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  1. The yucky, yellowish grass in the Oakland Coliseum is plain proof of how much multi-purpose stadiums just don't work. The A's need their own facility, and not one that's slowly failing.

  2. *Heh* Well, it's been a while since I logged in.

    1. jingleblurs98


      welcome back! actually, i vaguely remember you...

    2. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Sup. Long time, no see!

  3. I beg your pardon for bumping a thread that hasn't had a comment in 4.5 years, but I've been a big Paddington movie fan lately, both this and its sequel. Late January, I watched Paddington for the first time, and I loved it. Despite all the praise for it, I was legitimately surprised by how good it was. From the first minute, it became crystal clear how this wasn't your stereotypical live-action "kids' film" with a CGI animal lead. It subverts that "noble savage" trope by making the bears curious, clever, quick learners, and super intelligent. If that wasn't enough, little details later on helped shape its quality, including: Using Paddington's empty jars of marmalade to indicate passage of time. How in thirty seconds, the dynamic of the Brown family was established. When Mary Brown meets Paddington, the word "Found" in the "Lost & Found" sign lights up. As Paddington writes to Aunt Lucy in his first night at the Brown residence, the family dynamic is shown in a series of rooms inside a dollhouse. Paul King didn't simply want to create any normal "kids' film." He wanted to create something fun for the whole family while creating such a unique presentation and atmosphere. With how well CGI can be presented realistically, he had an extra advantage. This film can be divided in two C's: charming and creative. To go over them one by one. Charming: Dozens of bear years ago, Lucy taught Paddington her lifelong philosophy: "If you are kind and polite, the world will be right." This movie succinctly sticks to his moral. Paddington Bear is one of the kindest character you'll ever meet. No matter how rough the person may be, he sees the good in the people and the community they live in. While his naivety can get him into really sticky situations, the film never shoots him down for it. Being the fish out of water, he struggles to adapt in London, but maintains his optimism. When he makes a mistake, he tries to make it better. Even though he sometimes struggles with vaguenss and idioms, the film doesn't treat him (and us, by association) like he's dumb. But it isn't simply him. The Brown family has its quirks, most of their antics funny. Henry Brown as overprotective, Mary Brown as open-minded, Jonathan Brown as creative, Judy Brown as defensive, Mrs. Bird as quirky. No, it's not a dysfunctional family. Disagreeable may be the better adjective. But the more they get to know him, the more thy like him, and the more developed they become as characters. Even Henry, the last to trust him, began to grow fond of him. That night when the Browns handed Paddington their generational trench coat began the film's biggest quality: its heart. This film is full of heartwarming moments, all the way till the snowball fight to end it. Creative: This movie is inspired by the late Michael Bond's books, and the way the movie's constructed makes it feel like you're watching his kid-like imagination. And with that imagination, King goes through liberties to make it feel storybook-ish. The dollhouse is merely one element. His updates, the old-timed black-and-white film exploring Darkest Peru, Paddington watching people leave the shop owner's toy train, Paddington walking into the old film (reminding himself of home), the quirky design of the Geogropher's Guild entrance hall, and the tree's loss and gaining of leaves depending on the home's mood. But the creativity doesn't end there. The script is super tight and wastes nothing, not even small gags. On the surface, thy looked miniscule and merely funny, yet impact the film later. The taxi driver driving Paddington around became Millicent Clyde's hostage later. Paddington's struggles with the Brown family's portable vacuum resulted in him using those in the museum to climb up the furnace. Judy's quick learning of the Bear language helps her locate his whereabouts and where to rescue him. Paddington's struggle with a toy apple early is soon called back when he ate a real apple off the family table. Millicent Clyde was sentenced to community service at a petting zoo (the same one her father founded), and the monkey she tried to kill watched her getting humiliated. The reoccurring pigeon gag directly contributing to Clyde's disgrace. There's too many to list. Beyond the script, the camerawork is breathtaking! Paddington takes full advantage of not the types of angles available, but wen to use them. Spinning the camera so we see the whole family at the table or the camera zooming down through the middle of the spiral or the Dutch angles so we see the family and Mr. Curry in the same shot. King's camera work was extremely creative and really stands out amongst the others. After all of this, I still haven't talked about Millicent Clyde. Apparently, actress Nicole Kidman had a world of fun as the film's villain. She's crafty, spunky, and absolutely hilarious. Her interaction with Mr. Curry rally makes her stand out as a credible threat to Paddington. Her character oozes confidence, and that confidence and spunk bleed in every shot she's in. All in all, Paddington is a wonderful film. Creative, charming, witty, heartwarming, and intelligent. I only saw this for the first time several weeks ago, and I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. (And after watching Paddington 2, one of the best family-friendly films this decade, for the first time earlier this week, I can't apologize enough.)
  4. Cynthia Nixon never held a political office before, but between her decades-long political activism, clean capital record, and continual proof of having the big, bold ideas to clean up Albany, not taking any corporate PAC money, and improve New Yorkers' lives thousandfold, she's EASILY more qualified to be NY governor than the heinously corrupt Andrew Cuomo!

