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  1. He is holier than thou as scourge would put it plus the satam season 3 project will be on his radar soon enough and he will bitch about it as well and threaten legal action or something and lie about it So that is yes on infringement?
  2. Well it will be on his radar soon enough if the first episode airs He is infringing on rights again It is Nightmare fuel It will be on his radar and he will target it soon enough or something
  3. The late 1960’s He needs to read other stuff than his other works Mammoth mogul I think I could be wrong Ken needs to stop Insert lawsuit joke here Ken is narcissist plain and simple How many stories Ok Are those storylines good No Well report the bastard and his some of his toxic followers to twitter to remove them any of their tweets are a clear and present danger to the sonic community Yes Well he jk Rowling say both sexually deviant things Do you think Ken is sexual repressed like jk Rowling or something? He should draw 5 fingers like Normal people Why does it look like he stole something from somewhere else? Ken and some of his toxic should be removed from twitter on the grounds of making threats and harassing others Well at least he is not suing them Jesus Christ Ken Ken might be one as sex offender as well lol sarcasm And tails is John Ken is more moronic version of Peter griffin Dammit Ken A lot of s hit the fan It hit the fan ken is just losing people can we just please remove Ken and some of toxic fans off Twitter on the grounds of bullying and harassment please just doing something Ken needs to stop MOD EDIT: Don't give away people's names and locations. Jesus Fucking Christ.
  4. Or which came first This is a weird mcu and sonic crossover Ok Me neither So Ken is the anti Chris or false prophet you make the call Minor but they still have some stories but not enough to effect the plot Ken ripped off 2001 a space odyssey! Ok that was the most complicated evil plot I ever heard even for eggman Good for you Same here How ugly are we talking about? Yeah it has the late 90’s and early 2000’s written all over it the 90’s won’t dies That plot was shittiest eggman plots I ever seen in a while Yeah he could of just left and Stared a new group of freedom fighters or something Ok I made me puke when I saw it Great explanation Ok Dammit robonik I know some it’s of that story Yep I not so sure Dammit ken I saw that and for some reason it made me hulk out
  5. Ken is virtue signaling Like I said he said something anti homosexually or just antilgbtq Only a moron would ask these questions Yeah he is just unprofessional Dammit Ken Yeah he is that ignorant Yeah he should not done that Dammit ken Yeah Ken is scum Are you kidding me? Well he is the real life eggman Ken is not a true sonic fan IDK Ken doesn’t know how relationships work He’s should of stop I don’t know #sarcasm also you read that blog 2? He should just stopped
  6. Ok I just wanted a second opinion on is this homophobic or not thanks for your understanding So sega was woke before sjw huh Or as one person said on his Twitter sonic is the first video game incel or something lol
  7. Ken just stop and stfu Can we all agree he should his mouth about the freedom fighters after all he is the one he destroyed them ? The ones who will stop them are the fans The fans will meet Ken at the hot gates
  8. Yeah ken needs to admit he was in the wrong Thanks to Ian it was so much insight and add that in to the list things that Ken ripped off Ok good to know Thanks for that albino mummy encidnia
  9. Lol on the Pepe thing and yea he does treat people like garbage both in real life and in the comic He was the one with the black eye thing right? Yes he should of planned things out much better Yeah and gold is fools gold and it is truly shit He still needs publish his script or something to show the whole world on this is story being legit Ken needs show us the progress he made more clearly to his audience
  10. Same I here I stillness don’t see it as well i thought it was rule 64 it was male turning female or something lol also yeah that might be 007 reference
  11. Ok I think I might of got of carried and I wasn’t sure to go with but i said to myself why not and no you’re not being a killjoy but I thought it was probably worth mentioning or something anyone we been waiting for what his next move/tweet is so my apologies for jumping the gun on ken’s tweet Also it was started under his archie tweet with Scott full debacle forgot to mention that whoops Typo Scott fullop
  12. A minor update on the burning scourge vs Ken penders debate here is the tweet It came from this tweet Saying people don’t bring up other people or something Sooner or later he is going to heart attack Ken can’t stop lying about his role also I’m afraid on what his search history it is either something controversial or himself Yeah it is nightmare fuel Like I said before he is going to have a heart attack sooner or later a quick update Ken just banned one of his followers It was the burning scourge who he banned
  13. Yeah this whole thing is healthy for him sooner or later he is going to lose it and have a heart attack or have mental breakdown IRL
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