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  1. I think they need to be targeting 60 fps on PS4/X1 so they can get room to go down to 30 fps on Switch. Sonic Team has one of the best fast loading solutions in the industry considering how huge boost levels usually are. I don't think an open world, in terms of performance, is outside their technical expertise. They'll make it work. I just hope the game is a looker on Ps5/XsX.
  2. To be fair, we never actually saw a "next-gen" Sonic game for the ps4/x1. I doubt Sonic Forces pushed those consoles in the same way Unleashed and even Generations pushed the ps3/360. I think Rangers will be the next-gen Sonic game we never got after Generations. The ps5/xsx game will come in another 4-5 years I guess.
  3. At this point, I think we can be fairly confident it won't be at E3 unfortunately since it was not a tie-in to the Summer Game Fest Symphony performance. That's really weird to me since the other two musical performances in the SGF were used to promote specific games. I think the best we'll get is Colors Ultimate in the direct.
  4. It kind of really annoys me that we likely won't see it until after Colors Ultimate. We're being withheld the main course for a remaster side dish lol.
  5. I think we can safely ignore the reddit leaks for the time being considering that there's no evidence for them unlike the 4chan leaks.
  6. It's kind of annoying that none of the leaks addressed Sonic's general gameplay style itself. Are we back with boost ? Maybe the fact that they mentioned boost levels specifically for the cyberspace stages implies the open world has another gameplay style. I just hope traversal is fun and rewarding. It's the most important aspect.
  7. This scenario is why I said it's 50/50. With that said, I think it's weird that they haven't uploaded the footage of the 2022 game to youtube or their social media. Other Sonic games followed a teaser to reveal cycle way shorter than the Forces one. At the end of the day, it depends on whether or not this game is H1 2022 or holiday 2022 I guess. If it was originally planned for holiday 2021 and then delayed to H1 2022, I'm fairly confident it'll show in the next 1-2 weeks. However, at the end of the day, it is all speculation.
  8. I think there's a 50/50 chance we see the game in the following week or two. If I had to guess, we're most likely to see it at the Summer Game Fest on thursday since that even has the Sonic Symphony. Otherwise, I'd look for it in Nintendo's E3 Direct or MS's show.
  9. I kinda hope we get Shadow of the Colossus vibes for the boss fights or something like in Bowser's Fury. Sonic actively using the environment to find a way up the boss to homing attack the weakness or something. There's so much potential with such a concept.
  10. This leak makes me happy. Even if the game ends up being a mess, it will have actually tried to be something unlike Forces. It sounds like we're talking about a high budget ambitious Sonic game. The last time was Unleashed in 2008... over a decade ago. It might sound unpopular but if they have to delay it to 2023, they should. They need to give the game as much time as possible. Also, I hope the games gets a somewhat synchronized release date with either the movie or the new show. It could help with the game selling very well (assuming it's good) which would secure us high budget sonic games in the future. Sega better not fuck this up.
  11. Either Sonic Riders or Sonic Transformed.
  12. The Sonic Boom initiative failed because the games weren't good and they needlessly created another subseries. What they need to do is invest in a great Sonic game so they can get mindshare back. Something that will impress the masses.
  13. Unleashed was the last game in the series to be AAA. There's a ridiculous amount of money poured into that game by Sega.
  14. I'm sure there's more than just 3 dream events. I hope we get Dream Soccer and Surfing.
  15. Yeah she's pretty great ! Metal Sonic and her are the best speed types IMO.
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