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  1. Feel free to share conversations between them, already existing or entirely made up, in this medium that justifies text over pictures and animation. Sonic Anagrams Sonic: "You can't spell icons without Sonic." Tails: "You can't spell smile without Miles." Knuckles: "You can't spell uncles without Knuckles!" Tails: "... You're missing two K..." Knuckles: "Oh, aren't you the smart one, heh?" Sonic Super Powers Sonic: "Hey Knuckles! Were you bitten by a spider?" Knuckles: "No. Were you struck by lightning?" Tails: "Hey guys!" Sonic: "..." Knuckles: "..." Tails: "Fine, I'll go back to Xavier's school... For the gifted!"
  2. Hello there! I'm also new. My profile has the reason for my name, but it's not the most interesting part. I used to go to SEGA's Sonic forums before they shut down, and I promised myself not to join another, but I was tempted by the lack of Sonic in my daily life. I still play Sonic Mania, occasionally, and wish that there were more new games, so if the wait has to be part of this fandom, then I will gladly comply. Thanks in advance!
  3. Here's a headcanon of mine: Metal Sonic came from when the future technology was more advanced to make him. Silver and Mecha Sonic were possible due to the currently available resources building up to him. This is how he got streamlined and not made clunkier.
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