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  1. The final Season was shot in Japanese first just like the other seasons were. It is not dubbed. If you watch videos of it online though there are french subtitles underneath the added english ones.
  2. But Season 3 is already in Japanese, it just never got released in Japan....
  3. I don't think being able to roll or not should be this be all end all thing for Sonic characters. Rolling is Sonic's trademark ability and I think making every character able to do that just as well as he does cheapens it. Plus it encourages Sonic Team to just make other playable characters just reskins of Sonic, which to me is just boring. A solution to the momentum problem would be to allow other characters to use their attacks without slowing down so much. The non rolling abilities just need to be buffed.
  4. Unleashed did have a bigger budget. That being said I am really starting to get sick of the "Its a budget game" defense. Its a major anniversary title, and all we have been getting in this era are budget games. I don't know why its so hard for Sega to give some funding for their own mascot game series every once in awhile. I didn't say people wanted the characters to be bad, I meant that nobody wanted them in the first place so nobody cared if they were good or not. I can see people not wanting said characters to return though which could be thought of as "wanting them to be bad". Of course in the end we got the best of both as Zavok and the D6 are both terrible and have also returned in every Modern game and spinoff since their inception. Often times appearing in games with a limited cast meant to consist of "fan-favorites". Iizuka seems to have developed a weird stubbornness about insisting that his largely unpopular one off additions are "staples" after only appearing in one game. Even (especially) when they are obviously meant to be one off gimmicks and clearly tie themselves to their own native games. (Eg wisps randomly appearing on places other than Planet Wisp, and Zavok abandoning Lost Hex and the rest of the D6 to be Eggman's henchman in TSR) It would be similar if Iizuka had the Black Arms suddenly start appearing in the stages of games other than Shadow the Hedgehog with no reason or reference to them in the plot. It doesn't make any sense. This is kind of a tangent now but the point is people might want certain new characters to be bad so that they are less likely to be an eyesore in future games, but now for some reason they end up becoming staples anyway, and the one character that might of had some potential appears to have been discarded, Due to negative fan feedback I presume. (as if anybody knows what Sonic Team is thinking nowadays). They ignore the fact that most of the criticism comes from people who are lamenting his failure and from him not living up to the hype.
  5. Jason Griffith and Ryan Drummond hands down. (They are both equally good in their own way). Roger might be a good actor in other games but I just can't stand his voice as Sonic. I think the reason a lot of people still refer to him as new is because even after ten years they haven't gotten used to him yet. I remember when I first got Colors as a kid I actually thought it was a bootleg version because of Sonic's voice. I don't think there is any other case where an animated character's voice was changed so suddenly and so drastically. When other series have a major casting change like this its usually following a large hiatus or a reboot of some kind. 2009 was full time Jason Sonic then suddenly its Roger Sonic the following year. It baffles me because Black Knight was one of Jason's best performance wise. All the other voices in the new cast you can at least tell are TRYING to sound like their old voices. I think part of the problem is that the predominantly Japanese speaking Sonic Team just doesn't really give a shit about the english voice acting.
  6. That explains some of it then, but it still leaves them two whole years. Sonic Unleashed also needed a new game engine but that game only had two years to be developed instead of four, and it still looks better than Forces does (in 2008), and remains the most ambitious of the boost games. His design is indeed good. I think that's why a lot of people were so disappointed in him. It overhyped him basically. People complain about Infinite a lot because they wanted him to be good. Nobody expected (or wanted) Zavok or Lyric to be good so there is not as much backlash. And yes I did say 2017 was a better year than 2013 and 2014 were, didn't I? It is possible he can be salvaged if they can come up with a more finished backstory for Infinite in a future game that justifies his motives better. Since its Sonic Team though it is quite likely that we will never see him again.
  7. Its funny that people are complaining about this now when back in 06 everyone was complaining that Eggman was too serious. The movie does seems to be hitting on the low side of pg13 though, which I guess is to be expected at this point. Hopefully they don't make it into too much of a kids movie though. I think part of it is just them wanting to step back and laugh at themselves a little after having come back from the previous trailer. Good effort though, hopefully the silliness doesn't saturate the film or undermine the serious scenes.
