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  1. I think Eggman might landed on Ponyville what he will find another villiain who will stop Princess Twlight Sparkle and her friends that's makes there might be Sonic x My Little Pony crossover soon.
  2. I have a idea...there will be Sonic VR game based on the movie called SEGA & Paramount Games's Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Chase at Dave & Buster's in the future. Just like D&B's VR games like Jurassic World, Men in Black, and Terminator Dark Fates. Here is the game plot you can do: First level is you are middle in the highway in Green Hills in the police car with Tom, he tells us Dr. Robotnik stoled power rings from Sonic, his wife, Maddie was been captured by one of Robotnik's badniks, then Sonic shows up and he tell us to follow him to chase after Robotnik's plans, then we will chase after Sonic while he was speeding through the highway in our police car chase, but not until one of Badniks shows up and you have to destroy them with your laser guns as Sonic destroys one of Robotnik's badniks as you are entering the huge power ring as Sonic speeds through you are middle in the desert in the Egypt in second level as Robotnik fires at you then you have to chase after him while Robotnik keeps fires at you as soon you are about to die as Robotnik charges his laser gun, Sonic quickly uses his ring and use ring portal to China for third level, as we see Robotnik got Maddie with him, Tom tell us to stop Robotnik before he kills her, we see Sonic speeds through great wall of China, as Robotnik escapes with Maddie to San Francisco (Fourth Level) then we will aheading to the city to chase after Robotnik, while that there was too many badniks around the top of the building, Tom tell us they are about to destroy you, not until Sonic saves the day and he using his spin attack to destroy all Badniks, he tell us Robotnik holds Maddie in her prison cell at Robotnik's secret base, as Sonic throw his ring to portal, we are in Robotnik's secret base in Egg Metropolis as final level, we will see Robotnik in his Death Egg Robot for final battle as Sonic and Robotnik are battling each other, you will get a lot points to shoot at Death Egg Robot as we see Tom runs and avoid attacks between Death Egg Robot and Robotnik's badniks to save his wife Maddie, you are driving faster to the doom because there was dead end as Robotnik will destroy you for good, not until Sonic stops him and as his Death Egg Robot was been destroyed by Sonic's power rings. As Maddie kisses Tom, Sonic tell us that the base was about to blow up, as we will finally escape from Robotnik's base as Sonic throws his ring back to Green Hills. Back at Green Hills, they are saying thanks for saving the world from evil Robotnik. We will see Sonic speeds up for another adventure. So what are you think guys?
  3. You'll know if that will be awesome if Dave and Buster's will have an Paramount & SEGA's Sonic VR game based the movie called Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Chase VR, it will just like other VR games like Jurassic World, Men in Black, and Terminator Dark Fates. The game plots you will drive a police car with Tom to chase after Robotnik during the battle in San Francisco not until Sonic shows up to team up with you to stop Dr. Robotnik until you are aheading to Dr. Robotnik's Base to fight him, then Robotnik jumps into his huge robot machine called Egg Destroyer that's way the final battle between Sonic and Robotnik! After that base was exploded, Robotnik was defeated, and Sonic saved the day again.
  4. What if there will be cool if SiriusXM has deal with SEGA to air Sonic the Hedgehog radio station to play all Sonic music from games in the future?
  5. I gotta feeling that next fighter might be Master Chief because if Master Chief Collection coming to Switch rumor is true. I think they can reveal him between next Nintendo Direct or E3 2020.
  6. Fighter Pass 2 Idea: Pack #1: Master Chief (along with Master Chief Collection coming to Switch if the rumor is true) Pack #2: Tails (with Shadow echo and Knuckles as assist trophy promotions) Pack #3: Waluigi (with Ashley as assist trophy promotion) Pack #4: Sora (with Bomberman and Shovel Knight as assist trophy promotions) Pack #5: KOS-OMOS or Tekken Rep (with Pokémon Gen 8 rep) Pack #6: John Marston or Trevor Philips
  7. I have a good feeling that Master Chief might be FP#5 along with Master Chief Collection coming to Switch soon during Nintendo Direct probably next week or two weeks. What are you think guys?
  8. Is KOS-MOS is a really FP#5 or not? I think Master Chief might be FP#5.
  9. ^ That's means Master Chief COULD be it for FP#5 for Game Awards 2019 right?
  10. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance just opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios a few days ago. Disneyland will open Star Wars Rise of the Resistance in next month, January 17th, 2020. The ride was FUCKING awesome because you are really in Star Wars adventure. Here's some POVs of the ride: So what are you think about this awesome ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World?
  11. I wonder what happen to Channel Awesome, Cinemassacre, Angry Joe, and other channels if COOPA wins to ruin YouTube's lifes. Is everyone is getting a real job like Best Buy, Chuck E. Cheese's or Dave and Buster's? Everyone? Anyways, if YouTube loses everything, so I can't watch POV rides at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Six Flags, Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios parks, etc....and watching NJ Transit trains on YouTube because I live in New Jersey. IS THIS THE END OF YOUTUBE? OR NOT? I'M SO FUCKING SCARED ABOUT THIS ONE. WHYYY?!!! I hope COOPA ends before December 6th or I'll go freaking out now and lose my account soon or having a heart attack. FUUUUUUUUUU----
  12. Imagine if Sega took outtakes for Sonic games that would be more funny if they do that: Simple: Sonic Adventure 2 Cutscene: Amy Recuse Sonic Sonic: Did you seen him? Where he is now? Amy: If I tell you, will you marry me? Sonic: Yes I--wait a minute wrong that part try that again Amy. Amy: Okay, Sonic. If I tell you, will you marry me? Sonic: Maybe...shit I did that again. Cut! Try again again, Amy. Please don't let me screw this up this time okay? Amy: Ugh, Fine! One more time, if I tell you, will you marry me? Sonic: ……... Amy: Well? Sonic: ……..,. Amy: SONIC! SAY THAT YOUR LINE OR I'LL SMACK YOU WITH MY HAMMER! Sonic:......What I say that part again? Amy; THAT DOES IT! TAKE THIS YOU CHILI-DOG LOVING ASSHOLE! Sonic: W-wait I got it, no w---(gets smacked by Amy's hammer) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKK! Amy: There and now CUT! Can I take a break okay? Director: Okay, miss. Let's try that part again later. All right guys, let's see you can do your own Sonic games outtakes.
  13. If COOPA is really screw Youtube. Will Youtube is really still safe if COOPA fails to ruin YouTube? Then YouTube will be safe?


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