  5. The U.S. is super-rich, but we give massive amounts of dough to the military, for-profit wars, banks, and the 1%, when the rich can be taxed and the money shuffled by the government can be allocated to:

    1. combat poverty,
    2. tuition-free public college,
    3. rebuild Puerto Rico (and cancel its debt),
    4. single-payer medicare for all,
    5. weed legalization,
    6. nationwide living wage.

    Because of this, the phrase "How do you pay for *insert human rights program*?" should never be asked in American politics again.

    1. Mick


      Taxing the rich is a BAD IDEA.  http://www.inflationomics.com/article.php?article=Four Problems with Taxing the Rich

      https://www.commondreams.org/.../10-reasons-not-tax-rich-and-why-theyre-all-bad This article makes even better cases.

      Sorry I'm not an economics expert or anything, it's a really complex subject.  However I know I've read over and over again that taxing the rich is not the solution.  Your ideas are good and all.  Here's one more article with pros and cons.  https://toughnickel.com/industries/Should-we-tax-the-rich-more-pros-and-cons

    2. Blacklightning


      Sometimes I wonder how much these kinds of things would pay for themselves if certain corporations stopped dodging taxes entirely. It's an interesting outlier in the "tax the rich" strategy that doesn't seem to get covered much for some reason.

    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      thing is it'll never happen



      it's innate to our human conciousness and it will never change because humans, despite there being many good people in this world, are naturally assholes

      the only way things will change for the better is alien invasion or some other outside threat to force us to join together because otherwise I can never see all the change people want to happen

  6. Ray is too adorable! ❤️

  7. Even with all the imbeciles hating on Susan Sarandon, she remains as cool as a cucumber :lol:


  8. :lol: While armchair neoliberals continue to bitch and moan at Susan Sarandon, she's out there actually resisting Trump (and getting arrested for it).


  9. I don't mind eating a crazy concoction occasionally.

    This is a big, fat nope!



    1. Tatters


      This picture is evil.

    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      I clicked on the reddit and seen even more pics....

      never felt the urge to vomit more than before in my life O_o

    3. Mick


      Gross stuff!

    4. Cobalt_Bolt


      Right after I ate lunch. Thanks for causing an urge to vomit.

    5. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      well my appetite just left the building  

  10. Mr. Rogers is such an international treasure that can never be duplicated. But out of everything he ever did in his show, perhaps the best moment is when he met then-10-year-old Jeff Erlanger, who became paralyzed when he was under a year old due to spinal tumors. This moment below is unbelievably sweet and will make people shed a tear. Please, watch it all the way through. You won't regret it.
  11. I already watched it when it was leaked, and my thoughts remain the same. Non-Compete Clause is crap. AJ and Rainbow Dash were completely OOC here, especially the latter for putting her focus on winning Teacher of the Month over the Student Six's safety while rowing. Thank God FIM's a piece of fiction, because had it be real-life, the school and Twilight might've had their plots sued for negligence. This episode features easily my bottom moment of the season: Yona nearly drowning. You'd think for a second that Dash and AJ would stop acting competitive with each other, grow the fuck up, and learn to be teachers. Instead, they continue to qualify one of Neighsay's strongest criticisms of the School: AJ and RD act completely unqualified. You two, this isn't Fall Weather Friends; at least you two weren't that close at the time, and the stakes were much lower. Had they remained competent and in character, that canoeing accident wouldn't have happened, and Yona wouldn't have to have her life saved. The dialogue itself is lousy. Clunky, forced, and painfully unfunny. To make it worse, this episode feels a lot like filler. After thy learned how their competitive behavior got in the way, they started arguing again, and it was all back to square one. The only saving graces here are Twilight calling Dash and AJ out for their shit (and threatening to take over the field trip after Yona nearly drowned) and Dash and AJ getting nominated for TotM — them risking that reward will make them think about how stupid they behaved on the trip. Overall, a major thumbs down.
  12. Susan Sarandon is SO influential over the hundreds of celebrities and tabloids that endorsed Clinton that people still smear her as the reason Trump won the presidency. */sarcasm*

    Here's a protip: If you truly believe that ONE celebrity is that responsible for costing her millions of votes, then Clinton's not as good a presidential candidate as you make her out to be.

  13. Oy! Bud! Happy Bday!ric-flair-woo.jpg.549a46fd2f335ac2e302bfac6aa0b9fd.jpg

  14. With his 3,055th hit today, Adrian Beltre passes Rod Carew for the most ever by a Latin-born ballplayer. The continuation of an amazing career. :D

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