosting, contend with Emerl, and can lift Big and Amy and chuck them at foes. Those are really the big ones besides the obvious Blaze who's around Sonic's level, who's speed can bash through cars and all that.
  8. Lmao "slime girls". Don't give even more reason for NSFW artists to draw Sonic characters. Also, don't let Sega take an idea from Nintendo's book and create something that turns people into "ettas" like the Super Crown. Though, that would create a funny scenario if this thing was put on Rouge and it did virtually nothing but serve as an accessory given her voluptuous ways already.
  9. Honestly, turn these comics into a game. Yes, add a bit more substance to it, but I think this has potential in the games. We've never really gone into a storyline like this sans maybe Gamma, but that was an extremely dumbed-down version. This also begs the question: If flickies can be seen coming out of Badniks from Modern times, then are Metal Sonic and Omega harboring a living creature in them as well? Likely not, as we've seen bots without flickies and other critters before, but it could make for some fun theories and fanfiction.
  10. Literally any of the big ones are games I liked growing up. Dunno how I'd fe going back to some of them, but I know Forces is meh and I was an impatient baby that ragequit Unleashed because I couldn't perform the air fight well.
  11. Oh yeah, much like Peach's role in Mario games where she's not just a possession of Bowser's. Cream is in a similar manner, as she's really passive and wants to avoid conflict, but when you consider her feats and abilities for being such a little kid? She's kind of a badass, being one of the few to keep up with a Boosting Sonic as well as being physically strong enough to lift and chuck Big the Cat and all.
  12. The characters with potential are Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow, Silver, Rouge, Tails, and Amy. But I doubt any of them will see the release of their own games.
  13. Amy is cool, but the main games and main canon have yet to show her being on par with the heavy hitters in a serious manner. She's able to boss around Knuckles, but that's a common trope for females to abuse the brutes in Japan. The only way this has ever been done right where the girl clearly scales to the boy in some way is in Wendy/Roy's dynamic in the Mario RPGs, from off the top of my head, though even that scaling is questionable. All forms of Amy combined? Well yeah, she'd be high on the list. The girl has more appearances to work with.
  14. Honestly? This would be the best potential way to do it. They don't even have to make it obvious; keep Starline as he is but maybe have a few gags where it's super clear he's got a huge villain boner for Eggie. I also never said it had to be reciprocated. The only other thing I can see maybe coming up would be one of the side or less relevant characters, or the EXTREMELY bold move of touching upon Tails and Sonic's relationship in a story arc of Tails maturing and finding himself, as he's really the only character people have made jokes about being gay due to his idolizing of Sonic being taken to an extreme as well as him being "feminine". But beyond Tails, I don't see any other major character having that related to them at all besides a "Okay, that's cool" moment, unless they suddenly have Rouge putting the hormones on gals, too.
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