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    AnonymousGameCritic reacted to TheOcelot in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I think the idea of a Sonic movie is fucking awesome, as long as it doesn't suck...
    Fingers crossed!
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    AnonymousGameCritic reacted to Zaysho in REAL COPY of Sonic Adventure E3 Trial Examination   
    Hey there AnonymousGameCritic, just giving you a heads up you're welcome to update the current thread you made with more findings. It was moved to the Green Hill Zone sub-forum, which is where Sonic-related discussion threads go (not sure if you noticed or not). Since we don't really need two threads about the same subject, I'll be locking this for now. Feel free to contact me or another moderator if you have any questions! I'll probably give this a view myself later since I'd like to see some of this early stuff.
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    AnonymousGameCritic reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Sonic Adventure E3 Trial   
    Interesting to see them messing around with the lines of the cutscenes.
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