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  1. If all we are getting in the collection is Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles that is pretty poor. Sega put more games into their Mega Collections and Gems Collections as well as extras like videos/comic cover galleries etc. Look at their Megadrive Collections on PS4/Switch/Xbox with 40+ games! There is NO reason for Sega not to put at least 30-40 games in this collection like they do the Megadrive collections! they could easily put in all 12 Game Gear games, Sonic 3D, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Fighters, Sonic R, SegaSonic Arcade Game and still have room on a Blu-Disc for other games like Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 etc.
  2. Zippo lied! He said the collection would have rare games like Sonic R and Pocket Adventure... NOPE He said a new 2D game was coming.. NOPE He said a new 3D game wouldn’t be boost.. clearly in the trailer there are wisps and he is boosting so.. LIES again
  3. Yep I have heard several times that Forces was always meant to have originally been a spin-off set in Sonic’s Universe like Tails Adventure, Tails Skypatrol, Knuckles Chaotix and Shadow The Hedgehog. However Sega/Sonic Team probably decided to later brand it as a Sonic game as they probably didn’t have faith that sales figures would be especially high for a spin-off in the Sonic universe where you play a non established character.
  4. SpeedSuperSonic just released a pure clickbait video saying Sonic WILL be at E3! click on it and then he’s like ‘Sega have confirmed to be at E3 so there’s a chance Sonic MIGHT be” Not only is clickbait bad enough but myself and a couple other commenters respectfully said that clickbait is not a good thing and people won’t appreciate it being deceived. What does he do? He removes all comments from people saying they don’t like clickbait. Sorry but when you are clickbaiting and can’t even except criticism without deleting it like a cowardly child, then I’ll no longer subscribe. As bad as Premy can be with clickbait, at least he doesn’t delete comments and responds to people in a respectful manner. Stick to AceCardGaming and Sam Procrastinates! At least they produce good content and aren’t afraid of constructive criticism.
  5. Shadow & Amy Metal Sonic & Amy more of Knuckles & Rouge together
  6. These YouTube channels seem to be the most consistent with Sonic content but how would you rank them from your personal favourite to least favourite? SpeedSuperSonic Premydaremy GamerGuyd7Aces RidersDX Sam Procrastinates Ace Card Gaming I would rank them: 1) Ace Card Gaming (he mainly does reviews and lots of interesting videos looking at all the characters and storylines in the Sonic Universe through games, comics, animation etc. He also gets points for not creating clickbait videos) 2) SpeedSuperSonic (very charismatic and does livestreams as well as news/discussion/rumour videos. Also does videos on merchandise which is cool) 3) Sam Procrastinates (mainly covers Sonic news and does Let’s Plays but he’s quite a friendly enthusiastic guy) 4)RidersDX (mostly discussion videos and livestreams. He seems ok but haven’t seen lots of his content yet) 5) Premydaremy (I don’t hate his content but he often comes across extremely jaded and unenthusiastic which makes a lot of his videos a slog to get through. Doesn’t have the enthusiasm of some of the previous I mentioned. 6) GamerGuyd7Aces (Definitely my choice for worst when it comes to clickbait. Rarely any of this guys video predictions ever come true)
  7. I like Mario 64 (played it on N64 and been playing it again on the 3D All-Stars Collection on Switch) but for me Sonic Adventure 2 is more fun to play.
  8. 100% disagree in the Japanese Sonic X being shit! I really enjoyed it and the series appears to be well regarded my many as one of the most popular animated series of Sonic next to Satam and the OVA. Sonic Boom was well received too but I personally prefer Sonic animated series to be more action based (Sonic X, Satam, OVA) over pure comedy shows like AOSTH or Sonic Boom.
  9. We all know Sega are holding back on showing off the new game without a big event to get the fans excited! I mean it was meant to be revealed early this year until COVID came along. Problem is it’s impossible for Sega to organise a large exciting event for Sonic fans during this pandemic and COVID is not going away anytime soon! (We will still probably be in the same situation by Summer/Autumn next year) Thst doesn’t give Sega much time to organise an event for fans before releasing the game. Two plus points to delaying until 2022 1. Gives Sega a few more months of development and playtesting time 2. It would launch the same year as the second movie! That would be an awesome double whammy year for Sonic fans.
