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  1. It is a truly interesting switch to go from reading the newer IDW series, which is completely polished with a set storyline rather than various overarching plots that cause it to become confusing. I myself need to read more of the Archie Sonic storyline, but I've heard many a tale about how crazy the plot can get and how OOC many of the characters act. Ken Penders was the catalyst that ruined Archie Sonic, no doubt about that. The only character I liked of his was Scourge.
  2. They are definitely still going to incorporate the boost engine, as it has been a staple for the last couple of games. Based on how well they considered Forces went, they may try to incorporate more 'edgy' elements in their future games, but hopefully in a better way and not try to make the game seem too grim and serious. What would be really interesting is if they incorporate newer characters from the IDW series, such as Tangle and Whisper, into a future game.
  3. James Marsden has been in a film with a CGI character before. Hop. It was met with terrible reviews by critics, but that doesn't mean James didn't improve his acting in the years to come for Sonic. I believe that was James's first CGI-incorporated film, so by now he should be well-versed on how to relay lines and portray the character he is meant to portray efficiently. That being said, will he be a good sidekick to Sonic? Possibly. We won't know until the trailer is released. But until then, we have to be hopeful that everyone involved is true to the character and will represent Sonic well.
  4. I can understand the small-town cop getting involved. Kinda like an alien-esque movie where in a small country town they discover an alien or something like that. The plot sort of reminded me a bit of E.T. and I feel that was not a good move for Paramount. Sonic, like said above, would be OOC if he just hopped in Tom's car and let him drive him to retrieve the rings. Sonic, in-character, would have went to get them himself, like the above says. It's just..forced. Hopefully the trailer will fix our assumptions about the movie.
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