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    Audiobooks, comic books, US history (my specialty is from the great depression to the present), military history (WWII - modern day), Movies, TV, LEGO in any form, and video games.
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    Nantucket Massachusetts (mom), Lancaster Massachusetts (school), and Dalton Massachusetts (dad)

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  1. Look what I (finally) got... my HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA which I should have gotten in 2018 but perkins talked their way into me staying longer than I should (bonus face reveal)

    note: I still have to go to perkins but I am (hopefully) leaving perkins in June (they could talk or lie their way into extending my stay and when I warn my mom she says that I am being paranoid and dad does not want to hear it)


    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Hey, congrats!

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