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  1. It's not available for purchase anywhere digitally. It should be up midnight PST if Aaron is to be believe. Let's hope it's actually midnight for each region.
  2. Do we know know who the writers are ? Is it Pontaff and company again ?
  3. Honestly, they should just have Silver live in the present permanently or something.
  4. He understands perfectly I'm sure. It's trying to spin no DLC as a positive and it's job so I can't blame him for it. I don't think there's any DLC planned at the moment, however, that might still change. Also, I've found footage of Dark Arsenal and Turbine Loop online so that's it for that mystery. No Egg Hangar.
  5. That cheap tho ? It doesn't seem like it would have been that much more expensive.
  6. I don't understand why Egg Pawn isn't an extra 16th playable character than can be any of the 3 classes. It just doesn't make sense to me. His car and model are in the game and since he's a robot he doesn't require them to do much voice work, just use egg pawn sound effects. Sure, perhaps they don't want to implement customization for him but I personally would have been fine with him not having it tbh.
  7. Lost Palace is second tho 😜. Hmm I guess we'll still have to see about the missing tracks.
  8. It is god tier. The best piece of ost in this game and that's saying something. It also has a neat little surprise in it. Did anyone manage to confirm what is the final track of Final Fortress ?
  9. The music for Ice Mountain is god tier. Also, I'm guessing the repeated tracks in GP are placeholder for when you unlock the final zone. One track will probably remain unused tho.
  10. I can't believe this Penders asshole. Those tweets are out of this world and a blemish on the series.
  11. We knew about Boo's House at the time. I think you're likely to be disappointed but let's see how it goes. Do we know who's writing the game ?
  12. I don't expect them to change the proportions of Sonic with this redesign. Perhaps they'll fix the eyes and the mouth. Change the color of the arms and add gloves if we're lucky. It'd honestly go a long way to making him look better.
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