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  1. Well it’s not exactly something I find interesting, but I suppose Generations will have to do. It’s at least better than Colors, final boss aside.
  2. It’s not that I’m sick of Classic Sonic. It’s just that I never cared for them. At all.
  3. The only way I’m ever getting this game is if either They change the dialogue to match the infinitely better Japanese script or It lets me play Colors DS. But if they won’t change the script then I won’t even bother touching the Wii version. The most I’ve seen of DS were the cutscenes and the final boss, but not only do the cutscenes not make me want to slam my head through my door, the final boss looks much better. It helps that unlike the Wii version which didn’t even have ENWA use half of the wisp powers (yes, I know the announcer shots Frenzy at the beginning, but what is Eggman doing with it? At the very least Frenzy could’ve had him charging towards you) I read that DS’s does use all of them.
  4. I’m not even sure I know who I want to voice Sonic and Shadow. At this point I don’t think any1 can match Jason. Though whoever voices Amy I hope they don’t bring back her fan girl personality.
  5. I won’t be partying until I see proof that the game’s plot is gonna be 100% nothing like Colors Wii’s. I’ll even take another story like 06.
  6. Now that Smith is gone I can have hope again for 2000s Sonic to return. No more of these Teen Titans Go lines, and more “Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?” please.
  7. Good riddance. He may have been fine in Lost World, but it’s about time he leaves. Please bring Jason back. For both Sonic and Shadow.
  8. I know what I’m getting myself into, but I don’t really care anymore. I don’t find Mania (or any of the Classics really) as the best with different characters in the slightest. In fact, I’d probably call them the worst in that regard. Well, unless you want to count Chronicles, but that’s an RPG. Regardless, I would explain why but then I would be a broken record. And after all the complaining I did with Sonic Colors this year, I think I’d like that to stop.
  9. I think Shadow the Hedghehog and (to a MUCH higher degree) Black Knight are better than the Classics. Also, I never cared much for Classic Sonic’s gameplay in Generations (take a wild guess why). Btw, reading some of these reminded me. Is it possible to take back everything from Eggman in Forces? If you don’t count the missions I literally 100% the whole game. I got all the Red, Moon, and Number Rings as well as S Ranking every single level along with the Secret/Bonus Levels, yet I have 119.99% while Eggman still has .1%.
  10. Finally, I’ve always been a dub watcher and never really thought about edits. Although I will say at times there’s some stuff in the sub that could be extremely hard to watch. You guys ever watched episode 75 of Yugioh Vrains?
  11. Lost World probably has my favorite story of the era, Generations, while nothing, that nothingness made it more bearable than Colors Wii’s Teen Titans Go writing for me, and there were moments in Forces I didn’t mind. But the main reason I detest Colors’ writing is because it’s the only game in the series that made me hate Sonic. I honestly find Sonic from 06 better and my reason is the same as why I find Generations’ “plot” better. Oh, one more thing. I was talking both gameplay and story wise Colors is the weakest to me.
  12. I’m not sure if I already put this, but the Werehog was my favorite part of Unleashed. Another is that I think Colors was the worst of the Meta Era.
  13. All of you should know my thoughts on Sonic Colors by now (at least the story), so for a change of pace I’m going to give some praise (Not that Colors deserves it). The final cutscene with Sonic is probably my favorite scene in the game. No immature jokes, just a touching moment. It doesn’t quite reach the “Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?” Scene from Unleashed (though to be fair, none of the other games do), but still. I genuinely think that was a good scene.
  14. (Come on guys, where are the news on the new game? I don’t care when it comes out, just give me something to talk about) Going back here I can’t help but feel attacked by most of these replies.
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