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  1. Yeah, I also think so πŸ™‚ I think only the new date was printed and glued over the old one πŸ™‚ So the poster remained as nothing else needed to change at that time πŸ˜‰
  2. I sure would prefer the separate-eyes style as that is something setting him apart from other Sonics πŸ™‚ Something iconic just for him πŸ˜‰ Some spin to the gloves too - fingerless, special runner-type gloves (like those for "sliding the ground" or what for they are - for me they are just special gloves XD). But that doesn't mean your pictures are bad πŸ™‚ I like them ❀️
  3. My words ❀️ I'm sorry if I sometimes sound aggressive, I swear I try not to. And I may have nitpicking questions as just some things don't make sense to me ^_^; I still believe people should see the movie first before saying it's bad. So what if a few CGI movies were bad. I read Transformers have like 5-6 movies with only the first one and Bumblebee being the good ones (and it still had so clichΓ© plot, but the slower pacing was enjoyable - I saw the last one, and yeah, I can say it's an okay movie. The Robot CGI was pretty cool.). Rest was like crazy action ride with a minimal plot or some character development. If it's true, why making more movies when they were "trainwreck"? If we get a lot of bad fully CGI movies, should we stop making them? A lot of movies have not so good trailer but are good. Others have the best scenes inside the trailer and are quite bad. But how do we know this? We can know only after seeing the movie. But before - that's assuming (just like I assume the movie is going to be good to decent watch) - unless you saw the pre-screening which seems a lot of people ignore. Maybe they think those people are fakers as they enjoyed the movie with 7/10 in average rating (as a few of them said/wrote) or just don't know about them. Why not go with neutral expectation? Some movies are eye-candy and have a sucky story. Some look strange in visuals, but their story leaves you with tons of questions. I know Sonic won't be about deep stuff, but more about friendship, adventure, and action - and that is a combination I like. Heck, I even read a few romance books (and romance is a genre I dislike a lot) and I enjoyed them because I gave them a chance to show me what they are made of. So, instead of acting like "seers", let's see what future has for us with our own eyes πŸ˜‰ = see it and then judge πŸ˜‰ Cool, maybe there will be Baby Movie Sonic plush ❀️ We found finally got official Baby Sonic ❀️ I hope it could have paw pads and no gloves - what baby wears gloves outside of winter (or when super small to protect themselves from their nails) XD
  4. Thank you for such a long answer. This, for the first time, helps me understand more the concerns as you went and showed me what you think can't work and why while showing an example of what type of story could work. I mentioned game special zone rings, as I didn't think people would know about Archie that much. I saw some people saying Scourge is OC - so yeah, Archie Sonic is not that well known, it seems XD Even if they are different, their basic function is warping/teleportation. Which both examples, games/comic, have but just in a different form. But yeah, they aren't exchangeable. Also, we can't say now how they work or what needs to be done for them to work. I mean in the movie, as a game logic/mechanism is different. If Tom is struggling with what to do, why can't Sonic, a being Tom can't wrap his head around, push him in the right direction? It kinda reminds me when MC gets dragged into a bigger problem where they overcome their insecurities by understanding what they really can do when faced with a bigger problem, or that their problem isn't that big as they were just scared to do the first step. Maybe there is a similar theme? I'm not trying to force somebody to watch it, but if they say "Show me Easter Eggs" when they claim there are none and I say "Well, these are known", and they reply "those aren't Easter Eggs" - I have to ask what is Easter Egg? If I see a scene that resembles another from a different movie, I do call it an Easter Egg or at least a reference or just a nice surprise. It's hard not to be angry at people saying "It's gonna suck" when all we had was "there will be Sonic CGI hybrid movie". I mean - Are hybrid movies so bad? (Because this is what I get when people say this T_T Or is this CGI hybrid bad only because it's Sonic's movie? Like it's gonna be bad because it is Sonic?) We have tons of them. Like, even if you say Movie A is a bad one, and it has 50% at best in pro-reviews, and see four more sequels with the last being the first with 85% - you have to ask - If those previous movies were soooo bad, why people watched the next ones? Why they were created? All I can think of is - Even if critics didn't like it, the movies itself are good to watch with fun, action, some character development and effects. A long time ago there was CGI hybrid pitch for Sonic movie with a human kid as his partner that had to save Sonic during the finale, it was scrapped in the end and the plot is now on the internet. Funny is people under the video say it sounds like a fun kid movie, but if it was done nowadays, I can imagine people calling it stupid.
