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  1. ah yes

    pump action MP5s

    that was a thing

  2. @Blacklightning "If you're going to shitpost, at least keep it to status updates. This doesn't warrant a thread of its own."

    ...Was that a pun?

  3. I just wanted to come back to this real quick to point out a few things. Point one: they already do that in multiple regions. Point two: some publishers (most notably Activision off the top of my head) patch in premium economies of this nature post launch, specifically to hook in people who might not have bought the game at all because of them. And while I'm pretty sure digital storefronts are updated with the new disclaimers, I've yet to hear of physical editions of games being recalled for misleading ratings. Which is kind of fucking irritating to be perfectly honest, thinking back to how quickly the industry was pressured into acting on Hot Coffee - a dummied out feature that wasn't even accessible without modifying your game files - or how often games here in Australia have been censored if not outright denied sale for the most absurd and childish of reasons.
  4. latest?cb=20111106063247
    God is just dog spelt backwards.

    Chip is a dog.

    Chip is also a god.

    1. Shaddy Zaphod
    2. Osmium
    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      What do you get if cross an agnostic, an insomniac and someone that has dyslexia?

      A person that lays awake at night wondering whether or not there is a dog.

  5. https://i.imgur.com/hYENm2X.mp4

    you spin me right round baby

    1. SaturnWolf


      I choked on my drink seeing those few frames the intro from Advance 3 seeped in

  6. I'm not quite sure if I can articulate just how I feel about collectibles as they have been in Sonic games, but I feel that they work best when you don't actively have to go out of your way for them. That's not to say they should be just lying right in the middle of the level instead - far from it. I just feel that as it stands now, they work better when they come as a natural result of being better at a level. A lot of the time, the best examples of this are simply finding an alternate (often better) route through the level and finding a little medal along the way. But a lot of the time, that isn't the case. They tend to be so far out of the way that nothing about discovering or looking for them feels like natural level design, and there's usually no reason to seek them out after that fact because they'll be a small cache of rings at best and a literal dead end at worst. It doesn't help that the collectibles themselves have no further value once already collected, either - at least Special Stage rings gave you enough of a boon to trigger Super Sonic then and there, and that there was more of them in the game than you needed to get all the Chaos Emeralds. I feel like this makes the most sense when you compare them to the green stars in Mario Galaxy 2 - which aren't really integrated into the level design so much as shoved on barely reachable but as of yet unexploited level geometry as an afterthought, like they were just looking to give their level testers more work to do. As for why they haven't dabbled in a more open collectathon, that's pretty simple - Sonic is pretty much designed only to handle well in one direction at a time, and arguably always has been. Sonic Team knows this. Maybe somewhere in there, there's a statement on how ST uses overly linear level design as a crutch, or how they need to rely on springs and boost pads to forcibly change direction, or how there literally has never been a camera system that functions well enough to be able to focus on objects outside your peripheral vision without compromising your ability to jump at the same time. What can be said with certainty is that they would need to greatly rethink and rework the way Sonic interacts with a 3D environment for a Banjo-esque collectathon to even function well, let alone thrive. It's funny that you'd mention Meteor Herd specifically, because the way the level is built, it actually functions better as a point-to-point objective (climbing from the bottom of the level to the ARK high up above) than a series of three random collectibles. One of the main reasons it takes so goddamn long to complete is how long it takes to gain height vs simply being able to fall or drilldive all the way back down to the bottom, to the point that you're essentially repeating the same stretch of level multiple times to scout for emerald shards. Say what you will about emerald hunting as a whole, but it really works to the playstyle's benefit when the level design is mostly lateral - at least that way you can full on sprint through a level until your radar gets a ping.
  7. Your own disagreements aren't license to openly mock people for it, especially if you're going to do so in lieu of contributing to the discussion at all. I'm not going to tell you stop this kind of condescending attitude again - if you can't debate like a normal human being, just don't post.
  8. I felt genuine disgust when Bethesda tried to take credit for inventing Wolfenstein 3D, live on stage. Like, I watched the Devolver Digital conference afterwards, with all it's blood and gore and puke and seizure inducing screen scrambling, and that still filled me with less disgust than Bethesda trying to take all the credit for what was provably ID software's work alone.

    Do they think people were born yesterday or something...? Okay in hindsight these idiots cheering on Elder Scrolls Blades probably gave them that exact impression. Nevermind then.

    1. SupahBerry


      These audiences have become organic sitcom laughtracks.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I swear that audience had to be pay for. I refuse to believe people would not only praise Blades, but fucking Fallout

    3. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      @Ryannumber1gamer To be fair it is actually standard practice for comedians to hire people to laugh at all their jokes regardless of their actual humor, and for live performers in general to hire people to clap for them no matter what. Only theatre seems to be the exception, but even then family and friends of the actors are often offered free seats to shows— a gesture extended in part because family and friends will reliably and proudly support the actors they’re associated with for free. 

      It’s supposed to influence people’s perceptions of the performance and provide the audience a cue for how and when to react. But when done wrong or with a performance that is simply too bad or offensive to sugarcoat, the audience may as well be voicing for a parody of the Big Bang Theory, because their reactions sound canned, detached, and inappropriate. The paid audience members will laugh at set-ups, clap for terrible visuals, etc. in a way that just makes them not believable as happy fans or even curious outsiders.

