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  1. None of the 3D Sonic games hold up. i used to love SA/SA2 but I played them both again the last couple days and they play like garbage now Sonic Colors and Generations were ok at launch but after replaying them recently they just aren’t very good games. The only games generally well regarded to this day by most critics and fans are Sonic1, Sonic2, Sonic3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic CD and Sonic Mania. This tells us 2 things.. 1) Firstly Sonic just does not work in 3D like Mario does. Either the games are complete garbage to begin with (Sonic 06, Boom, Unleashed, Heroes, Shadow) or they were seen as ok on release but years later are just poor/don’t hold up anymore (SA, SA2, Colors, Generations) Sega should give up making 3D Sonic games and just stick to 2D games. 2) It’s clear that Sonic Team can’t make good Sonic games. Back in the Megadrive days the original Sonic Team were amazing but now the current staff are pitiful and can’t make a good game. Conclusion... Christian Whitehead and his team should be given complete control of Sonic as they are the only ones that can make a great Sonic game since the Megadrive games. Sonic games should stick to 2D only as 3D either doesn’t work at all or ages badly for Sonic. Sonic Team should be disbanded as they produce nothing but garbage or games that don’t age well. By disbanding Sonic Team, Sega can afford to pay Christian Whiteheads studio more money for future development.
  2. When I was referring to basics I was referring to just focusing on the 4 hero characters of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy instead of shoving all the extended friends in giving no space or time for any real character development. In regards to Eggman I just thought it would be a cool change just to give him a small break for now and just focus on a new villain for a change that’s not just a monster awoken from a deep sleep/robot created by Eggman.
  3. I have just come to the realisation that as much as I like Eggman that I’m just so bored of him now. He’s the instigator of all the trouble in every game and I just feel the series would become fresher if it took a different route when it comes to a villain. I feel a good idea to freshen up the series in general and remove the dead weight as it were would be for the next 2-3 games to just have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy as the only playable heroes! With just 4 characters to focus on you could really spend time on some real character development and not worry about dozens of other side characters (Chaotix, Silver, Cream, Rouge, Omega, Big) etc. Build upon the groundwork Sonic Adventure laid with Tails and Amy becoming more strong and independent unlike the awful way Tails was depicted in Sonic Forces as a coward. With Knuckles he could discover more about his background/origins of his people/the Master Enerald, why he is the only surviving Echidna (is he?) The new game could start with Sonic, Tails and Amy all being off on their own adventures whilst Knuckles is on his own quest to discover more about his past in the Mystic Ruins. As the story develops they can all be brought together to face a common enemy. I’m not saying never use any of the other characters or Eggman again! I just feel that if Sonic Team just went back to basics for a couple of games, brought in a fresh new villain and focused on proper character development for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy it would feel like a fresh start to the series.
  4. Let’s face it, Takashi Iizuka just isn’t a good head of Sonic Team. He seems to have lost the magic/talent he had when he worked on the older Megadrive/Sonic Adventure games. Takashi actually looked at games like Lost World and Sonic Forces and thought to himself ‘yeah... those games are good enough to release on store shelves!’ Sonic Mania was great but Sonic Team had nothing to do with that. i mean Takashi/Sonic Team shat out Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces... Sonic Team just don’t have the talent to make good 3D games anymore! It looks like they lost all the decent members that left Sonic Team after Sonic Generations released. Maybe Sega should fire Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with all new talented/passionate staff with exciting fresh new ideas to move 3D Sonic forward. Either that or just give up 3D Sonic completely if the current Sonic Team can only produce 3D garbage. Just let Christian Whitehead make Sonic Mania sequels.
  5. I seem to be the only person on this forum that likes the stories from SA1, SA2 and Sonic Unleashed lol. So should Sonic Team just do a Nintendo and scrap storylines altogether in 3D games? Or just hire better writers? maybe get the IDW writers on the project?
  6. Mario 64 = Princess gets kidnapped, that’s it. Sonic Adventure = a storyline split between 6 character perspectives, an interesting look into the past to see what happened to Knuckles people as well as a kickass final fight against Perfect Chaos. Super Mario Sunshine = Mario goes on holiday and gets framed by a clone so has to clean up the town. Sonic Adventure 2 = Like Mario, Sonic gets framed as well but again, I just find the story more interesting with 6 different character perspectives, the whole mystery revolving Shadow and what the ultimate life form really is. For me the whole final chapter in SA2 where you discover the past with Gerald descending into madness and Maria’s murder caught me off guard and I liked the fact the story was serious but not overly serious. Plus the ending where we thought Shadow had died really stuck in my mind for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mario games (although I really dislike Sunshine) and I get critics may like Mario games more for the gameplay but can’t understand why they are so critical of storylines for the games for Sonic and Mario storylines are often praised.
