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  1. Not certain if this was explained somewhere already, but doing the Hard mode/Expert Mode versions of the levels in Team Adventure Mode WILL allow you to obtain extra things, if you were wondering. It seems that when you clear every level in a chapter on hard mode, you obtain a horn. When you clear every level in a chapter on Expert mode, you obtain a Paint kit. Just reminding you guys if you wanted to "100%" this game that you won't get all of the horns/paint kits just from the mod pods, I already found myself wasting a good chuck of credits trying to see if I could obtain them, which I didn't. That's all. Edit: If you're ever confused about whether or not you did the Hard/Expert version of a level. Look at the top right corner of the blue squares (I'm talking about the Team Race/Team Grand Prix ones, not the Ring Challenges, Daredevils, etc.) 1 Light blue line - Normal 2 Light Blue lines - Hard 3 Light blue lines - Expert Take note of this so you don't accidentally redo a level on Hard/Expert that you don't have to.
  2. Yeah, I was almost getting that impression a bit early on. Maybe technique gets a big stronger when it's just the solo races. The thing about the exclusive wisps was actually entire new to me and supposed I never actually noticed. Certainly makes the power characters look much stronger in my eyes seeing that they get the Void and Spike wisps.
  3. Final track of Casino Park is officially Pinball Highway if it wasn't decently obvious yet. The name of the final track in Sandopolis is Clockwork Pyramid (Not sure if this was already known or not).
  4. Going by one of the videos shown earlier when it came to the customization, it's interesting how the rest of the paintkits seem to be "zone" themed, including the zones in the game and even zones that aren't even represented in TSR. Zones like Stardust Speedway, Studiopolis, and Mirage Saloon are paint kits, and even Music Plant from Sonic Advance 2 is as well.. Kinda odd
  5. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/team-sonic-racing-switch/ TSR finally has a page on the Nintendo eShop.
  6. http://sonicjpnews.blogspot.com/2019/04/tsrs-wisp-abilities-revealed.html Here's an even better translation of the wisp's Team Sonic Racing abilities The description of that new Jade/Ghost Wisp is pretty interesting.
  7. So according to Dan, rings increase the speed of your character, a lot like coins in Mario Kart. You also lose all of your rings when getting hit, makes sense cause this is a Sonic related game. But apparently he also said there is no limit to the amount of rings you can hold, so just how fast can one go when they have the max amount of rings?
  8. Here's an article that goes into what each of the wisps do in Team Sonic Racing. https://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201904180002/ It's in Japanese yes, but translating should do a well enough job of explaining what they all do. It also gives us some more screenshots of that Rooftop Run track, which seems to be officially named "Sky Road". Oddly enough, Sonic Lost World had a zone named Sky Road, but this track honestly feels like it has almost no connection to it. Perhaps it could be a mistranslation. Edit: https://gonintendo.com/stories/333383-new-details-on-team-sonic-racing-s-wisp-abilities-plus-a-first-l Found an english translated vers. of the article, in case you just can't stand looking at the original.
  9. Looks like we know what the Rhythm Wisp does. Looking a lot like the Blooper of the game (in terms of disrupting the player's screen with visuals). I' This stage looks interesting, I wonder what it could be? I'm thinking it might be related to Sandopolis, but I can also see it being that 'Haunted Castle' track. It could also be a completely new track for all we know.
  10. I wouldn't 100% say that it 'confirmed' no DLC. All I heard Aaron say was "There was no news on if there was gonna be any extra content", which to me honestly says that he himself isn't completely confident on whether or not there will be. He also said there was no news on a public demo for TSR, and while he doesn't believe there will be, he didn't disclose that possibility.
  11. I understand all of that. However, I am HIGHLY certain that rings do not affect this, rather your general position in the race affects your points.
  12. What exactly do the rings do in TSR? My first guess would be that they're "currency" for the supposed in-game shop, but from what I've read it actually helps with your "total score". What does it mean by that? From the gameplay I've seen it doesn't look like they really have an effect on your score/ranking at the end of a race. Unless they mean some miscellaneous score thing that doesn't affect the gameplay or whatever. EDIT: Ok looking back there actually IS some sort of "total score" thing that you get tallied at the end of a race. But again, what's the point of it? Not like it'll affect the ranking at the end of your race it seems.
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