  10. The only 2 games that came out in 2015 were Sonic Runners and Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom. Maybe we are getting a Sonic Runners 2 for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary! Would be cheap and easy for Sega to make.
  11. That’s interesting! I never read the strategy guide. so so you think Knuckles really is the last of his kind or do you think there may still be a few Echidna’s scattered around? It also brings up the question of where Knuckles parents are?
  12. https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Knuckles_Clan according to this, the Knuckles clan existed over 4,000 years ago and were wiped out by Chaos. Firstly I understand there are no set answers to these questions until Sega officially answers them in the official game canon. However, I would like to see people’s theories on the following questions to spark up an interesting discussion. 1) How is it that 4,000 years later that Knuckles is somehow alive and is the last of his kind? How how could he be alive thousands of years after his race was wiped out? 2) If somehow a few Echidnas survived throughout those thousands of years (even though Chaos had apparently wiped them all out) what happened to those survivors as well as his parents now in the present day as none are to be found anywhere? 3) Did Knuckles parents teach Knuckles how to be the new guardian of the Master Emerald? or was it somehow a natural instinct? 4) Why is Knuckles so sure he is the last of his kind? Is it because he has never seen another Echidna? Did his parents or guardians tell him he was the last? If he has never seen another of his race, how was he even born and raised? Pretty sure a baby unprotected would not survive predators and the elements. 5) Why is Knuckles even the guardian in the first place? The Master Emerald is connected to and belongs to Chaos. The Master Emerald never belonged to the Echidna’s which is why they went to steal it. So why would it even be Knuckles responsibly to protect it? I know Sonic Chronicles went into different clans but that game was from BioWare and is not canon so I’m afraid it doesn’t count. im just looking for possible theories that could be canon if Sega ever decided to answer them in a future game.
  13. The chaos emeralds haven’t been mentioned or used in Sonic Lost World and especially in Sonic Forces. People mainly seem to bring up the fact that it’s a little stupid that with the world having been taken over that the Resistance wouldn’t work on tracking down the chaos emeralds as leverage. Yes only hedgehogs can go super form and Sonic was in prison and Infinite had managed to get Shadow out of the way for a while but what about Silver!? He was around with the Resistance and he could have turned super form if they found all the emeralds. Plus even with Sonic and Shadow our of the scene for the time being, having the Chaos Emeralds would still be a good thing to have for the future. Also what about the Master Emerald? Surely Knuckles would be guarding that? But no instead he is leading the Resistance and doesn’t mention the Master Emerald or his island once. Two possibilities 1) Just a rushed game and Sonic Team forgot about the Emeralds 2) Maybe Sonic Team have decided to remove the Emeralds from 3D canon and decided to leave the Emeralds for just the 2D games. How would everyone feel if Sonic Team decided to drop the Chaos Emeralds from the 3D games?
  14. Sega are scheduled to stream on the 25th as part of their 60th Anniversary Celebration. They are meant to be showing upcoming titles releases this fall but so you think they will show a teaser trailer for the new games as well? Or do you think Sega will reveal no information/trailers of the upcoming games until 2021?
  15. I’m sure you all know now but Nintendo confirmed a Mario 3D All-Stars is being released this month on Switch and contains Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy! All 3 are remastered with better graphics, smoother gameplay/performance and a added music player mode to listen to all the soundtracks. Sega has released several 2D collections in the past and another collection won’t happen with the Sonic 3 legal issues. I think a Remastered 3D collection is long overdue with enhanced graphics, improved cameras and performance. How about a Remastered compilation of: Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Heroes Sonic Unleashed Sonic Colors Sonic Generations Leaving out spinoffs like Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic Boom Leaving out Sonic 06 as even if the game was vastly improved, it’s reputation is just too negative for a re-release.
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