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  1. yeah it was a bit of a meh issue but with a few cool panels in. and comedy from knuckles.
  2. er, silly question but is that supersonic with silver on the cover, or someone else altogether? the reason im asking is because supersonic is yellow not orange.
  3. now Thats a cool cover b for issue 31. full of funny cool and deadly poses and references. nice grin storm. and jet. cool pose from starline. and the funny skunk brothers pulling faces. that cover is one of my fave covers so far frum sonic idw.
  4. i cant wait to see what comic con idw news is all about.
  5. this is so awesome. supersonic in idw and super silver coming at you! way past uber cool.
  6. WAY PAST COOL. im up over and gone for this dudes.
  7. whenever it will come that is.
  8. wow. it would of been cool to see an alternate version of cream.
  9. is that maybe burning blaze? because which other sonic character has FIRE as a element?
  10. where is sonic in those covers?
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