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  1. gW3fDGo.jpg

    is this you

  2. Screen_Shot_2017_12_07_at_9.38.52_PM.png

    I'm sorry can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate the awesomeness that is LINK ON A FUCKING MOTORBIKE IN AN ACTUAL ZELDA GAME

    1. Cobalt_Bolt


      Tonight we ride!

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      ...I must have it.


      /logs into BotW for he first time in several months.

    3. Shiguy


      So is Mario kart 8 canon now?

    4. KHCast


      Guess that concept wasn’t scrapped after all lol

    5. Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Partridge in a Dee Tree

      but it’s shit when shadow does it :u

    6. Yeow


      it's shit when shadow does it because shadow was acting like an edgelord tool with guns akimbo

      and his game was crap

    7. Blacklightning


      Shadow shouldn't even need a fucking bike, he can already run as fast as Sonic and teleport on top of that =V

    8. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy



    9. Polkadi


      professional artists drew an akira reference

      for a zelda game


    10. KHCast


      It controls like shit when shadow does it 

    11. A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      IT was gun protocol for shadow to have a bike.

  3. 06KmyES.jpg

    oh my fucking god

    1. Zaysho



    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Zaysho That sounds like a ghost version of Pikachu.

    3. mayday2592


      Now I want to a version of this in comics called Pikapool.

  4. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Eh, to be honest Unlimited killed all interest I had left in Scribblenauts. Most of the puzzles I can remember off the top of my head were basically generic quizzes rather than using items in creative ways, and that was a theme I'd already noticed at many points through Super Scribblenauts too. I might think about it if they go back to what made the original game fun, but have doubts they'll actually do that.
  5. Official Sonic 2006 topic

    For those of you that care, AVGN made a second vid.
  6. > ~2 hour long game

    > All 3D sections combined add up to less than 15 minutes

    D Y I N G

  7. At the risk of sounding dumb: why do PC games keep using .ogg files instead of MP3s for music?

    1. McGroose


      That's a very good question. It might have to do with the the coding or game engine that reads for specific types of files. Either that or game companies get worried about their music being easily accessible if in the form of MP3s.

      It doesn't make a difference, you can convert an OGG to an MP3 in a minute. It's more of a nuisance than anything.

    2. Sean


      Might have to do with being able to easily loop OGG files.

    3. McGroose


      Some games also have music or sound effects broken up into parts that loop at specific points, which is more convenient with OGG than MP3 I'd imagine.

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      yea I think they're easier to loop

    5. StrickerXmas


      From what I hear it's due to it being an open format. Also they're easier to encode and can generally sound better.

      Not to mention that it makes it a tiny bit harder for your average user to rip sound files out of the game for redistribution.

    6. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      A license has to be payed every time a MP3 has to be used in a commercial sense while OGG is an open sourced format so no money has to be paid out, just credited at the end if they use it. They have better compression and sound quality too.

      Some games mainly more in the AAA section use an audio middleware called WWise that has a part of the Vorbis codec included (OGG isn't the only one part of Vorbis) and they are harder to rip from. Unlike OGG that can be played on many audio players, the WWise version either has to be converted or played via plugins sort of like ADX or EA/Nintendo's own streaming files can be played via vgmstream.

  8. Net Neutrality Vote on Dec 13th! (#SaveNetNeutrality)

    So it turns out Verizon owns Tumblr, and have been actively censoring Net Neutrality topics and tags on it.
  9. Character deterioration

    "Flanderization". The word you're looking for is Flanderization. On that note, Amy used to be pretty much the textbook definition of this - especially around Heroes and Sonic Battle days, where she ranged from obsessive to literally psychotic. But Sonic Team seems to have dialed that back somewhat in recent years. Is it for the better? I can't tell yet, because I'm struggling to remember any moments from Lost World / Forces that really clicked for me.
  10. Yet he apparently has no problem milking classic Sonic for everything he's worth. =\ Don't get me wrong, Sonic Team still has plenty to learn from the classic games too, but if you're gonna make excuses you might as well be consistent about them.
  11. I'd hate to admit it, but there were a few points throughout Mania which essentially boiled down to "hold down and let the level design carry you". I'm just not particularly bitter about it because even that level of depth is still better than what we'd have otherwise, because that at least requires you to read the level design and decide where best a strategic roll will benefit you. That's still downright heavenly when the alternative is "hold one button down and the game practically plays itself".
  12. Trawling through footage I captured from Sonic Forces, and it just occured to me that


    Sonic didn't know his prison was in space, even though HIS CELL HAS A CLEAR FUCKING VIEW OF PLANET EARTH.


    1. Conando Claus

      Conando Claus

      Sonic's kind of dumb I guess.

    2. Scott


      That's why Sonic was still fine after being "tortured" for 6 months....

      He was too dumb to know he was being tortured! 


      But Tails!? Tails just lost it...

  13. https://i.imgur.com/JtqaJjY.mp4

    Alright lightsabers dubbed into other movies is already pretty fucking cool but this is absolutely badass editing

    1. MegasonicZX


      My god this looks like an editing nightmare.

  14. You know, I think it's pretty telling that Oddessy could make an arranged marriage feel like the stakes are constantly super high, but Forces couldn't even make me take a conquer of the entire planet seriously.

    1. Osmium


      Do you mean Forces in place of the second Odyssey 

    2. Blacklightning


      ...yes I did.

      For fuck's sake brain stop being dumb

      good thing I can still edit statuses

    3. Ferno


      super mario oddressy

    4. Froste-the-SnowMetallix


      Eh, I knew Bowser and Peach wouldn't have worked out.

      Even ignoring the "Status Quo is God" rule, Peach was clearly not willing to go through with it, and unlike in Super Paper Mario, Bowser had no way of forcing her to say "I do." He didn't even hire a preacher, the dumbass.

  15. It really bothers me how hard it is to find out who composed what music in any given game

    1. jingleblurs98


      there should be a VGM composers resource.