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  1. whenever it will come that is.
  2. wow. it would of been cool to see an alternate version of cream.
  3. is that maybe burning blaze? because which other sonic character has FIRE as a element?
  4. where is sonic in those covers?
  5. wow. cream did a bad move there. and yeah, looking forward to a super form like supersonic of course. BUT what about hyper knuckles or tails having a super form? lets wait and c
  6. heh. seeing knuckles like that is funny and cool.
  7. good. about time the crazy old fart got what he deserves. turn to yolk you crazy evil jerk.
  8. man, in issue 27 cover b, tails looks peeved and as for the 2020 annual cover, its awesome. it is like knuckles and tangle is saying heres looking at you fans! it looks really cool. i hope big comes into the fray in issue 27.
  9. i am liking the zombot arc so far myself. yeah sonic, you tried changing robotnik back to mr tinker but you oughto know better that bad guys sometimes stays as bad guys. But dr robotnik was a complete dirty coward and a big wuss. its full of suspense so far thats for sure because its quite dark with no funny events happening. its all about the hero having a very bad setback. but maybe in the future, there may be a miracle. who knows? anyway, looking forward to see more of it with tangle and whisper adding to the fray.
  10. who cares. i think sonics werehog reference is cool.
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