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  1. It seems with every new question about plot with this LSC comes another pile of dirt tossed over as he keeps digging that hole deeper. What boggles me is the whole inconsistency of it all. There is going to be nothing but plotholes because of his petty actions and the fact that he can't put Sonic characters into this arc which is clearly based on characters of Sonic universe is just ... (Sigh). I mean, how can you have these aliens that are clearly all Knuckles clones, and everyone knows they are, not be part of your prior source material? No amount of, "Well, they're off screen," is going to fix this mess. That's just going to cause a whole bunch of blank pages with nothing but background... But Penders has always been delusional.
  2. I just finished reading that whole thing. A good read and it definitely explains a lot. A whole lot. Penders just dug himself in a hole and honestly he's a pretty bad fanfic writer. When Flynn took over that's when the comics started getting good but by then Penders couldn't stand anybody taking over property that he felt was his. After that lawsuit and the genesis wave, well he was so vain and so unable to see his own bad writing that he couldn't stand anyone doing it better. That's what it boils down to, his own jealousy taking away good written characters. One of my favorites, that I know is a hot take, was the rewritten Anti-Sonic as Scourge. Scourge became a decent villian when someone else was writing him and if Archie would've kept a better handle on their contracts then Penders might not be writing and inking that bad, gross comic which hopefully he's such a 'perfectionist' it'll never see the light of day. One can only hope at this point.
  3. I love Sonic's design. It is Sonic, and the eye separation doesn't bother me because his face is expressive, you can tell it's Sonic, and he's not the abomination that we got before. Ungh, that face from the original design still haunts me. Given the fact that this trailer has actually given me hope, and I love the direction they went with it, I'm actually excited to see this. It makes me double happy because I don't have to drag my husband to something Sonic related. LOL. Also, I don't really understand the negativity behind the blue arms. I mean, it seems like the movie model is going more off of the Sonic Boom design, which I didn't mind really. The blue arms and set of eyes aren't deal breakers for me, it's him actually having the right silhouete and proportions, which they've managed to do here. Sonic looks like Sonic, that's the big thing here. He looks adorable, fuzzy, and I could just hug him! There is probably going to be some fine tuning on his design before the final release to fix any CGI hiccups, but as it stands I am OK with this. As for Jim Carrey as Eggman, this is questionable for me just because it looks like he's '90s era Jimming it up ... I'll reserve judgment for another trailer and the movie itself. It'll be better to see if most of his 'hamming' comes from being in contact with Sonic's quill or if it's a character flaw. Time will tell. Yeah, it appears to be a generic plot but again it looks like there's been some deletions and additions, and some minor tweaks. Overall the presentation does stand a chance and also Sonic being an alien isn't far fetched just because his original cannon is he's an alien so ... Yeah, no biggie there either. I'm more hopeful, and that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to this.
  4. He just looks so nice now in general and I don't mind the fuzziness. I'm glad the image was confirmed and this is just so much better. I honestly don't know what they were thinking on the previous design and how they thought it was good. Still waiting on that new trailer drop though.
  5. Huh, okay. I just remember seeing some trailers come out only a few months before the movie releases. Guess it depends on the project and the studio working on it then. Oh well.
  6. If this is true, it's miles better. It actually looks like Sonic and not some weird art from someone who has never really seen Sonic. At least, that was my impression of the first design and trailers. (Shudders). Though, I'm waiting for whenever they decide to release the new trailer. Even though they say this is real, it could still be rumor and we won't actually know if it's true or not until the trailer drop. To be honest, I don't look for a trailer until sometime around December since the movie is in February. October or November, realistically, would be too early for a trailer. Yet, I have seen the rare occasion when a movie is about six months from release so we'll see. Either way, this is a whole lot better. Blue arms aside, of course, but that's just a tiny detail really. I honestly didn't mind his blue arms in Boom so it's not a deal breaker for me.
  7. I hope it looks like what we're familiar with too. I'm honestly a bit nervous to see what we're going to be dealing with for the updated look. Especially since this one was so 'not Sonic' to put it rather politely.
  8. To be perfectly honest though I'd rather have the movie pushed back and be decent than have it release and be terrible. It happens a lot, sadly, that things are released before they're ready.
  9. I don't know about you guys but I'm getting this vibe ... The art is just so bad ... My poor eyes. Also, what's with him and pulling things from Google images? I mean, there's literally a human surgery picture and x-rays. It doesn't mesh well and I'm sure he doesn't have permission to use images like that. Yeesh.
  10. I think at any given time he hears the Hallelujah chorus in his mind and infinite praise of his work, no matter how awful. It's the only logical explanation to why he seems to believe his work is good and people think it's good. When, the reality couldn't be further from the truth. This train wreck, when it finally crashes into the station upside down with multiple explosions, might just be the wakeup call he needs to see how his work is not as idolized as he thinks ... Or, he'll just keep his view of "my work is the only best work" goggles on and sift through the bad to only see good. In all honesty, though, I doubt this will ever see public release since it's been years and no finished product yet.
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