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  1. Check out my Silver voice! also on my channel too! Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games- Silver Voice Demo Showcase (Reupload)
  2. Here’s my review for the game Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games- Review, Discussion, and Thoughts
  3. 110m Hurdles has a guest icon! This must be where Toadette is!
  4. Yeah weird also, Espio, Toadette, and Wendy Koopa are the only remaining guests that haven’t been revealed for an event yet, and since some of the events on the website aren’t being shown yet, that just mean one of them has those characters in it! the website is showing 4x100 relay so Toadette isn’t in that one, so I’m guessing Wendy will be in Swimming again and Espio will be in Triple Jump again It’s unclear where Toadette will end up
  5. Idk why he’s in Karate, I figured Espio would be there but he’s not lol but yeah Eggman Nega is in Karate so we’ll just have to wait until maybe next month for them to reveal everything else
  6. I can see Ludwig doing Fencing, I did think he’d be in Archery or maybe Gymnastics but Fencing works Zazz is a tough one cuz since they are changing everyone around, he might be somewhere else, I just can’t tell where, the same goes for everyone else.
  7. AH-HA! As I suspected, there is a guest character slot in Fencing! Since Eggman Nega is in Karate, that means either Espio or Ludwig or Zazz is the guest character for this event, cuz those are the only people I could see doing this event or make the most sense
  8. Yeah this movie was basically a cash grab to get fans excited like they did with the 13th Ghost movie I’m definitely not looking forward to anymore movies....and yet I can’t stop myself from watching them lol I heard they’re making a sequel to that KISS Crossover movie though so hopefully that might be good, not having any high hopes though
  9. Okay, going off from what we’ve seen, it seems as if some events will not have any of the guest characters. Look, 100m doesn’t have the question mark icon while Sports Climbing does! So that means the characters that were leaked won’t be in multiples events like we thought they’d be. Which kinda sucks to be honest (sigh) I was really hoping to have an expanded roster this time around Wish we could ask them why this is a thing again or they could tell us in like a release statement
  10. Wait, why did they show Mario and Sonic Tokyo 2020 yesterday? I thought it was gonna be shown off on Thursday tonight and then again on Saturday?
  11. I can see Jet since Dream Racing is like Sonic Riders but still, could’ve at least but in 8 characters in, 4 from each team especially the ones who’s deserved to be in this since London lol Makes me wonder how they can have this much limitations
  12. I’m sure SEGA knows about this, I just don’t get why they don’t fix this issue!
  13. GUYS....LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Sorry guys, guests are indeed coming back, in this link and you translate the words Eggman Nega will be a guest character in Karate Rosalina is just in Surfing Rouge is stuck in Sports Climbing https://t.co/Viq0FWVfTf
  14. So new trailer pop up today, they mentioned unlockable characters but didn’t specifically say guests or fully playable characters lol Now we gotta wait a week for the Tokyo Game Show till we find out lol
  15. True, and I have more evidence for them being Guests; Toadette is super small and other characters such as Eggman or Bowser are way too big, she won’t be able to land any punches or kicks to them in Boxing or Karate!
  16. Guys, I think that these new characters ARE guests and here’s why Toadette is super small and other characters such as Eggman or Bowser are way too big, she won’t be able to land any punches or kicks to them in Boxing or Karate!
  17. Lol, you beat me too it! But regardless I’m so happy to see more characters and TOADETTE is a character, I’ve never been so happy to see it!
  18. You know, I’m glad to see that this taking a toll on Sonic, some people have complained about how never takes things seriously and he’s too cocky especially in Forces (which I do agree) But I am glad we see more emotion from him, I mean look at him! He’s tired from running so much, the weight of this virus and how it’s affecting others is clearly getting to him!
  19. https://nintendoeverything.com/mario-sonic-at-the-olympic-games-tokyo-2020-modes-detailed-story-dream-events-online-more/ Hey this mentions customizing your character, does that mean Mii’s are confirmed or that we can make the characters wear whatever we want in the events?
  20. I doubt that they removed the new characters cuz of our complaints, we only complained that the new characters were restricted to one event each. There’s no way that the developers mistook that as “oh, they don’t like new characters in one event? Let’s just remove them and have the usual 20 character roster!” Plus I’m sure they’ve seen our complaints about that before. Lets just be patient about this and see what happens, I mean who knows, maybe they’ll add free updates via online mode kinda like how Mario Tennis Aces handled their character roster
  21. I’m hoping we get more characters in the game, cuz they stated they kept the same roster but gave them new Olympic gear to add more appeal It clearly has added more appeal to them but that still doesn’t change the fact we’ve had the same roster since Vancouver!
  22. SEGA stated we will have the same amount of characters, but they didn’t say anything about the new characters we got in Rio 2016, so what does this mean for them? Will they be guests once more or will they be unlockable in the game? https://twitter.com/sonicwindblue/status/1163140814102548480?s=21https://nintendoeverything.com/mario-sonic-at-the-olympic-games-tokyo-2020-dev-on-using-the-joy-con-characters-new-elements-more/
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