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  1. Re: The Sonic 3 discussion a few pages back, the way I rationalize it is this: The scene from the Japanese manual where the Emeralds disappear from the altar takes place prior to Sonic 2. They had transferred from South Island/somewhere else back to Angel Island, but then disappeared to West Side for some reason unbeknownst to Knuckles, who was unconscious for the duration of that game. Then when Eggman arrives on the Death Egg he tells Knuckles about Sonic and Tails, Knuckles steals the Emeralds from Sonic who still had them from 2, Knuckles hides them in the special stages, etc. Since Angel Island and West Side's backstory are identical, I think Angel Island was originally a part of West Side before the gods separated it and sent it into the sky. But yeah, I've been delving into the early Sonic lore and one of the things I immediately wondered was whether or not there are multiple sets of Emeralds. It would be nice if there could be a set local to South Island and then a separate Angel/West Side set, but maybe it's cleaner if there's just one. I think they should have stuck with Sega America's original backstory of Robotnik having six Emeralds in his machine to defeat evil and trying to find a seventh gray Emerald. Sonic 1 should have had all colored Emeralds instead of the white/gray one and then the gray one should have debuted in Sonic 2. Also, I've read that Princess Elise had a Chaos Emerald when she was a child? Possible she lost it while vacationing on West Side and that's what drew the other six Emeralds there? Since South Island supposedly floats along the ocean and distorts its location, my theory is that some locations on Mobius act as "magnets" to the Chaos Emeralds, and whenever South Island passes by, the Emeralds are drawn there. This can explain why the Emeralds show up randomly on Cocoa Island, Mt. Mobius, West Side, etc. And then when someone reunites them and uses their power, they return to South Island. It's kind of problematic though because in Sonic Chaos, South Island begins to sink into the ocean when the Chaos Emeralds disappear, so why wouldn't it do that every time? Well, we're told that Robotnik has his hands on the red Emerald, causing the others to go out of balance. Perhaps when this happens, it can wreak havoc on the location where the Emeralds are, but when they travel peacefully as a group, they do not disturb the terrain like this. Also, I prefer to place a long gap between Sonic meeting Tails and the events of Sonic 2. There are just way too many games that have Sonic and Tails together but don't reference the Death Egg saga or Knuckles at all and have very primitive plots compared to a floating battle station in space. Plus I like to follow the robot Sonic continuity from the most primitive one to the most advanced. Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 Game Gear, Robo Sonic from Sonic 2 Genesis, Mecha Sonic, and finally Metal Sonic (this is why I put CD after Death Egg.)
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