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  1. Charlie Brown's such an every man despite being a kid. No matter how hard he tries, he's always saddled in some horrible luck. In The Peanuts Movie, he tries to do every good deed possible, only to have the world screw up. For instance, he wrote an excellent book report to help the Little Red-Haired Girl while she took care of her grandma, only got destroyed by chance by Linus's rogue Red Baron plane — a moment heartbreaking beyond belief. But all those moments where he loses makes the resolution so satisfying. The fact that he was willing to help her made her appreciate him, not the outcome.

    Donald Duck's so similar. Like Charlie, he too gets saddled with all the bad luck, making him very relatable. The DuckTales reboot expands on this even further. Living and raising three nephews on that little rickety boat, he worked his tail feathers off to the point where he sees them as his kids. At times, his dedication for them and overprotection are taken for granted. But he just wants to be able to be a part of a family where they don't have to be stressed out all the time. So when he stands his ground or loses his temper for his family, there's such a catharsis. Look no further than when he battled back against Lunaris last season and the events in today's episode:


    singing to Daisy with clear conviction, punching Graves (with Daisy's help) from the ceiling, and confronting Glamour for scapegoating Daisy.


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