  5. I'm not good at spotting them, but those are Easter eggs I found about on the Internet. Are they fake? Overthinking? That's up to as to decide. I write stories, and I have a reader who told me I have an Easter Egg there when my MC messed an idiom that is something one character from anime do. I never intended for this to be an Easter Egg. I don't even know that anime. So is it one or not? The reader saw it as one, for me it's a coincidence - but it still made me happy. So, what do you like about Sonic? Character - Seems to be spot on. Action - the missile and chase scene seemed fine. Puns/chatterbox - Seems okay to me too. Voice - I have no problem. Adventure - We will visit many places on Earth (Big cities, forest, desert, maybe even military stronghold, Robotnik's hi-tech lab, ...) and adventure is about traveling. Character growth - It's hinted there are similar scenes as well. Getting stronger - Sonic's speed is supposed to evolve during the movie. Design - I'm fine with it, and a lot of artists tried to draw him and find out this choice isn't that half-bad as people claim. It has its flaws, but who doesn't? So what is an Easter Egg to you? Edit: I'm not sure if this counts as an Easter Egg, but the text "Every Hero has a genesis" is the same as in Bumblebee trailer "Every hero has a beginning". I have seen the trailer just now. Which reminds me Robotnik's truck is called an easter egg too as it resembles one of the car-bot πŸ˜‰ And the genesis refers to the console where Sonic started... so I guess just another useless reference that is a complete misunderstanding!
  6. The ring portal is definitely a reference - as I saw people who had no idea what that is despite they played the games. Come on, Special stage? There is a theory that Game Sonic is an Alien too (to his own world). And as far as I know, it's kinda official SA1, SA2, Unleashed and many similar games happened in a world of humans while Forces happens in Sonic's home world/dimension. I don't know where it was stated or by who, but it was somebody involved with development and Sega. So the movie uses the same base. The mountain of shoe referred to SatAM episode where Uncle Chuck lets Sonic test is latest shoes after Sonic destroyed many of them πŸ˜‰ Uhh...meow - That is a throwback to Sonic X when Chris calls his mom to say he saved a cat and not blue, talking hedgehog. Those big mushrooms seem like fine easter egg to me. The quills are also interesting. All the time it seemed Sonic had only like 7-8 quills, but this "confirms" Sonic has quills like normal hedgehogs, they are just in a "cluster" of big shapes (simple animation, save times rendering,...). The same suggests Boom Sonic who has some "loose" quills among his main clusters πŸ˜‰ Oh... in the military scene where are people sitting around the table there is one older person on the left. I'm absolutely bad with names, but this person was involved with SatAM or the other kid's cartoon - It's even confirmed by this person... So... So... nothing here counts? What type of Easter Eggs do you want? All of those feel fine to me. And I hope you checked the comment on that page that shows even more Easter Eggs and references πŸ˜‰
  7. TL :DR - Please, see the movie for what it is and judge based on the whole story πŸ˜‰ I dislike hatred because it is mostly just hatred and not constructive criticism. If most reactions you see are from - Burn it! I need to bleach my brain! It's a nightmare fuel! and co - it's hard to think that is criticism. It's just like you said - overreacting. And when people do that, they go and ignore anything and everything. It's okay: to not like the design, but providing real feedback not wanting to see the movie making a redesign that actually uses a movie base as part of studying the changes and how the character "flows" making game-redesign It's weird and smells fishy: the movie is bad because I don't like the design/it doesn't reflect my vision. => "completely" ignore actors, VA's, CGI effects, pacing, action sequences and everything else like only one aspect makes the whole movie πŸ˜‰ we are getting the re-design but will still hate the movie (what was the point then?) the "FIXED" redesigns are porno-based or clearly insulting => It feels it's just for the sake of trolling or getting popularity calling people by names for looking forward to the movie and forcing them to not go sending hate mail to people wanting to enjoy it saying "nobody likes it" without any proper data (numbers or something similar) being weird out about plot-points/hints that were officially hinted/revealed weeks/months ago (I mean, I'm not that hard-core fan yet I feel I know more about the movie than actual fans XD) talking bad about certain points without taking a minute to think about them (see missiles x gun scene) when there is "logic" (but yeah, movie logic can be weird, but not that nonsensical XD) complaining about the changes despite they (will) make sense in the movie (see some theories about the Movie Sonic that are able to cast a light on them ;-)) The trailer has around 10 easter eggs yet fans yell - Show me the easter eggs, don't talk about them! (Strange, as I, who needs the egg to hit me, saw one well hidden - or it was just a coincidence, it's still worthy of being called easter egg ;-)) I don't force anybody to see the movie, I just say "see the movie before you say it sucks". Since under "Movie Sonic" tag you will also find insulting and trolling, positivity was added πŸ˜‰ to show "safe" posts as most of the negativity included excessive swearing. It's hard to understand, but easy to expect - When you see so much negativity, you will always try to find some positives. After all, nothing is black-and-white πŸ˜‰ There are reports of people seeing the movie already in January/February yet those "haters" ignore them. Yeah, just because a bunch of people saw the movie doesn't mean it will be my cup of tea, but they provided some feedback and were okay with the movie (rating around 7/10 in most cases). Shouldn't it mean, the film isn't that bad? If their reaction would be the opposite, I would still keep some positivity, but tried to get why it was bad (acting, plot-holes, boring action, too much clichΓ©, no/minimal easter eggs) and so on. They would probably postpone the trailer and the release day to reshoot some parts if the initial feedback would be really bad πŸ˜‰
