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  1. I did it now but it was unsuccessful... the image became totally pink like when you apply 100% of color fill, you know? I also tried the "Channel Mixer" but it got equally bad but thanks so much for your direction, I think if I investigate better this way of application I can find the resolution... 😉 thanks! I'll try it too 😉
  2. Hi guys, anyone who has good knowledge in Photoshop can help me? Is there any way to apply the same "underwater" effect of Sonic 1, 2 and 3 in Photoshop? Here in the pictures I tried to apply creating a new Layer in pink and putting it in "Color" mode. This was the closest I could do.
  3. Totally makes sense... so I think I should download a map in PNG and put the background manually, right? The only thing I couldn't make is the water color in Photoshop. Do you know how could I do this?
  4. I know Zone 0 but the maps haven't background... And I need with background included. (I just saw to Sonic Retro and Sonic Center sites now and they also haven't)... Do you know another sites? I just need Labyrinth Zone, Chemical Plant act 2 and Hydrocity act 1 because I'm making an art to print.
  5. I think it would be amazing a Sonic game named "Sonic Splash" where all Zones are water-themed. A game made especially to the fans who loves the Water Levels. ❤️
  6. Hi guys, I need to know how can I see the Zones (specifically Sonic 1, 2 and 3) in "full view" as in this image. I know that with a lot of patience it is possible to make in Photoshop using the sprites, but is there another alternative? anyone know if there's a Genenis emulator that allows you to view the entire Zone like this way?
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