  7. I like to think that Sonic X and the Sonic OVA are canon because they are the only animated series to be produced by Yuji Naka and Sonic Team. I can understand why AOSTH, SATAM, Underground and Boom would all be considered non canon because they are all American productions with no input from Sonic Team. Plus I like to think of X as canon as it does adapt the stories from Adventure 1 and 2 and at least explains how Sonic and everyone ended up alongside humans. Also the Metarex saga could have been a Sonic Adventure 3! Instead of a quest to save Earth it would have been a quest across space/different worlds for the emeralds with the expected final boss fight with Super Sonic and Super Shadow fighting Dark Oak. instead of a biplane shooter mini game you got in Sonic Adventure/Sonic Unleashed it would have been a space shooter instead taking down Metarex ships. How cool would it have been to take down huge space ships with chaos blasts like Shadow did when Molly was killed! lots of playable characters you could have like the adventure games as part of the story (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Chaotix) etc Guessing most will disagree/hate my opinions lol but just thought I would get it out there regardless.
  8. Who thinks Paramount should just put this straight on Netflix and skip on a cinematic release. It wouldn’t be a first time a film ends up going straight to a Netflix release. Think about it.. a bad film that gets released on Netflix gets laughed at but quickly forgotten about. Being Netflix only gives a film a slight obscurity. A bad film that gets a cinematic release...not only will the film get annihilated my critics and be seriously mocked by the general public but it will also be a huge financial disaster. Let’s face it, people are willing to watch a bad movie for free illegally or on a subscription service like Netflix because it’s not costing you anything! You can watch lots of good films with your Netflix account and you are getting your money’s worth. Buying an expensive cinema ticket to just see this film? I just don’t see many people paying that much to watch something bad. I just think that financially it makes more sense to put the Sonic Movie on Netflix so Paramount can get some profits back but will also avoid the huge financial flop this film is gonna turn out to be. Plus a bad Netflix film won’t damage Sonics reputation as badly as a bad cinematic release where every critic under the sun is gonna give this 1/5 stars.
  9. Great.... not only is Sonic the laughing stock and ridicule of the gaming industry but he is also that in the film industry. lets face it... Sega and Paramount have put the final nails in Sonic’s coffin. I urge EVERYONE to vote with their wallets and not go and see this movie. Don’t give Paramount a single pound/dollar towards this garbage. We need to make sure it’s a complete failure otherwise it could mean a dreaded sequel. Honestly Paramount should skip a theatrical release and just put it straight to Netflix. At least a bad Netflix movie will be forgotten about quicker than a bad cinema released movie.
  10. I love Sonic and Star Wars and always notice people saying the Sonic franchise has plenty of low points (O6, Shadow, Boom, the upcoming movie) but frankly the Star Wars franchise has just as many low points as Sonic has Episode 1 : Dreadful... as soon as Jar Jar appeared Star Wars became a laughing stock, a total embarrassment. Episode 2: Awful but slightly better than Episode 1 in the fact there was hardly any Jar Jar. Although Anakin’s awful romantic dialogue with Padme nearly made me want to vomit. The script seemed to be written by a 5 year old. Episode 3: This one was okay. Episode 7: what a disappointment.. Now I’m not one of these people that call Rey a Mary Sue or anything. My problem is I find the characters of Rey and Finn to just be... boring and fairly uninteresting. Nothing about them stands out to me. Kylo Ren was just a huge crybaby throwing temper tantrums and they killed off Han Solo. Episode 8: Dreadful... I’m not surprised so many people hate this film. I can’t find anything redeeming about it. No wonder Mark Hamill was so negative about the portrayal of Luke on social media. I hope like how Sonic occasionally gets redeemed with a good game like Sonic Generations or Sonic Mania that Star Wars gets redeemed with Episode 9. Growing up I loved the original Star Wars Trilogy and the Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3& Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 1&2. painful sometimes to see how much these franchises have dropped in quality. I do feel the Sonic Movie will really damage the franchise though. Let’s face it, Sonic is a laughing stock in the gaming community and he will be in the movie community too. i feel the damage to the Sonic brand will be worse than with other bad movies based on games like Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc because those are all still popular franchises that often get well reviewed by the gaming press so they are not laughing stocks like Sonic is.
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