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  1. Is there a name for the logical fallacy wherein people assume something isn't a problem because it hasn't affected them on a personal level? I see this often enough that it bothers the hell out of me that I don't know what to call it.

    1. Jovahexeon Dapper Ridley

      Jovahexeon Dapper Ridley

      Confirmation bias comes to mind. 

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      that's a very good question but


    3. Yeow


      Mind projection fallacy is the closest example I can think of that matches that specific type of argument.

      "It occurs when someone thinks that the way they see the world reflects the way the world really is, going as far as assuming the real existence of imagined objects. That is, someone's subjective judgments are "projected" to be inherent properties of an object, rather than being related to personal perception.


      A second form of the fallacy is when someone assumes that their own lack of knowledge about a phenomenon (which is a fact about their state of mind) means that the phenomenon is not or cannot be understood (a fact about reality)."

      On that note, I came across an article that also asked this question and one of the answers said that it's technically not a fallacy--but it is a hypocritical argument. Which makes sense, given the questionable logic.

      I've seen this type of argument plenty of times and it can pretty much be summed up as this: people who proclaim to not care about a topic but care enough about the type of discussion it gets (positive or negative) to jump in and defend one side by discrediting the other side as irrelevant. From there it becomes a game of how long people can flippantly and repeatedly post nonsense before it becomes too much to swallow their own pride and acknowledge anything the other side has said as valid.

    4. Blacklightning


      That's all super informative. Thanks dude.

  2. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    It still weirds me out that fishing rod is a special move and not a regular grab. Having it pocket projectiles like Villager's net currently does would've been super useful.
  3. t2VHUGS.png

    I can't STAND the way the reaction icons blur when they're downscaled, so I attempted a half-assed rotoscoping on one of them to make it cleaner.

    How'd I do? Might try the others at some point.

  4. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Now that you mention it, I went over the list real quick. Of that stuff that we know for sure won't happen, there's X, Megaman Exe, Protoman and Dunban (all show up in Final Smashes), Zero, Takamaru, Ashley and Knux (Confirmed AT) and Flying Man (Stage Hazard). Of what's left over: - I could potentially see Heihachi happening, but given a choice between Namco costumes I feel like people are going to gravitate towards Lloyd Iving more. I don't even know who Gil is. - Between the Virtua Fighter references, Jacky obviously gets preference. But I dunno how much clout Virtua Fighter has in this day and age that it could ever be counted as a reliable third party pick. Personally I wouldn't bet on it. - Between Villager and Isabelle we're already pretty spoilt on Animal Crossing if you ask me. Getting KK Slider on top of that would be neat, but again not the safest bet. - Toad really depends on how much credence you put in the idea that his role in Peach's moveset precludes his own character slot. It'd be nice to finally see them playable, but tbh I won't weep if we miss out again. - Viridi in all likelihood loses out to Medusa just because the latter is much easier to integrate as an echo. - A Monster Hunter feels like practically a given already considering they already have a stage and/or a boss, but the fact that the hunters themselves haven't been shown yet is a little worrying. - Square is notoriously difficult to deal with, so whether or not we get Geno probably depends on how much bank Ninty is prepared to fork over for the privelage. Considering they were able to talk Konami not only into returning Snake but even adding two Castlevania reps though, I wouldn't rule it out. They absolutely know that the demand's there. - Tails in all likelihood loses out to Shadow again because of ease of echoing, but he'd definitely be my pick for a second Sonic rep if it were up to me.
  5. Smash Bros: a game where a plumber, a retired plumber, nine animals, twelve swordsmen, two bounty hunters, three clones, a benevolent lovecraftian entity, three mercenaries, two psychics, three princesses, two monsters, two mountain climbers, a doctor, an LCD game, an angel, a minigame author, a soldier, a hedgehog, two robots, a mayor, a fitness coach, two gods, three avatars, a pellet addict, a mage, a roaming fighter, a witch, a squid, two vampire hunters, a pirate and a secretary get together and have a friendly PUNCH YOU SO IN THE FUCKING FACE SO HARD YOU WAKE UP SEVERAL COUNTRIES AWAY.

    1. KHCast


      Sounds like a lovely Disney film 

    2. Jovahexeon Dapper Ridley

      Jovahexeon Dapper Ridley

      Ridley's quite the pirate indeed.

    3. Solly


      not even sure if that math adds up but that's the long and short of it

    4. Blacklightning


      tbh I'm not entirely sure either, understandably it took a while to take stock and I probably skipped a few by accident XD

    5. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Sound like a knock off Avengers Infinity war film

    6. Fusion-Ellipsis


      You forgot the boxer.

    7. Blacklightning
  6. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I get that not all of you are Animal Crossing fans (hell, I know I'm not) and might not recognize a given character, but to insinuate that she precludes another character from appearing - especially when she was clearly made on the cheap, echo or not - is absolutely asinine fanboy tier bullshit. And to be frank I'm kind of disgusted at the way some people have been reacting to this, both on SSMB and off. Just let people have their fun, guys. Not asking much.
  7. I still can't wrap my head around the mental backflips Ninty execs did to justify the mobile app

    You need a phone... to connect to the internet.. to be able to connect with your Switch... which is also connected to the internet... to be able to interact with other players in any way besides text prompts.

