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  1. Thank you! Yeah, he's definitely over-using tools for certain aspects. I think I know what you mean here. It's like in traditional art when you color in a sketch, but don't ink it, but then erase your pencil lines... the whole piece of art looks off. You need your inked lines in comic art to make it pop, but yeah he definitely erased his sketch lines and didn't do any inking or black-lining.
  2. I agree with this because I believe that evil or mirror characters are not OC's because they're literally the character, just evil or good. Their personalities are twisted, but generally the same. In essence Evil Sonic is a more malicious version of Sonic's character flaws. He's overly cocky and is selfish where Sonic keeps his lesser traits in balance with his good ones. The Issue with Scourge stating it would take one bad day for Sonic to end up like him is a good example of this point where in opposition the reverse is true of Scourge. It's basically the balance nature rule that there can't be ultimate good without ultimate evil. Mobius being the prime and Moebius being the mirror where everything is opposite. Having an opposite or mirror reality is not a new concept and shouldn't be treated as an OC idea by Penders. However, he won't admit this fact and keep claim over characters he shouldn't have in the first place over some twisted pettiness that suits his own ill-fated comic book which will never see the light of day. The problem with Penders stems from the fact that he had free reign for way too long and when his ideas were suddenly questioned it sent him on a downward spiral. The entire situation could've definitely been handled better on all sides.
  3. I just feel the issue with Penders is that his superior ego was let to go so long. He had no one to reign him in and he thinks that the comics did so well because of him and him alone. Eww. The comics did decent because kids wanted Sonic material, not for writing. I just can't with that guy.
  4. To be perfectly frank all of these characters have voice actors and those are the ones who should play them. The Rock, as much as I love him as an actor and a wrestler, would not be a good fit for Knuckles. He has a voice already. Same for Tails, Amy, Shadow and even Sonic. I was not pleased with yet another voice for Sonic when Roger is the current voice and what I hear when I look at Sonic. Just like I hear David or Kirk when I look at Shadow, Travis for Knux and so on. No, the Rock could play someone else.... Perhaps the President since that was the bit... But not Knuckles or any of the game cast. Please no. Respectfully no.
  5. He owns Scourge on a technicality since the base for the character is Evil Sonic... Still pretty of him, really.
  6. "Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's idealised self image and attributes. This includes self-flattery, perfectionism, and arrogance. " Here's what I'm looking for. I had to look it up, it was bugging me.
  7. He constantly lies about everything just to justify his story, his writing, and his very bad personality. He's never accountable for everything. There is a term for that, but I can't remember it.
  8. This is why I say that Scourge doesn't belong to Penders, he belongs to SEGA and Archie still. Ian created Scourge. Ian is the one that made Scourge likable, made him not just another evil clone and actually made a villian out of him. The problem with Evil Sonic was he just was evil, just because. It was in his name that he was opposite of Sonic himself. Ian basically created Scourge and made it so he was his own person, gave him a personality. Because of that, Scourge is one of my favorite villians. He works well with the story and actually does something for it. Penders can't take it that other people write better than him, he's that petty. I really don't ever think that LSC is going to be finished in any capacity just because he can't stop trying to keep relevant in social media and thinking that he's the ultimate Sonic Guru when truthfully the comics didn't start getting good or interesting until after he left and Ian took over. I did have some of the older comics of his and they were pretty bad. Also, it still boggles me why he renamed Sonic Olgilvie Maurice? WTF?
  9. So, I saw the movie on opening night (Friday 14th) and it was an enjoyable experience. Two things still boggle me though. Why they picked yet another person to play Sonic when he already has a voice actor. 2) Why they picked Jim Carrey for Eggman when he just doesn't fit. But, it was fun and I'm definitely watching it more.
