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  1. sucram_h

    How many Sonic games do you like?

    i always find myself going back to Generations, easily the best Sonic game imo. Obviously all the classics + mania are great and I am also a fan of Unleashed's day stages and some levels of Colours. The first few levels Adventure 1 are also very fun to replay
  2. sucram_h

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    Yeah if they do tease a new game (which i think is likely) it will hopefully break the mold of late year releases and come out early 2020. This year seems to early for a new proper 3D game
  3. Im betting money before the final action scene Sonics gonna get his gloves and proper shoes and then fuck jim carrey up with (hopefully) an orchestral remix of some sonic song playing. I hope.
  4. It might have been the angle but the proportions on the Pratt one look way better plus his shoes are better
  5. The old promo one we saw with Chris Pratt a while ago looked so much better
  6. I think the best thing about this movie will be Ben Schwartz as Sonic. The guy has a lot of talent and experience voicing animated characters and he also loves the character so he seems like a perfect choice. I feel hes really going to try his hardest to elevate the most likely lackluster script with his performance.
  7. sucram_h

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    I really hope we get a new 3d game this year, because if we don't then we will most definitely have to wait until 2021, the 30th anniversary, and I don't want every single 3d Sonic game to be an anniversary title. If you ask me, they should stop doing anniversary games every 5 years and just focus on the big ones (20, 30, etc.) As for what kind of game, I honestly dont care if its boost or adventure or lost world as long as its good. and new stage ideas
  8. i hope to god they don't put in current pop songs or anything like that. A new vocal theme by Crush 40 would be ideal
  9. Whats up fellas, Im new here. Just want to chime in and say that i hope the score has some callbacks to songs from the games. Like when they inevitably show green hill zone, have a sweeping orchestral version the the iconic song. That would be cool.
  10. sucram_h

    Why are you really into Sonic?

    because his games, especially the boost games and the classics, offer something that isn't available anywhere else. Great graphics, catchy music, fast gameplay, complex levels, all rolled into one package.

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