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  1. This feeling of betrayal and anger from Sanders supporters at Warren is far more different than their contempt for Hillary. Yes, she wasn't well-liked at all, but Hillary had a reputation of not being the nicest politician, and everyone knew she was a centrist. All campaign long, she had to be pushed leftward. How is it different from Warren?

    1. She and Sanders are considered to be giant, longtime allies and friends. Despite differences in various policy, they're part of the Democratic Party's progressive wing.
    2. Despite some friction and shots by the surrogates late last year, it never got too far, and neither Sanders nor Warren were disrespectful to each other. In fact, after Sanders returned to the trail, both sides became cordial again.
    3. During past debates, both of them held their pact while going after others and defended each other when needed. Recall Bernie's billionaire contribution jab to Biden and Buttigieg last month; this was after Buttigieg strawmanned her.
    4. Slowly, Warren crept more and more rightward in her policy rhetoric. Waffling on Medicare for All to attach two separate bills in order for it to become law (then using the Big Pharma "choice" talking point, and not referencing M4A at all last night).
    5. Many Sanders supporters not only saw her as a solid #2 candidate should he lose, but also donated to her campaign. Hell, the winning progressive was likely going to pick the loser as the VP or some other cabinet position.
    6. Primaries can get dirty and ugly in a hurry, but for the Warren camp to leak a lie about Sanders, whose impeccable honesty transcends politics, and treat him as a misogynist was extremely stunning. No one expected the Warren camp to play the dirtiest tactic in a Dem presidential primary in quite some time.

    And how rich for affluent liberals (most of whom are white, Warren's main primary demographic) to richsplain and tone-police Bernie supporters for feeling so bitter. Yeah, you got the healthcare, and you're gonna be fine, but Bernie's working-class supporters don't have the privilege like you do.

  2. The U.S. lied about Saddam Hussein and Iraq having WMDs, getting us to a war there that created ISIS.

    The U.S. lied about Venezuela so we could get their national oil and nearly succeeding overthrowing Maduro.

    The U.S. lied about election fraud in Bolivia and supported a coup that overthrew Evo Morales.

    The U.S. and the Pentagon lied for the last 18 years regarding military assignments in Afghanistan so the military-industrial complex can get really rich.

    Last night’s assassination of Soleimani resulted in the rising of Raytheon’s and Lockheed Martin’s stocks.

    Why the fuck should we believe ANYTHING the Pentagon and U.S. military intelligence claims regarding Iran and Soleimani?

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      America is the Evil Empire that deluded itself into thinking it's the Rebellion against a constant wave of "foreign commie nazi" invaders.

    2. TheOcelot
  3. Bernie Sanders: “Billionaires will start paying their fare share of taxes!”

    Grunkle Scrooge: :lie:

  4. Having a presidential fundraiser in a billionaire family's wine cave with expensive crystal glasses and wine was Buttigieg's biggest campaign mistake. With right- and left-wing populism in vogue nationwide, I can't believe he thought this was even close to a good idea. :dry: Admitting to wanting a Justice Anthony Kennedy as an non-partisan judge or his campaign faking Black endorsements were terrible enough, but at least he can make a weak mea culpa to moderate, older white voters. He can't defend this boneheaded fundraising plan without looking like a hypocrite.

  5. My rankings for tonight's Democratic debate. Winner, meh, loser. Bernie Sanders: Not afraid to call out the issues or come back to the issues. Since his heart attack, he's been more relaxed, more personal, and takes things seriously while showing more of his personality. He's shown his personality in other times this cycle, but he really showed it tonight. And he currently has the momentum. His best debate performance so far. Andrew Yang & Elizabeth Warren (tie): Surprise surprise, Yang got the least amount of time! But he was substantive and did well with the little he had. And Warren had her best performance since her third debate, in particular calling out the corruption and Buttigieg for taking part in that corruption. Amy Klobuchar: The surprise winner, IMO. She did a really good job. Relaxed, feisty, and gave Buttigieg a run for his money quite a bit. The fact that she called him out for dismissing congressional inexperience and used herself and her colleagues as examples of crossing the ideological line to get things done was a great point and her best moment in her debate performances so far. Tom Steyer/Joe Biden (tie): Steyer had the better performance than Biden, but didn't stick away from the reputation of carrying his campaign as a vanity project. Surprisingly, Biden did much better here compared to his other performances, but looked bad in being called out for taking billionaire bribes (from 44 of them) and his crappy healthcare plan. Pete Buttigieg: Billionaire fundraisers for politicians aren't well-liked at all, because they accurately represent how politicians are out of touch with real issues working people face. Those pictures featuring him in that wine cave are a perfect microcosm of politicians pandering to the elite. He got called out for it and never delivered a good reply to recover from those criticisms.
  6. Psst!