  8. But the game itself was even more watered down than the boost games, and the serious elements felt forced and out of place with the current art-style and voice cast. It honestly feels a bit like those clickbait youtube videos that pop up everywhere. "Look at this trailer its got this powerful new villain and look at all these random fan favorites that will be returning! Oh and your character here!" And then you actually play the game and all of the villains Sonic has to fight are soulless copies, if he even fights them at all. (Chaos boss battle anyone? Not even a Shadow boss battle? Then why even show them in the first place?) And infinite himself has practically no goals or backstory to speak of, and he isn't even a final boss. He just leaves quietly before the end of the game, and his conflict with Shadow is never resolved. (Also gotta love how his "squad" is never even shown in episode Shadow, as you just slide down a waterslide with helpless motobugs for the entire stage). It feels like these elements are all just tacked on to make the game look interesting from an outside perspective, but in reality none of the things that it promises are actually there (or they are just afterthoughts), and the game ends up being just another colors/lostworld style of game in disguise. (A particularly watered down one at that) As to whether this was the intent or not is hard to say, but I find it hard to believe that they were cutting out tons of content to meet a deadline given that the game took four full years to be developed as it is.
  9. 2012 - 2016. Lost World sucked, there were too few mainline games, and then there was that one period in 2014 where it looked like Boom Sonic was going to be the future of the franchise. I personally would extend this period further both into the past and the present, but Mania was quite good and Generations had some great content if you ignored the story and take mods into account (the game on its own was fine but it was too short). If I had to pick another worst period it would be 1995 - 1998. Almost nothing noteworthy or good from Sonic in that time period. Its especially jarring considering that in the previous four years there was a major title every single year, with each one improving on the last in some way.
  10. Looks like you are gonna have to throw out Sonic 1 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles as well since both of those games have stages with realistic environments that, directly or indirectly, inspired many of the stages from the Adventure games, which in turn inspired 06. The problem with Lost World's art style is that it has no detail or originality. If you took Sonic's model out of the game stages like Desert Ruin and Tropical Coast would be indistinguishable from Mario levels. Even the giant caterkiller bots look the same. Sonic has always had elements of realism that distinguished him from all the other cookie cutter platform games from his era. His design doesn't restrict what sorts of environments he can be in. Besides, its not the lack of city stages or humans that bothers me, its the bland details and lack of effort. You can still have fantastical fiction type environments and have detail. As long as its not literally just floating doughnuts in the sky that is. I for one like this new redesign. It could do without the blue arms but honestly that feels like nitpicking given what we had to start with. That doesn't mean that the movie will be good or anything, but I am impressed that they were able to implement such a drastic change in such a short time frame. Purely because of fan feedback mind you. When was the last time Hollywood CHANGED one of their movies mid production for its fanbase?
  11. You mean faster compared to her appearances in the other games? Because she is still the slowest speed character in the game in terms of both speed and boost which IMO are the most important stats given that the tracks are usually wide with relatively gentle corners compared to previous games. Yes you can upgrade those stats, but other speed characters with upgraded stats will have them increased by the same amount so they will still be faster. In practice I guess that it is not that important outside of time trials though since AI use rubber banding and online has no players.
  12. You mean stats wise or the actual ascetics? because The ascetics can be changed significantly. The stats can be changed too but the changes are not unique to each car, so yeah you can upgrade her speed but any other speed character who also has a speed upgrade will still have an advantage. For me Metal Sonic is the most disappointing stats wise. Less speed but more handling? excuse me but WHAT? Amy is usually a slower speed character, so having more balanced stats for her makes sense, but Metal Sonic's design just screams "Boost". I have no clue why they thought being made of METAL gives you better handling. Metal Sonic should have had LESS handling and lower base stats overall but higher boost. Take Sonic R for example, he has a higher top speed than Sonic but is worse at everything else (especially acceleration and handling). It makes sense because Metal Sonic was designed to put speed above all else so he could compete with Sonic, but being a machine instead of "a natural" means he has less "finesse" if you will. I don't know what they were smoking when they thought Metal Sonic should get more handling than the standard speed characters, or that Big and Zavok should have higher speed stats than Knuckles.
  13. Lost World PC: The snowball level. I had already beaten the game on WII U but I got so frustrated with the game when I replayed it on PC I uninstalled. (10% because of difficulty, 90% because of Roger's infuriating death clips alongside the stupid happy music and Zeena constantly saying the same thing over and over again)
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