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Hello! I'm Dark Qiviut, and I'm a big Sonic fan. I've been a fan of the franchise since 1991, but unlike most people who played during the Classic/2D era, I like Modern/3D Sonic more. One of the big reasons why I like Modern Sonic more than Classic Sonic is due to the characters. The characters are complex, interesting, and they make me want to delve into their personalities, all of which are missing from the Classic Era.

Since Sonic Adventure, Sega and Sonic Team have been working their best to develop the characters to make them as great as they are now. Sure, some of the games produced characterization hiccups (i.e., Sonic Heroes's storyline), but it still doesn't diminish the magnificent "value" that each and every one has created. From Sonic to Eggman and all the Classic-borns to the Modern-borns like Big the Cat, Shadow the Hedgehog, Chip (one of the best written supporting casts), and so on. Despite the games' controversies, the characters and their rounded personalities make this series a cut above the rest to me; without that, then the Sonic series loses a ton of its worth. The Sonic series is about growth and dimensionality, and the characterizations enhance this long developed "root."

Also, I think Modern Sonic should follow a direction that is AWAY from the classics, and that constantly creating a Classic-style game in 3D and/or creating only 2D main games is/are a bad idea for the series. Sure, the Classics were good, but I don't want the Sonic series to be constricted to this only. I don't mind some Classic elements to be borrowed into Modern games, but I like the series to continue developing new gameplay to make the game deserve to be its title. I'm interested in Sonic 4, and the reason for this is that thus far, it plays like the Classics while not being S3&K in disguise. I can't say for certain if it will play like that for sure, but I'll have to see. All I want is something interesting and for the gameplay to further evolve. Remaining constricted to Classic-style gameplay without anything to twist the formula is a full step backwards. The characters, want for 3D Sonic to evolve away from the Classics, and the series constantly growing are why I still follow the series to this day.

I also consider myself a very outspoken individual in terms of Modern Sonic and the Classics. Unlike the most, I don't align with those who say the Classics are the best. If you ask me, the main Classic games aren't the best at all and are held at an overly high, unrealistic pedestal as the so-called "Holy Grail" of Sonic when they clearly aren't. In fact, I find the main series Classics to be incredibly OVERRATED. Unlike what Dreadknux said, as I've played them constantly, the games no longer feel innovative. The games feel sluggish, predictable, and boring. Over the past two years, the games quickly became outdated, and I felt I was forced to enjoy it. The Classics terribly aged. This is especially the case with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which has become the biggest chore. The lone main Classic game I enjoy is Sonic CD.

I tend to defend games and talk about them in a corporal stance. Most analyze them as fans; I do that, too, but I also analyze them and the decision-making of many of the games through the eyes of a company and designer and why they'd choose a certain method. It doesn't mean I agree with the methods I'm defending, but it's hope for those to perhaps understand what they, the company, are considering. It's important to think about a game and consider what the corporations/designers think when deciding to play around with the games, and it gets more important to consider as one understand what businesses are like and how they're run. This is something that almost no one on the SSMB does, and it's something that needs to be done.

Whenever I see logic that doesn't make sense, I tend to call them out. I don't care if you are a member, mod, or admin. If I ever see faulty logic or lame "trope" labels/excuses, chances are I may answer, sometimes very critically and harshly if it crosses a peeve or if this "reasoning" is broken and elitist beyond belief. I don't tolerate elitism, especially Classic elitism, bashing, exaggeration, and trolling. If I see it, don't expect me to act too lightly. This is especially the case where bashing gets involved. Bash, and I will not hesitate to belt your ego down a step and tear your post apart piece by piece.

Lastly, here is an essay defending my stance as a Modern Sonic fan, something that I'm becoming rather famous for: http://darkqiviut.deviantart.com/art/Defen...Sonic-109895909

See you around!

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