  8. Unpopular opinion: I'm excited about Sonic Movie ❀️ If you are too and dislike all the hatred around it, check many awesome posts at Tumblr. The search engine won't show you all posts, but the mentioned blogs have the positivity covered with Movie-Sonic-positivity and Movie-Robotnik-positivity taking the lead πŸ™‚ You will find fanarts, headcanons, funny jokes, theories, and easter eggs they discovered πŸ˜„ There are also comic-like fanarts and they are top-notch ❀️
  9. Well, is that a problem? I mean, people were/are angry for Sonic to have puma when he already wore real-life Soap shoes in SA1. So, was there any "hate/dislike" for soap shoes instead of red sneakers? That there was a real-life ad in the game everybody loves? And aren't Sonic's shoes the generic looking ones? It's just red with a white strap and some buckle. The design was made simple for the game purpose and that works. And if Sonic is living on Earth for a few years at the beginning of the movie, and broke his original shoes, it makes sense he has to get some that fit him. So, he goes after human shoes since he no longer can access his old shops (if there are any ;-)). Also, it means he had grown up, so he can't use his old shoes anyway πŸ˜‰ That means we may see him with his old shoes since there should be some flashback scene since Baby Sonic figure seems to be at work πŸ™‚ Actually, I saw this too, and it seems some people really thought this is official. It kinda has everything Movie Sonic has and is hated for - small eyes, weird/creepy face, this one is actually wearing some sort of all-body-suit, the shoes aren't "iconic" (but the sole is pretty interesting, and the shoes are actually equipped with some "function"), the ears are human-placed and not exactly hedgehog-pointy, and the body is more to a human side. Well, I can say I don't like it, but I don't hate it. However, the concept itself is nice. The more I look at it, the more I see it can work, but not probably as Sonic, but more like a different creature. Or it can pass as Sonic on a more realistic-humanoid side for a story that isn't for kids. So why not? After all, this is a static picture, and we know that hardly shows it in an action πŸ˜„ The author also wrote a blog entry about his design and choice. I think it represents any type of redesign, so everybody can learn from it a bit πŸ˜‰ The author also realized Movie Sonic's design hardly deserves such hatred it got during his process. TLDR: It may not be my cup of tea, but I can see this Sonic growing on me with time πŸ˜‰ I don't know, but I think it could be the picture mentioned above πŸ˜‰
  10. Any idea who is the author of this picture? It popped on my FB, and the poster doesn't mention any source and is not sure if it's official. The reverse search leads to only one "accurate" find with saying "the author is Skyeprowler", but I can't find the original anyway. The link on the picture leads to some movie streaming site.
  11. So, it probably was a lot of kids playing Sonic games. I saw that movie a few weeks ago, so I have no idea what the situation was around that time, just read it failed, not much reason was given in the comments.
  12. Well, so if fully 3D is better - does it mean this hybrid Movie plot works better in the 3D? Would it be accepted by fans? It's hard to think 3D is all it needs when so many people shout - It's going to suck even with the redesign! After "asking" for the redesign "to make the movie better". Or what plot you, as a fanbase, wants? I'm finding the origin an interesting. And this may seem off-topic, but Ratchet and Clank have 3D movie, with a plot I enjoyed (never played the games), yet it seems it failed so miserably it resulted in canceling Sly Cooper fully 3D movie in 2016 was supposed to be air. I found the teaser trailer on YT, and after digging around a bit, this info was often mentioned. On wikipedia, is mentioned a TV series to come out in October 2019 and the possibility of the movie airing/getting finished after the release. So, does fully 3D would convince people it's a great movie? And if the majority of fans shouted - fully 3D is better, and the majority of fans shouted - we want Sonic using guns/weapons - why was the reaction so negative (when majority wanted it? Or it was just a handful of them?) when Shadow got guns and Sonic sword (even before people playing the games)? I can't just wrap my head around this.
  13. So, what do you suggest? What is the right direction for the majority? For you? Are the people from pre-screening saying - Sonic looked good, different, but recognizable. The plot was enjoyable, nice action, and storytelling. - fake? Were they bad example from fans and non-fans? Why the pre-screening when it actually even doesn't matter.
  14. Yes, so we have to try it, to see how it works. So, each game brings something new to test the possibilities. That's why I said, "it could mean a bad thing". I thought it suggests it can be good or bad ^_^; I thought Dr. Eggman is preferred to be 2D evil too? At least, that's what I got from some responses. And aren't BD's powers Chaos-based just like Shadow's? I mean, Shadow has BD's DNA so it makes sense if Shadow can teleport so BD or throw some Chaos balls and co. I just don't remember hearing/seeing Shadow'S powers being called generic. Or is the hive-mind generic idea? So, how do you think BD should look to fit in?
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