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  1. Check out my Silver voice! also on my channel too! Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games- Silver Voice Demo Showcase (Reupload)
  2. Here’s my review for the game Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games- Review, Discussion, and Thoughts
  3. Luigi won’t have any text boxes in the story, neither will Mario either
  4. 110m Hurdles has a guest icon! This must be where Toadette is!
  5. I saw some pics and videos, Triple Jump and Swimming has guest icons so it’s assuming that Espio and Wendy will be there again still unsure where Toadette will be since 4x100 relay doesn’t have a guest icon
  6. I hope they show off another trailer soon, like the Opening Movie or an English version of that Overview Trailer Or better yet, a demo!
  7. Yeah weird also, Espio, Toadette, and Wendy Koopa are the only remaining guests that haven’t been revealed for an event yet, and since some of the events on the website aren’t being shown yet, that just mean one of them has those characters in it! the website is showing 4x100 relay so Toadette isn’t in that one, so I’m guessing Wendy will be in Swimming again and Espio will be in Triple Jump again It’s unclear where Toadette will end up
  8. New Screenshots confirming Jet, Diddy Kong, Zazz, and Larry would be returning as guests in the same events from Rio 2016 while Ludwig will be a guest for Fencing! bit.ly/2mIoWkP I knew Ludwig would be in Fencing, thought it’s strange that Rosalina isn’t in Gymnastics and Eggman Nega isn’t in Triple Jump or Fencing Wonder why they switched it up
  9. Idk why he’s in Karate, I figured Espio would be there but he’s not lol but yeah Eggman Nega is in Karate so we’ll just have to wait until maybe next month for them to reveal everything else
  10. I can see Ludwig doing Fencing, I did think he’d be in Archery or maybe Gymnastics but Fencing works Zazz is a tough one cuz since they are changing everyone around, he might be somewhere else, I just can’t tell where, the same goes for everyone else.
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