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  1. cartoon3.jpg


  2. I've been on Discord too long and keep forgetting that *surrounding a fragment with asterisks* doesn't automatically italicize them anywhere else.

    1. Zaysho
    2. Polkadi~♪
    3. Ferno


      it actually irritates me on any kind of chat when it italicizes or bolds something when you're just trying to type something like:

      *is typing this right now*

      Like I want those asterisks to still be there dammit don't turn it into:

      is typing this right now


    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Sometimes I will try to use emotes that are only on Discord. And that's upsetting to me. I be dropping troll faces like Tee Lopes be dropping sick beats

  3. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Okay I personally have problems with a few of these picks. Ninten personally I think is just a super boring character choice, in large part because he's literally just a different generation Ness in both design and abilities. If you put them side by side a lot of people would honestly be hard pressed to realize they're even separate characters. Were it up to me, I'd go with Paula instead - unlike Ness she knows PK Fire, Thunder and Freeze in canon, and wouldn't take much to replace Ness's bat with a frying pan considering all those assets are already in the game. I feel pretty similarly about Ms Pacman, Jeanne and Blood Falcon, all of whom are pretty much identical to their source and don't really bring anything interesting or unique to the table. Even Dark Pit at least had a different arsenal going for him, even if they could've used it much better than they did. Black Shadow I'd personally have gone for as a Ganon echo rather than a Falcon one, mainly cos it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me for someone that bulky to ape such an athletic character and most people previously wanted him to retain Ganon's old moveset to give the real Ganon a better excuse to branch out anyway. I haven't really paid a whole lot of attention to mainstream Pokemon outside of what I've learnt in the Mystery Dungeons, but Zeraora has an entirely different stance and bodily structure to Lucario, and taking a quick look over their bulbapedia page it doesn't look like they even really have comparable movesets either? In fact this is a problem that seems to permeate a lot of Pokemon echo picks, these included. I can't really see Clefairy working over Jiggly because being a balloon is the whole reason Jiggly has multiple jumps, and their recovery is absolute Little Mac tier garbage without them. A completely separate trainer would be pretty pointless without a different set of Pokemon, and because this is echoes we're talking about they'd have to be very similar picks - Squirtle/Wartortle and Bulbasaur/Ivysaur are pretty much interchangable, granted, but I can't see the Charmander line taking up any other role in their evolutionary tree without causing problems in some form. Sceptile I could maybe see working because they and Greninja both have blade moves and low, wide stances, but there'd still be some truly asspull stuff in other areas, like wtf he's supposed to do instead of Shadow Sneak. I'm all for echoes inflating the roster more than they could do with a non-half-assed job, but there comes a point where even by those standards you're kinda just doing it for the sake of it with characters that just aren't really all that comparable at all. Not that I have I huge problem with Liquid Snake per se, but as far as Snake echoes go I personally would have gone with Raiden instead, mainly because he was already basically the in-universe Snake echo in MGS2 and had enough subtle differences that would be interesting enough to see nods to in Smash - mainly the cartwheel over Snake's running roll and that fancy doublekick he does at the end of a combo over Snake's single one. And if one wanted to diversify him further, MGS2 has plenty of options that could be tweaked from Snake's current ones - directional Claymores over C4, Stingers over Nikitias, maybe even a stun/chaff grenade over Snake's frags if you're feeling bold. If you're able to fit in some MGR references on top of that, even if as just a costume or two, even better.
  4. If anyone is actually saying this, it certainly isn't me. My argument isn't that it looks nothing like Sonic. My argument was that it's practically the bare minimum needed to fulfill that. That hasn't changed since I started speaking up about it. If anyone here is exploiting hyperbole, it's you.
  5. Alright, this kind of snark isn't called for. Make a point if you must, but don't transparently mock other members while you're at it. That goes for everyone here. I'm not going to be issuing this warning twice.
  6. Those thing are a lot more generic than you're giving them credit for. Fucking hell, Sonic didn't coin the idea of an anthropomorphic animal. A character can have a bullet list of resemblances and still only vaugely resemble their source material, and simply adding more of them isn't improving your point any.
  7. I mean, have you seen his legs...? Okay but in all seriousness, yes, those things are superficial. Quills and muzzles are things that literally every hedgehog has, fictional or not, and colouration is so difficult to fuck up that I don't think anyone really has done so yet - the worst anyone has managed to do so far is a different shade of blue or peach. It makes no sense to point to these things as definitive points of comparison because they aren't intricate similarities, they're literally obligatory parts of the character that you basically have to miss on purpose.
  8. Boiling similarities down to simple bullet points like "he's blue" is like likening Donald Duck to Howard the Duck because they're both white. There are resemblences, but they are ultimately superficial and surface level only. There's a reason people keep likening it to a bootleg - it's the very bare minimum needed to pass as that character, and whether they did even that well is debatable.
  9. That logic cuts both ways. It's more than a little bizarre to take the "wait and see" approach to justified criticism and then heap praise on them based on things you have yet to see yourself. Going live action was a stupid thing to do - there's really no two ways about it, and we've seen plenty enough to indicate it'll weigh down on the film even if by some miracle the rest of it turns out fine.
  10. This has no right to work as well as it does

    1. SupahBerry


      You cannot grasp the true form of Sonic's incompetance.

    2. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      @SupahBerry *SEGA's incompetence

      Sonic doesn't want this. It's not his fault you fucking jerk. Sonic knows that he can achieve greatness but SEGA and Sonic Team are holding him back and are deliberately trying to kill him.

    3. Celestia


      Sonic is not real

      Also: public reminder to not be dicks to each other for no reason, thanks.

  11. You know how else they could have paid homage to the gloves? By giving him gloves.
  12. Oh for fuck's sake, it isn't 1999 anymore - Sonic's livelihood doesn't depend on whether or not he can push hardware sales or whether or not he can compete with other now completely unrelated platforming mascots, and even if it did this kind of fanboyism still wouldn't have any place in this thread or this forum as a whole. Stop that.
  13. Okay guys, dial it back. This is a thread about the movie first and foremost - let's try and save the game-related tangents for another thread, K? K.
  14. They could theoretically just be hidden behind the length of his blue arms at this angle - I think I see a little white on the left side? Time will tell.
  15. D0_WfvjXQAAs1X0.jpg

    imagine this being the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning

    because it literally was for me

    i will never know sleep again

    1. TheOcelot


      Looks more like a chipmunk


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