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  1. Sonic Mania's soundtrack is one of the best in the entire series. Every jingle or theme is fantastic. And for a series known for its great music, that says a lot.

    1. A wreaKING heavy engine

      A wreaKING heavy engine

      I can't stop hearing that knuckles mirage saloon theme in my head that I spoiled for myself. Now all we need is someone to make lyrics for it (*hint hint*) *wink* @smooth4lyfe

  2. Mania:


    The end of Studiopolis Act 2's boss has one of the funniest jokes in a Sonic game. XD


    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      It's wonderful. Like Iizuka said " by the mania for the mania"

      This game is a lover letter to the fans by devs who are fans themselves

      *love letter

  3. The Confederate monuments don't belong anywhere except in front of a museum. Not in the middle of streets. Not in a school. And especially not near courthouses. It's downright stupid that these statues are commemorated and celebrated, when they do nothing but revise history, hide the truth, and whitewash the Confederacy. Mayor Landrieu delivered an excellent speech explaining why they must come down.

    However, there's one I'm downright against taking down: the Confederate memorial on Stone Mountain.


    (Image from Wikipedia.)

    I hate this sculpture. It should never have been carved in the first place. But if you destroy that sculpture, you continue to destroy that mountain.

    Monuments and statues are replaceable. Mountains aren't.

  4. Mania comment:


    Jimmy the Motobug may be my all-time-favorite Sonic reference once it's all said and done.


    1. Penny



      same, for sure. the fact that they honored polygonjim and that he will forever be a part of official sonic canon is so beautiful. it makes me emotional to think about tbh


  5. The Unite the Right rally is a Neo-Nazi, KKK, white-supremacist rally to suppress everyone other than the racist, Christian-based cult-right. Heather Hayer and Harris are victims of terrorist attacks by this cult. These terrorists are at the same level as al-Qaida and ISIS. Anyone who claims this to be hyperbole is delusional.

  6. I don't FIM has ever had such a massive downward quality swing one episode later.

    The Perfect Pear is the best episode of the show for being heartwarming, respectful to the audiences, and executing a very daring concept.

    The very next episode, Fame and Misfortune, is the worst of S7 and may be in the bottom-five of the series. The more I think about it, the lower and lower the ranking.

    1. Equestrian celebrities harassed and abused, an overly cynical and crass tone that contradicts the show's proactive themes and morale
    2. Long-established background ponies being out of character
    3. All of the (adult) fans are quarter dimensional and represent offensive and nasty geek stereotypes
    4. A broken premise that checks off fandom talking points without contextual sense and attention to continuity
    5. All of the antagonists are Straw Fans/straw characters. Shallowly-written, broken characters designed to be proven wrong out of plot convenience
    6. Two broken morals (the characters singing a loaded statement and suggesting an enforcement of stereotypes is okay to teach to kids)
    1. Strickerx5


      Wow, can't say I felt the same way with this one. Quite the opposite in fact. Though, then again I doubt I'm thinking that deeply into the episode. I just saw it as a good, humor episode to poke fun at some of the problems some fans voice about the mane six.

      Though, like Slice of Life, this episode seems to be made for the like it or hate it ratio. I can see where you're coming from, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Meta can be good if written well. Slice of Life was great.

      Stranger Than FF was one that I was hard on. Fame and Misfortune allowed me to compare the two, and STFF is so much better. The con parody was tongue-in-cheek, the meta humor was boisterous without sacrificing the story, Quibble was a jerk while still being a good person and made up for his attitude, and its toned-down stakes meant not taking itself too seriously.

      And most importantly, STFF makes it clear that he's just ONE bad apple out of the whole tree.

  7. Mania question:


    The Hard-Boiled Heavy was able to transform into Nack, Bark, and Bean in the boss fight. However, the random Boy that shoots down the Tornado prior to Act 2 didn't have that black aura around them, like the Heavy in disguise. Is the Boy that shot it down real or a mirage?


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      From what I heard, it's the actual Bean who just happened to be there.

  8. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    >dude plays some porn >outta here
  9. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Now the co-announcement last year makes sense! They're both related! Also, I'm not sure, but it seems like the player wants NOTHING to do with the bonus stages!
  10. Don't personally care 'bout Mania spoilers, since I can't play it.


    Nonetheless, gimme my Mania music!


  11. If you saw Whitehead's most recent cryptic tweet related to DRM and DNA, he's referencing this article (found in Retro's Mania spoiler topic):



    1. PaddyFancy


      Big mistake Taxman.

  12. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Aw, fuck. Stream buffered or died.
  13. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Now THAT is wonderful!