  10. Or just scrap the whole LSC book because we all know it's a bunch of Knuckles clones. I mean, he's just petty because someone wrote his characters better. How long has LSC been in development now? If it wasn't coming out then, it's definitely not coming out now. He really needs to just drop it and give back what he stole because, in essence, he did steal. I don't care what the lawsuit said, he was working under contract for a known property and it states in any contract, unless specified, that any character(s) you create belong to said property. Even I know that. The case should've been thrown out.
  11. So, this ad that launched on PUMA's story for Instagram was very misleading into thinking that we were going to get Sonic's actual shoes. Several people commented that the release date was going to be the 7th, (tomorrow). I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this just dropped from the Japanese PUMA website, and it shows these RS-X3's recently listed. The release date is 2/7. https://jp.puma.com/jp/ja/pd/puma-x-sonic-rs-x3-color-スニーカー/373427.html?dwvar_373427_color=01 So, these are the shoes we're officially getting. Not Sonic's, not the ones that I, and I'm sure a lot of us Sonic fans really want. (Of course I don't speak for every one of us, I just know that a lot of people do want them, me included. It would be a conclusion of a 27 year long dream for me.) Also, here's another article for proof about the 2/7 release for these shoes. https://hypebeast.com/2020/1/puma-rs-x3-sonic-the-hedgehog-373427-01-release-date-info So, I apologize for the bad news, but alas we're socked again with disappoinment. EDIT: Here is the American link for the RS-X3's: https://us.puma.com/en/us/pd/puma-x-sonic-rs-x³-color-mens-sneakers/373427.html?dwvar_373427_color=01 Meh, yeah, disappointed again.
  12. I just finished reading that whole thing. A good read and it definitely explains a lot. A whole lot. Penders just dug himself in a hole and honestly he's a pretty bad fanfic writer. When Flynn took over that's when the comics started getting good but by then Penders couldn't stand anybody taking over property that he felt was his. After that lawsuit and the genesis wave, well he was so vain and so unable to see his own bad writing that he couldn't stand anyone doing it better. That's what it boils down to, his own jealousy taking away good written characters. One of my favorites, that I know is a hot take, was the rewritten Anti-Sonic as Scourge. Scourge became a decent villian when someone else was writing him and if Archie would've kept a better handle on their contracts then Penders might not be writing and inking that bad, gross comic which hopefully he's such a 'perfectionist' it'll never see the light of day. One can only hope at this point.
  13. I love Sonic's design. It is Sonic, and the eye separation doesn't bother me because his face is expressive, you can tell it's Sonic, and he's not the abomination that we got before. Ungh, that face from the original design still haunts me. Given the fact that this trailer has actually given me hope, and I love the direction they went with it, I'm actually excited to see this. It makes me double happy because I don't have to drag my husband to something Sonic related. LOL. Also, I don't really understand the negativity behind the blue arms. I mean, it seems like the movie model is going more off of the Sonic Boom design, which I didn't mind really. The blue arms and set of eyes aren't deal breakers for me, it's him actually having the right silhouete and proportions, which they've managed to do here. Sonic looks like Sonic, that's the big thing here. He looks adorable, fuzzy, and I could just hug him! There is probably going to be some fine tuning on his design before the final release to fix any CGI hiccups, but as it stands I am OK with this. As for Jim Carrey as Eggman, this is questionable for me just because it looks like he's '90s era Jimming it up ... I'll reserve judgment for another trailer and the movie itself. It'll be better to see if most of his 'hamming' comes from being in contact with Sonic's quill or if it's a character flaw. Time will tell. Yeah, it appears to be a generic plot but again it looks like there's been some deletions and additions, and some minor tweaks. Overall the presentation does stand a chance and also Sonic being an alien isn't far fetched just because his original cannon is he's an alien so ... Yeah, no biggie there either. I'm more hopeful, and that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to this.
  14. He just looks so nice now in general and I don't mind the fuzziness. I'm glad the image was confirmed and this is just so much better. I honestly don't know what they were thinking on the previous design and how they thought it was good. Still waiting on that new trailer drop though.
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