  9. Not entirely. Most of the PC OST is just MIDI interpretations of the originals with a few odd exceptions. Those off the top of my head being: Knux's theme in Sonic 3, Launch Base, Icecap and Carnival Night. I don't think anything on the Sonic & Knux side of things is affected at all.
  10. Okay, first of all: your argument definitely wasn't "the designs aren't bad because they're different" before. In fact, based on what you were originally responding to, what you suggested was something a lot closer to "they still draw from the same aesthetic". You don't get to back out of that and move the goalposts just because the most basic premise behind that argument is completely laughable. And just to give you an idea of just how laughable that is, that does apply to most of the examples you just gave. Nobody gives a shit what colour Sonic's eyes are nowadays (and even back then it never really kicked up a fuss until Richard Kuta basically made a meme out of it, and by that point I'm pretty sure we were already past 06 if not close to it) because modern and classic Sonic nonetheless shared every other defining visual trait, the same general aesthetic style and many of the same characteristics besides being a little taller and slimmer. I don't think I can break it down any simpler than this: Sonic is a cartoon character. In the move, Sonic is not a cartoon character. The very core of your argument is factually - not just objectively, factually - wrong, and simply giving your argument more words doesn't really address that in any way, shape or form. And while we're on that subject, I'm even going to humour this obvious strawman attempt anyway - yes, movie Sonic is ugly. It doesn't matter a single bit what completely arbitary nitpick makes "sense" in the constraints of the film universe or the self-imposed restrictions the directors designed the film around, because it is in essense a thermian argument - they are in control of all those factors and weren't under any obligation to follow them. Because they did, Sonic's look suffered for it. It's not designed for a live action space, and they butchered his look in order to achieve parity with it. This backlash isn't because of whiny, entitled fans like you seem to be implying - the reveal trailer was actually #1 on trending Youtube for a time, and you're gonna have a pretty hard time convincing anyone the fandom alone has those kinds of numbers or that the video was up that high for any good reason. Thirdly, I can't believe this even needs to be said: fanart isn't official representation of a multi million dollar licensed product. These aren't people competing to be the next big thing in a medium not yet explored by the franchise - this is just a bunch of fans with spare time and a generally niche audience without an intended endgoal. I guarantee you if the same stuff had to be pitched on a AAA level, the response would be much different. It is nonetheless a representative of the games, though, and has no good reason to diverge from them this far. I don't quite know how aware of this you are, but the Sonic movie is an outlier in this regard, not the norm - most decent adaptations at least make an attempt to resemble the thing they're based on, and we have examples as recent as Castlevania and Ratchet and Clank to speak for this. That being said, you're absolutely right about one thing - 06 Sonic did look weird alongside normal-looking people. That has nothing to do with why his design didn't work though - rather it was because of the concious and intentional decision to place him in an environment he obviously contrasted with badly when they were in no way obligated to do so, and doing the movie in live action is something people have consistently advised against for this exact same reason. This isn't a recent complaint either - literally on day one, the moment we heard it was a live action hybrid, most people already knew it was going to weigh down heavily on the movie, even if the extent to which would be up to debate for quite some time. It's honestly fucking ridiculous that you're fishing this hard for ways to pin this on the fans, as if it's somehow our fault Sega can't parse good feedback from the bad. In fact I'd be genuinely surprised if you didn't know full well Dio wasn't suggesting anything this extreme, so I'm going to act on an official capacity for this one - don't do that. If you can't make an argument in good faith without intentionally misrepresenting what other people are saying, how about just don't post at all.
  11. Random shower thought - it's kinda crazy in hindsight how much the original hype around the Sonic movie's director mirrors the introduction of Pontac and Graff. The guy behind the Deadpool film, using a style of humour that doesn't really work that well without extreme violence and adult humour to juxtapose it... versus the guys behind Happy Tree Friends, using a style of humour that doesn't really work that well without extreme violence and adult humour to juxtapose it.

    Shit, maybe next time we'll get Seth Rogan on board and make it a hat trick.

    1. Milo


      I see your point, but it’s worth noting Tim Miller stepped away from directing the film. Jeff Fowler is the director (although Miller has remained on the project as an executive producer).

  12. Are you kidding me right now? Just look at them. They're barely alike. It's pretty plain to see they haven't committed to any faithfulness to Sonic's aesthetic, in fact they've only really done the bare minimum required to convince somebody that they're they same character. Adding inconsequential easter eggs to it doesn't really make up for that - it's at best a bandaid designed to distract you from the fact that they could have done a lot better and are perfectly aware of the fact that they could. Just because a complete lack of consistency is expected from Sonic as a character (and frankly I'd argue whether even that is true) doesn't mean it's a particularly good model for developing any kind of entertainment media. You might see it as keeping a formula from going stale, but the truth is closer to keeping it from developing far enough to achieve actual greatness - the only thing this baseless rhetoric ever actually achieved was throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  13. til gamefreak wants you to sleep with your pokemon


    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin


    2. Polkadi~☆
    3. NegaMetallix


      That's not even the worst part.

      That Gardevoir only knows Rest, Sleep Talk, and Snore.

      You'll be lucky to get ANY sleep with that racket in the background!

  14. Based on the image quality, the concept looks about Saturn/PS1 era to me. Around then a Green Hill level would actually still have been somewhat novel - in fact the only debatable time it would have come up since is the hub for Sonic Jam I believe? Believe it or not, GHZ's saturation didn't actually start becoming a problem until around Generations - it's a pretty recent problem by comparison. Yawn. Let me know when they actually start making level design around it instead of tech demos. Sonic-esque physics on their own haven't really been a particularly big milestone for years now.
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