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  1. Either Sonic Riders or Sonic Transformed.
  2. The Sonic Boom initiative failed because the games weren't good and they needlessly created another subseries. What they need to do is invest in a great Sonic game so they can get mindshare back. Something that will impress the masses.
  3. Unleashed was the last game in the series to be AAA. There's a ridiculous amount of money poured into that game by Sega.
  4. Yeah she's pretty great ! Metal Sonic and her are the best speed types IMO.
  5. I want this game to do well. I really really really do. It's a good game and I love the Sonic franchise and I want it to do well. However, I've been following sales analyst insiders and most of them have been saying that while TSR is charting well, it's numbers aren't anything to write home about because it's a dead month without competition. Something like 10k in the UK might've gotten it first place but most other big games in the UK this year opened way above that (15-20k+ on the low end). Sonic really should be capable of doing better. It's estimated that Yoshi got a 15k opening in the UK on switch only... while TSR is on three platforms covered by the UK charts. Sonic is barely matching the sales of a Yoshi game (in the UK) despite being available on more platforms. This doesn't seem that great to me. Something else to consider is that there are reports of the online lobbies being empty which means either SUMO needs to fix their stuff or it's not selling that well or both. I dunno. I just want Sonic to do well and be rewarded for the good games the series puts out. I want this game to have DLC. Sigh. Perhaps I'm too negative. This is a decent result but I don't know if it's good. Only actual numbers or SEGA could tell us.
  6. Transformed did 1.2 million. TSR should have done better considering transformed built an audience for it on pc. Gens did 600k, SA2 did 400k and SA1 did 300k. TSR absolutely had the potential to do better even if Mania didn't do that well. Forces and LW's failure is self-explanatory due to their reception. I actually kinda like LW btw.
  7. Pc version is between 20k and 50k per steamspy so not great as that's worldwide.
  8. I don't think the game is doing as well as we think tbh. This May was rather dead in terms of new releases and sales apparently.
  9. I agree. The damage the e3 trailer did to the perception of the game cannot be understated. I'm sure the game would be even more successful if it had gotten a good e3 trailer.
  10. I wanna say that TSR being top spot is good news but it only doubling Transformed's opening sales makes me think it's not as good as it looks. Transformed apparently opened at 27th position in its first week. It was during the holidays but that's still a pretty low opening.
  11. This reference in particular made me very happy. I love deep cuts like that ! Also, when they first showed Haunted Castle, I predicted/hoped for a Night of the Werehog reference... and we got it ! I'm glad the game seems to be doing well. It begs the question of why the online is dead ? If it's not for lack of players then it means they need to fix their infrastructure and fast.
  12. As lead game designer, I do think he probably has a hand in the overly linear level design. I think they should put him on another series that can take advantage of his strengths as he does not seem to fit Sonic. Although, all the blame cannot fall on just one person and there's probably more at play explaining the quality of the games.
  13. Tip for PC players that have a stuttering mess at a locked 60 fps: Force vsynch and 60 fps from the nvidia control panel or whatever the AMD equivalent is instead of the in-app version. It made it waaaaay better for me.
  14. Whoever the writers are, I'd be surprised if it was Pontaff. Most characters are too well written for that.
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