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  1. Fish won yesterday, Nats today. So, series split at 1 apiece. Right now, the most anticipated series is confined to the Mountain Time Zone: D'backs/Rockies. In a really fun game tonight, Colorado came back to win, 4-3, against ace Zack Greinke. Nolan Arenado's 2-run triple sealed it. I don't know who'll win the division, but it'll be fun to watch.
  2. All Bottled Up >> Celestial Advice.

  3. (Image credit.) It's no secret here how much I love baseball! It's easily my most favorite sport. A beautiful, intricate game with a storied history, both good and bad. A game you're guaranteed to never see the same twice. Talk of all baseball welcome. It can be talking about past and present moments, great players, prospects, international baseball and not simply MLB, updates on trades/free-agent signings, your experience in baseball or experience as a fan, etc. I've been a fan of baseball for almost twenty years now. The first time I became a devoted fan was during the 1998 playoffs. A few years later, being an underdog fan, I became a Red Sox fan, which I still am today. (Yes, a New Yorker, but devoted Boston fan ). I don't miss the playoffs and watch it fervently. Out of every game I watched, none made me the most nervous than last year's Game 7 of the World Series. The teams with the two longest droughts — the Cubs and Indians; 1908 vs. 1948 — fought to win it for the first time in at least 68 years. Despite a 5-1, CHC lead, it felt close. Rajai Davis's homer turned Game 7 into an instant classic. But nine innings wasn't enough. It took a 17-minute rain delay, a speech from Jason Heyward, a Cub rally, and a save from Mike Montgomery to end the longest drought in North American sports:
  4. Today proves the Rockies ain't goin' nowhere anytime soon. :P

  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Knuckles chuckling during his idle animation in Mania is a little wink to his theme from Adventure.

  6. Reaction: One of the mini-bosses you must face in Mania is a goddamn barrel.

    1. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      Points if it's in a carnival themed level.

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      What's the difference between that and the regular barrel?

    3. A cool hedgehog engine

      A cool hedgehog engine

      FINALLY!! I've been waiting to get back at that menace for years!!! I cheated through sonic 3 and knuckles because of that thing!!!!


      Oh....you said A barrel...






      images (20).jpg

    4. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      Inb4 Carnival Night is the returning Sonic 3 level.

    5. ShroomZed


      it won't be. 

    6. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      Orly? Did your uncle from SEGA tell you that?

    7. ShroomZed


      Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon already have pinball elements. 

    8. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      You say that but at the same time it also makes it clear that stages can share elements so why not have Carnival Night also? Personally I'd rather have Hydrocity but Carnival Night is just as likely a contender as any other stage.

  7. Did the Combi-Ring monitor's appearance in Mania catch you off guard in some way? What were your first thoughts upon seeing it in Mania?

    1. OcelotBot


      First thoughts; I was worried because it's inclusion in Chaotix made up for being thrown into enemies at break-neck speed due to the hard-to-control rubber band and gimmick.

      It's been altered for Mania so that you can collect about 60% of your lost rings total if you get hit, kind of like how you don't lose all your rings if you get hit in Unleashed etc.

      If you get hit, all rings should scatter and you should only be able to pick up a few.

      So, yeah when I play Mania I won't be too fussed about going after the combi-ring item boxes. 

      *control rubber-band gimmick.

  8. Joy Reid's vile tweets at Sanders and his supporters damage the MSNBC brand and further highlight why the Democratic establishment is so out of touch with progressive Dems, progressives in general, and the rest of the 99%.


  9. Someone on here mentioned this a few months ago, but another thing about Mania that impresses me is its ability to create pools of water instead of a flat blocks of water that completely stretch across.

  10. During the weekend, No Justice, No Pride blocked the Capital Pride Parade in protest of its inclusion of the police department and corporate sponsors that oppressed people of color, many of whom also LGBT+ (i.e., Wells Fargo, McD's, SunTrust, Maryland Live Casino).

    Most of the comments I saw from sites like JoeMyGod, HuffPo, and LQBTQ Nation in response to the protest: a boatload of corporatism suckuping, anti-leftism, anti-progressivism, anti-PoC racism, and white privilege. A good bunch of the people at JMG complain about and bash Trump, Republicans, Log Cabin Republicans, and support the conspiracy theory that "political purity" cost Clinton the election, but the way they behaved in response to NJNP's blockade (and Trans Queer Pueblo's blockade of the Maricopa County Sheriff float at Phoenix Pride a couple of months ago) does nothing except show that they and Trump deserve each other.

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      I'm honestly not sure what side you're on here
      Too many namedrops clogging up one paragraph and I'm not gonna bother putting on my glasses to read this lol

    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      @Clades Jin

      I side with No Justice, No Pride.

  11. I wonder if anyone will attempt to create a map layout of all the Mania zones.

  12. The GHZ2 remix sounds really good. Has a very nice, relaxing tempo.

  13. Tonight in Golden State continues to prove why only five teams have ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a best-of-seven (none of them in the NBA's 70-year history).

    1. KHCast


      Get salty Lebron lol

  14. What's going on between Forces and Mania is a complete reversal of 2011.

    (I think somepony (:P) here pointed this out recently.)

  15. Any more Sonic Mania news that came out over the last few hours?

    1. Polkadi


      the boss leak was true