    Or you could've just... given the Switch a headphone jack, and it would've been much cheaper to for all parties involved.


    Also I'm just picturing people just magically growing a third hand to be able to do all this while also holding a pair of joycons because holy shit Nintendo did you at any point stop and think about what you're doing with this

    1. Ferno


      bing. bing.



    2. Polkadi~♪


      As I find, places like Europe and America are baffled. But much of Japan is completely cool with it, even praising it.

      I'm confused. PS+ is a thing over there, I'm sure some of them know there are better options, right...?

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      They should just make it an option for those who want it. It can be nice to have everything manageable on a smartphone, (the Playstation app is the best way to send text messages in a game, for example) but it's just asinine to keep the console itself locked out from it, as well

      That's probably not why they relegated it to an app in the first place though. Probably just Nintendo being Nintendo about voice chat, as always.

    4. SupahBerry


      "Please avoid using offensive language"

    5. Yeow


      It's one of many design decisions for the Switch you know they cut corners on, so they could bring it out to market and finally move on from the Wii U.

    6. Blacklightning


      Now see that's what I don't get. If it were corner cutting I'd see where they're coming from, but it actually seems like more work to design this unnecessarily elaborate infrastructure on a separate device just for voice chat than it does to simply add a microphone jack???

      I'm not convinced it's even a price issue, most of them are just cents a pop.

    7. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      No, the Switch already has a headphone jack. It's already been proven to handle voice chat by Epic with Fortnite and even Splatoon with it's... LAN mode, for whatever reason...

    8. Blacklightning






    9. The Deleter
    10. Yeow


      @Blacklightning TBH I meant cutting corners not so much in terms of saving on costs, but more in terms of rushing the console out to release. Although with that said, Nintendo's historically made a bunch of weird choices with online functionality as it is.

      Due to the way Nintendo acts it's really hard to determine if the Switch mobile app voice chat setup was a deliberate design choice or Nintendo throwing something together in response to a design oversight that didn't have time to be corrected.

      And IIRC the mobile company DeNA is the one that's handling the Switch's online services now (as opposed to Nintendo doing it in-house), so I wouldn't be surprised if this is a byproduct of that....

    11. Polkadi~♪


      welcome to the stupidest part of all this

    12. Ferno


      Switch 2/Mini/XL/Lite/SuperStar/Ultra is pretty much gonna be like the New 3DS, which added extra hardware power and features like a 2nd stick, etc. that should've been there from the start

  8. I feel bad for the people who legit expected another big Smash blowout right after we already had a direct entirely dedicated for it. Only fitting that you only get an echo reveal =V

    1. Ivo the Coldsteel

      Ivo the Coldsteel

      isabelle isn't an echo

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm pretty sure that's why people are annoyed. Isabelle isn't an echo character, she's a fully-fledged fighter.

    3. Ivo the Coldsteel

      Ivo the Coldsteel

      and this is a problem... why? Is it because Ow the Edge wasn't revealed?

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      Well for one, considering I didn't particularly care about Shadow being revealed one way or the other, no it really isn't...?

      However, on my list of characters I was looking to be in Smash, Isabelle was not particularly high on said list, especially as a full fighter as opposed to an echo.

    5. Ivo the Coldsteel

      Ivo the Coldsteel

      You said "people" were annoyed, and seeing as a lot of people (here especially) wanted Edgy the Hedgy, I assumed that was one of the reasons.

      But yeah, uh.... oh well?

    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yeah, because I was in a stream with SSMB members and the response wasn't exactly great.

  9. While Werehog levels are noticably longer than normal ones (and more prevalent too, if you're playing the Wii version), it's important to remember that the majority of the game's padding wasn't actually a direct result of them - rather, through the way level progress was gated off behind medals. This was done in such a way that not only would you need to go through both playstyles to stand the best chance of progressing through the game quickly, the actual medal requirements - especially in the late game - become so strict that you usually need to take regular detours through side stages to make up the difference. With that design philosophy in place, not a whole lot actually changes. You might get a game that's slightly shorter overall, but with much more padding with side stages to make back up their overly blunt approach to extending the game's length - which would arguably make a worse experience overall.
  10. Blacklightning

    Sonic fan creations that are admirable or annoying

    Sorry pal, but even lack of substance aside, the subject matter is framed in such a way that's begging for personal attacks. As such, gonna have to lock this one.
  11. Hi lulzers. I won't close this topic because there might yet be some decent discussion around it, but in future I encourage you to put more effort into them besides a list and a premise. Perhaps you'd like to offer your own thoughts to start things off first?
  12. @Spin Attaxx


    "For the last time, I'm NOT Android 18!"

    I was really tired while I was putting this together, so apologies if I fucked something up.

    1. Failinhearts


      She is not Android 18.

      She's better.

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Looks pretty nice, man! Good job!

      and no i didn't crib 18's design for jessica, whatever gave you that idea

  13. V6Hgd92.png

    @Kiah, might as well tag @Zaysho too cos your signature definitely inspired this.

    Goddamn is Sally's hair fucking crazy though or what

    1. Kiah


      Is this your mod motto or something? 😉

  14. Blacklightning

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