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  1. I’m not so sure whether this is popular or unpopular, but I don’t mind the Tails save mechanic in Colors Ultimate. Of course, I have 0 desire to actually get the game unless they do 1 of 2 things, 1 of which is very unlikely. Also, while I’m on the topic of Colors Ultimate, I hope to Solaris this franchise is finally done with lives. When Rise of Lyric ditched that I was thinking it would just be the exception instead of the rule being a spin-off and all like with Secret Rings and Black Knight until I saw Forces. And with Colors Ultimate ditching it I have a feeling it’s become the rule now.
  2. As great as that sounds, unfortunately I doubt they’ll be removing the lives system. Unless they pull a Crash 4 and give us the option of 2 difficulty settings where one has lives and the other doesn’t. Seriously though, the lives system has overstayed its welcome in video games. I was so glad when Rise of Lyric and Forces removed them. Probably the most outdated video game mechanic ever.
  3. Ok, as much as I am disappointed with Sonic Central, there was a shining light in it. Sonic having a pissed off look in the Sonic Colors Ultimate trailer. Will they actually make him more like his Lost World self? I’m not smiling yet, but I’m liking the look of it. Come on, keep the momentum going. Then maybe I’ll finally be in agreement with the fan base about at least one Meta Era game. That is, unless it already happened when Colors became less popular over the years. Beyond that though, I pretty much have the opposite opinion of the others as the fanbase. Well, except Shattered Crystal, Fire and Ice, and TSR. Although that’s due to me never owning the former 2 (though I’m not that impressed from what I’ve seen of them, though that probably has to due with the extremely high pedestal I place Rise of Lyric on) and TSR seems more mixed than outright negative or positive with me on the positive side.
  4. Ok, but what about how the game is looked at today, because in the past years hindsight has not been kind to Colors while it’s been a good friend to Unleashed. Not that I ever found Colors that good to begin with, especially when looking at those dreaded cutscenes.
  5. Though maybe I’ll be lucky and Sonic will be portrayed more like his Lost World self. Though, when I think about it, there must have been an extreme amount of luck these past years. Out of all the main games I don’t think anything was lighter, and even Rise of Lyric, which was part of a spin-off that was meant to be lighthearted, was one of the more serious games in the meta era (Ah good times, good times. I still remember my 100% file. One of the few games I own that I 100%), and it’s even more lucky that Lost World got so grim halfway through especially considering the visuals.
  6. Then how will I be able to understand the story without looking at subtitles? Because even looking at Colors Wii’s English subtitles is torture.
  7. Well, I just read that Roger is back. Now I’m trying to decide between slamming my head on my bed or listen to Sonic Chronicles OST on maximum volume. Or try to watch footage of the final boss of Balan Wonderland without blinking.
  8. Well it’s not exactly something I find interesting, but I suppose Generations will have to do. It’s at least better than Colors, final boss aside.
  9. It’s not that I’m sick of Classic Sonic. It’s just that I never cared for them. At all.
  10. The only way I’m ever getting this game is if either They change the dialogue to match the infinitely better Japanese script or It lets me play Colors DS. But if they won’t change the script then I won’t even bother touching the Wii version. The most I’ve seen of DS were the cutscenes and the final boss, but not only do the cutscenes not make me want to slam my head through my door, the final boss looks much better. It helps that unlike the Wii version which didn’t even have ENWA use half of the wisp powers (yes, I know the announcer shots Frenzy at the beginning, but what is Eggman doing with it? At the very least Frenzy could’ve had him charging towards you) I read that DS’s does use all of them.
  11. I’m not even sure I know who I want to voice Sonic and Shadow. At this point I don’t think any1 can match Jason. Though whoever voices Amy I hope they don’t bring back her fan girl personality.
  12. I won’t be partying until I see proof that the game’s plot is gonna be 100% nothing like Colors Wii’s. I’ll even take another story like 06.
  13. Now that Smith is gone I can have hope again for 2000s Sonic to return. No more of these Teen Titans Go lines, and more “Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?” please.
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