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  1. I really want to say something... There are some things I know about this movie that you guys don't... I am just tired of you guys comparing this movie to bad ones, like Venom for example.
  2. It is a movie and it should be viewed as such. It is not necessarily made for fans.
  3. Doesn't matter As long as it appeals to moviegoers/audiences then it is all good!
  4. To be honest... Going off of that leaked reddit AMA, which is pretty much confirmed at this point, the movie seems to be hitting all the marks we were hoping it would hit... Here are some of the details from it: However, while this does sound promising, there are a few things that I am concerned about in regard to the details provided by the leaker. I guess all that I am worried about right now is how Sonic will look. And going off of those trailer descriptions, the trailers will probably not do the movie justice...
  5. There won’t be a sequel... The movie will be bad and maybe in the future a better team can make something good out of Sonic, in regard to a movie.
  6. From what I have seen of the cast and crew, and other sources, the theme of "passion" being put into the project seems to be mentioned a lot when the movie is being discussed by them. It was first mentioned in the interview with the Paramount CEO, as well as the interviews that followed. The cast mentions it as well... It is even listed on the Blur Studio website... http://www.blur.com/about/
  7. In response to an early reply, I don't think IGN necessarily hates Sonic in general, it is just that the franchise has become kind of a laughing stock to them, and they are simply making fun of it. In my opinion, I think the filmmakers are taking inspiration from the MCU in regard to a story-telling standpoint. The Marvel movies don't necessarily follow the original stories of the characters they are based on, but they stay true to the originals.
  8. And you seem to be ignoring the enthusiasm displayed by the cast and crew of the movie... Also, there are many interpretations of Sonic's story, but as long as it stays true to the charm and energy of past stories then it should do well. And don't become another reactionary, we already have plenty of those...
  9. I just realized something One of the writers of the movie has also worked on the Jump Street franchise. And given the descriptions of the trailers, it seems that the movie will have that sort of vibe!
  10. In my opinion, if this movie turns out by some chance good, then it will probably be at Aquaman levels of good. Ludicrous but fun.
  11. They supposedly put a lot of passion into this movie, and the filmmakers stated that something phenomenal was created and that they can't wait for it to come out... But those movies were bad...
  12. The director really wanted to make this movie by the way... Some things are not meant to be in live action. Abandoning the optimistic ship for the movie. FAREWELL!
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