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  1. who cares. i think sonics werehog reference is cool.
  2. eh. how about a sneaky cameo from sticks?
  3. let’s just wait untill issue 25. then we will see if its worth continuing.
  4. a idw sonic universe could be wicked awesome. i just wished there was some comic con news idw sonic wise
  5. ok ok. so shadow was a bit of an arrogant jerk and should of helped sonic rather than just be pig headed. please make shadow better idw.
  6. look, people oughto stop their complaining. the comic is just starting. im sure its gonna pick up the pace soon enough at sonic speed. im liking it and am really grateful that sonic is back in the comics. im betting that its going to be just as good as archie. if not BETTER! just give it a chance and see.
  7. 😮😀 cool. thanks for amazon link. that took me by surprise. nice.
  8. this was a surprisingly brutal issue. for a sonic comic i mean. and i like it. i like lighthearted sure but sometimes you need the grim and gritty to be a hero. and to challenge yourself. i feel sorry for the citizen who got trapped. and charmy was stupid. he should of listened to vector. i cant wait to see what happens next.
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