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  1. Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog) Snively (Sonic The Hedgehog) Sleet and Dingo (Sonic Underground) Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun (Sonic X) Orbot and Cubot (Sonic Boom) I have a soft spot for Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts as I grew up on that cartoon. I can’t decide what order I would place the others though. What order would you place them in best to worst?
  2. Gerald was a genius and worked to benefit mankind. Now the story the government publicly revealed was that there was an ‘accident’ on the Ark. the real truth about the GUN soldiers murdering Maria and Gerald’s Imprisonment/falling into insanity/execution was all kept out of the public knowledge. So why would Eggman who looked up to and admired his Grandfather.. even calling him his hero decided to act in the complete opposite way of him? Now if it was public knowledge of Maria’s murder and Gerald’s imprisonment/execution by GUN then I could understand Eggman being evil in revenge for what happened to his Grandfather. However because of the official story being a tragic accident, does anyone have any good theories as to what would make Eggman be evil when the man he admired and regarded as a hero was working to benefit humanity. On a side note, I’m curious what Eggman’s relationship was with his parents. We know he admired Gerald but has never mentioned his parents. I’m guessing either: 1) He had a bad relationship with them or 2) They were just normal average people without the genius IQ of himself or his Grandfather so he looks down upon them and considers them insignificant. Looking forward to reading people’s ideas/theories regarding why Eggman became evil when his Grandfather was a good man and theories about his parents.
  3. To be fair, most of the DC animated movies that get released straight to DVD/Blu Ray get very good reviews and are often well liked by fans compared to the majority of DC’s inconsistent cinematic move output.
  4. Hmmm I wonder how different the contents were of these compared to the original UK comics?? I also wonder how long they lasted? would be cool to add some of these variants to the collection (I have the complete UK collection) but have never seen any of these country variants listed on EBay 😟
  5. This is unlikely to ever happen as Knuckles/Robotnik/Shadow are not as big and recognisable as Sonic. However, someone on YouTube mentioned it would be cool that if the Sonic sequel does very well that what if Paramount decided to go the route DC does with it’s straight to DVD/Blu Ray animated movies for characters like Knuckles and Shadow. It would cost Paramount a lot less money and would give different characters a chance to shine. How would everyone feel about straight to DVD/Blu-Ray animated features for characters like Knuckles and Shadow?
  6. 71% Fresh rating now and is beating Detective Pikachu which is at 69% 😜 SEGA does what Nintendon’t. I also love how it has a higher rating than Star Wars Episode 9 (52% rotten)😂
  7. Now has a 70% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score with 43 fresh reviews and 18 rotten reviews.
  8. Rotten Tomatoes current score is 61%!! 19 fresh reviews and 12 rotten reviews Damn.. 61% is a crap score. Then again, most of us expected this film to be trash anyway.
  9. So this is predicted to only open at around $40 million in the US? There’s only one word that comes to mind... FLOP. Paramount are gonna lose out big time on this! Especially as the budget is around $90 million. Once the opening weekend passes and all the negative reviews come out, nobody will want to see it. This film will be a complete flop in Japan because he has never been popular there anyway. I don’t see it making £50 million in the UK/rest of Europe to even break even. I work at a Vue cinema here in the UK and guess how many tickets have been pre-booked for opening night on 14th Feb... 2 tickets! Sorry but in this day and age, $40 million opening for a movie is a failure.
  10. When I was referring to basics I was referring to just focusing on the 4 hero characters of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy instead of shoving all the extended friends in giving no space or time for any real character development. In regards to Eggman I just thought it would be a cool change just to give him a small break for now and just focus on a new villain for a change that’s not just a monster awoken from a deep sleep/robot created by Eggman.
  11. I have just come to the realisation that as much as I like Eggman that I’m just so bored of him now. He’s the instigator of all the trouble in every game and I just feel the series would become fresher if it took a different route when it comes to a villain. I feel a good idea to freshen up the series in general and remove the dead weight as it were would be for the next 2-3 games to just have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy as the only playable heroes! With just 4 characters to focus on you could really spend time on some real character development and not worry about dozens of other side characters (Chaotix, Silver, Cream, Rouge, Omega, Big) etc. Build upon the groundwork Sonic Adventure laid with Tails and Amy becoming more strong and independent unlike the awful way Tails was depicted in Sonic Forces as a coward. With Knuckles he could discover more about his background/origins of his people/the Master Enerald, why he is the only surviving Echidna (is he?) The new game could start with Sonic, Tails and Amy all being off on their own adventures whilst Knuckles is on his own quest to discover more about his past in the Mystic Ruins. As the story develops they can all be brought together to face a common enemy. I’m not saying never use any of the other characters or Eggman again! I just feel that if Sonic Team just went back to basics for a couple of games, brought in a fresh new villain and focused on proper character development for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy it would feel like a fresh start to the series.
  12. Let’s face it, Takashi Iizuka just isn’t a good head of Sonic Team. He seems to have lost the magic/talent he had when he worked on the older Megadrive/Sonic Adventure games. Takashi actually looked at games like Lost World and Sonic Forces and thought to himself ‘yeah... those games are good enough to release on store shelves!’ Sonic Mania was great but Sonic Team had nothing to do with that. i mean Takashi/Sonic Team shat out Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces... Sonic Team just don’t have the talent to make good 3D games anymore! It looks like they lost all the decent members that left Sonic Team after Sonic Generations released. Maybe Sega should fire Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with all new talented/passionate staff with exciting fresh new ideas to move 3D Sonic forward. Either that or just give up 3D Sonic completely if the current Sonic Team can only produce 3D garbage. Just let Christian Whitehead make Sonic Mania sequels.
  13. I seem to be the only person on this forum that likes the stories from SA1, SA2 and Sonic Unleashed lol. So should Sonic Team just do a Nintendo and scrap storylines altogether in 3D games? Or just hire better writers? maybe get the IDW writers on the project?
  14. I like to think that Sonic X and the Sonic OVA are canon because they are the only animated series to be produced by Yuji Naka and Sonic Team. I can understand why AOSTH, SATAM, Underground and Boom would all be considered non canon because they are all American productions with no input from Sonic Team. Plus I like to think of X as canon as it does adapt the stories from Adventure 1 and 2 and at least explains how Sonic and everyone ended up alongside humans. Also the Metarex saga could have been a Sonic Adventure 3! Instead of a quest to save Earth it would have been a quest across space/different worlds for the emeralds with the expected final boss fight with Super Sonic and Super Shadow fighting Dark Oak. instead of a biplane shooter mini game you got in Sonic Adventure/Sonic Unleashed it would have been a space shooter instead taking down Metarex ships. How cool would it have been to take down huge space ships with chaos blasts like Shadow did when Molly was killed! lots of playable characters you could have like the adventure games as part of the story (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Chaotix) etc Guessing most will disagree/hate my opinions lol but just thought I would get it out there regardless.
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