    Bernie won tonight's Dem debate. ;)

  7. Have to agree with him and the OP. It doesn't matter if you feel the impeachment process was partisan or not. The #1 assignment of anyone in Congress is to defend the U.S. Constitution and uphold the rule of law. Trump clearly abused his power by trying to get oppo info from Ukraine, and he obstructed Congress on multiple occasions. On both (weak) Articles of Impeachment, Tulsi Gabbard and every Republican (or Dem) who voted anything other than "aye" determined that their own agenda mattered more than maintaining accountability upon the president. Tulsi's silence, in particular, is more deafening by using a cowardly "present" vote, thus determining that not choosing was the better "choice." Disappointing. Should she win the nomination, I'll vote for her. But for now, she lost my primary vote.
  8. Corbyn has been the subject of so many disgusting lies over the past few years, and thanks to that and a bloodlust for the white-nationalist-centric Brexit, and now he’ll go down as one of the best Prime Ministers that the UK will never have. What devastating results. :(

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      It seems like the entire world wants to go full fascist, and just burn everything to the ground in the name of their fragile far right wingnut racist egos, not even caring how they're dooming the entire planet in the process.

  9. Pete Buttigieg's whole presidential gig is "it's my destiny to be president, and I'll do it no matter the cost!" In his eight years, he's done jack shit to improve the lives of Black, Brown, and working-class people in his town, and he just tried to tokenize them in a sham town-hall event, only to have BLM South Bend protest it. After lying about Warren's and Sanders' college-for-all plans and implicating that people who can't go to college are too dumb for it, Krystal Ball let him have it, and deservedly so!

    Buttigieg is the definition of privilege! As much as I despise Biden, Pete's blatant entitlement makes him more loathsome.

  10. A little hopeful news to go along, but it needs some backstory. Last month, Major League Baseball proposed cutting up to forty-two Minor League teams to "downsize" it, causing uproar in the baseball communities. It got little attention from virtually every presidential candidate. Except one. Bernie grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, so he knows firsthand how it feels to lose a baseball team very close to the community. When Bernie was the Burlington mayor, he successfully brought Minor League baseball into the state. While the Vermont Reds and Mariners didn't last long, they gathered a lot of attendance. Whether you agree or disagree with him, Senator Sanders isn't afraid to use the bully pulpit on any corporation that tries to take advantage of their communities and the players, most of whom are legally paid below minimum wage. When there's corporate greed, he calls it out and uses his abilities as an activist within Washington's walls to bring it attention. The fact that he's running a grassroots movement within a presidential campaign brings extra attention to the sticky support within. Today, Sanders met with Commissioner Rob Manfred to discuss the proposal. In short, corporations, don't be greedy. Thank you, Senator, for bringing attention to this.
  11. Adventure Time never interested me, but it earns a lot of credit. That show not only helped jump start Cartoon Network's climb out of its "no-cartoon" fad and into an era of good cartoons to come, but it also commenced the renaissance of cartoons that resulted in the likes of FIM, Gravity Falls, DuckTales 2017, and SU.

  12. You’d think that with Lapis, Pearl, and Rose that SU wouldn’t have any more room for new characters with really tragic pasts. Spinel’s backstory through the song Drift Away is tragic beyond comprehension. :(

  13. How cute that the slobbering far-right British press is perfectly fine with Boris Johnson's lying, anti-POC racism, and Islamophobia, but will scream the "anti-semite!" lie at Jeremy Corbyn every time they get the chance. The British MSM is every bit as bad as America's.

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