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  1. Those are pretty much my sentiments on the fanbase age as well. Though I don't think kids are really that into the cute wacky cartoons type stuff as people make them out to be. Just try playing any mainstream fps game on Xbox live and you will see what I mean....
  2. Did it ever say anywhere though that the movie's target audience was specifically to kids? Even so I would prefer a cop that might actually have some degree of influence and benefit to Sonic as a foothold into the human world than just some random kid who literally can't do anything significant outside of his own subplot. But yeah, unnecessary human main character/ers again. To be honest though I would have expect that more from Hollywood than from literally anywhere else. To me it will all depend on how much time actually goes into the Sonic aspects and how much time is wasted on the obligatory human only parts.
  3. Actually the teeth didn't look as bad to me when you see the video actually in motion but yeah I definitely would have preferred sharp SA1 teeth to Ken Penders esc human teeth. Also, they probably should have given him gloves.
  4. I am going to give this thing a fair chance but I definitely can see this turning out to be pretty bad. I am still waiting on hearing what Sonic's new voice will sound like among other things. Hopefully it sounds more like some of the previous Sonic voices than the current one.
  5. A whole host of reasons really. First off, the original soundtrack was replaced in the English version for some reason, and I don't just mean the songs that have Japanese lyrics, I mean the entire soundtrack. This is unfortunate because most of the Japanese instrumental songs are just better and much more memorable than most of the English ones. The dialog is more nuanced and fits the stories better. (I remember having a lot of parts in the English version that left me outright confused but made much more sense after watching the subbed Japanese versions) This is in part due to the absurd amount of censorship and unnecessary changes 4kids decided to make. One of the worst examples of this is in the Molly episode where they actually cut out a character death completely and tried to act like that character was going to come back in another episode or something. And then there is just an enumerable amount of small dumb things like removing text and replacing gun sounds and wine bottles.
  6. Those look nice. I wonder if it will be possible to recreate some of the special karts you could unlock in SA2B for getting all of the A ranks with certain characters.
  7. I can't be the only who has noticed that a lot of Shadow's current models have scratches/paint chipping off the bottom of his shoes.
  8. Some of the tiles and markings in Sandopolis Zone (S3&K) look very similar to ones that appear later in the pyramid levels from SA2.
  9. Really liking the soundtrack from this game so far. Not so sure about that team mechanic though.
  10. Glad we are finally seeing some unique stage picks for a change. I am not against going back to old stages or anything. I would just like to see some more ones like this that haven't been used in a while.
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