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  1. I always find it a very odd feeling to see an account on the internet that belongs to someone who is deceased. I guess part of it is just that the internet has only been popular for around 20 years or so and most of the people using it historically have been young people. I guess this is only going to become more common as the internet matures as a medium. That being said I wonder if his art will get to stay up or if the website is going to take it down? I have no idea what the policy is for that sort of thing.
  2. Really? In the US I only ever hear about fans of SATAM or fans wanting characters from SATAM to be in the games. I hardly ever hear about AOSTH apart from the occasional "PINGAS" meme.
  3. 2 issue long arcs? These comics are pretty short. If the arc reset every two issues i think it would really start to feel like a sitcom. Maybe it could work if they had sub arcs that lasted only a few issues that are built into an over all larger arc similar the late Archie four issue sagas fitting into the shattered world arc.
  4. I'm not a big fan of heavy usage of synthesizers throughout the entire game (Like you know, Sonic Forces) but if we are talking something like Julien-K or even some of Shadow's SA2 songs I would be open to that. As for music in the classic games I think the US soundtrack for CD is worth mentioning (tracks have a really unique feel and hugely add to the game's atmosphere) as well as Jun Senoue's work on Sonic and Knuckles. I have heard some guitar remixes of Sonic and Knuckles music and it actually works pretty well.
  5. Speaking of topic derailment how the hell did we get to talking about how Nintendo handles their IPs while I was gone?
  6. In soned2 they are called top solid which means Sonic appears on top of the platform when he passes through them with little or no vertical speed. However, only the top few layers of the platforms are top solid because otherwise teleporting all the way to the top would be too weird/jarring. The brown tiles underneath the grass are simply not solid so Sonic just passes through them. True solids are only used in a couple sections like loops and certain walls that Sonic isn't allowed to pass through. These are the places where it is possible for Sonic to get stuck if he goes to fast. Not usually a problem in normal Sonic 1 but it happens a lot more in romhacks where Sonic's speed is increased especially in SLZ which heavily uses true solids. It also can happen in Sonic 2 mainly in Chemical Plant zone. Collision detection with very fast characters is always hard because the character starts skipping over pixels in order to go faster whereas slow characters have to move through each and every pixel so sometimes glitches just come with the package.
  7. I wasn't really disappointed in Shadow's characterization until I saw him in issue nineteen..... I don't know what rules are here for spoilers but needless to say I was pretty disappointed.
  8. Guilty because the opinions of others have made them feel that way.
  9. I wouldn't mind the spike behavior for added difficulty if spikes weren't used so heavily in the first stage. Its in interesting concept especially since ring invincibility is so grossly abusable in the other classic games.
  10. Sonic isn't the only fandom that is like this. You can find it in a lot of places on the internet in general.
  11. I believe the op was referring to the different personalities of Sonic rather than the gameplay styles and the graphical engines. On to the topic: I disagree with IDW Sonic being lumped together with Modern Sonic. Modern Sonic is much more "smug" and nonanimated while IDW Sonic is more cocky and lively. He also shows a wider range of emotion, such as having sympathy for Mr. Tinker which wouldn't feel very genuine with his current games' personality. I think Boom Sonic actually fits with Modern Sonic's personalty more which is kind of ironic since Boom Sonic was supposed to be different character from mainline game Sonic when in actuality he was written almost exactly the same. He's just Modern Sonic with bandages.
  12. Liking a game while also proclaiming to others that it's terrible I think is a symptom of the way the fanbase deals with opinions that deviate from the perceived norm.
  13. I'm not really sure I trust SOA either though. I definitely don't want Sonic turning into something like most modern American cartoons on air these days, and Boom leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Aside from the comics I don't think any attempts to westernize Sonic has ever been a big success. I guess the twitter account is considered a success but I REALLY don't want the games to be taking after the twitter account. Id much prefer to have more from the Japanese Sonic Channel which actually celebrates what the franchise has to offer instead of well, laughing at it. I always thought it was a shame that Sonic wasn't as popular in Japan especially since the fans there seem to be a lot more genuine with less drama and irony.
  14. Wait, Sonic Team is disbanded? That's actually kind of depressing.... Sure there are probably other companies that can do better in some ways but I really wanted Sonic Team themselves to do better. With other companies I feel they are just going to ignore the past and make Sonic into their own image. As many grievances I may have with IIzuka's more recent contributions it was good to know that there was someone at Sonic Team who had actually been there during the good days, and I really have to commend him for sticking it out for so long. Many of the problems with Forces were likely not even his fault as it turns out his team basically consisted of Story Book games level designers (Which explains why the levels were so short and heavily splined). I guess this means we won't be getting a proper sendoff....
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