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  1. Writing quality aside, it's worth remembering that Mephiles is pegged as a character that prefers to manipulate first and personally intervene only when that fails - and one of the cornerstones of manipulation is lying. This wouldn't be the first time lied to try to get someone on his side, or even the most notable, lest we forget Silver was an antagonist in this game purely because he believed Mephiles when told Sonic was the cause of the apocalypse. It's also worth remembering that we only have Mephiles's word that this ever happened in any timeline, and nothing more. Granted, Omega does at one point claim he's the one who captured Shadow in the future, but that's only after a 1 on 1 confrontation with Mephiles, who for all we know simply told Omega that to manipulate him too. So no, I don't think this ever had a chance of happening for real.
  2. Not that I think it makes Chief any more likely, but a lot of the third parties have at least two reps right now. Sega has Sonic and Bayonetta, Konami has Snake and the Belmonts, and Capcom has Megaman, Ryu and Ken. Another MS rep wouldn't be entirely unheard of, in this fighter pass or the next. What I am wary of is speculation and guessing based on ports, especially recent ones. I really hate to remind you guys, but the DLC picks were decided very early on, long before development of the main game had wrapped up (hell, a lot of it is arguably based on Smash 4's ballot), so none of this stuff has any bearing on a character's chances and it probably never did. We already went through this same song and dance when Doom and Skyrim got Switch ports and amounted to neither Doomguy nor Dragonborn, or even so much as a reference to either.
  3. Why not do both? Have him chill out in places only he can get to. Shit, one of the pre-redesign posters was already exactly that, which is probably the only compliment I ever would've paid it at that time.
  4. laftqy8wut841.jpg

    As someone who sees this shit way too often in Sonic I feel like this needs to be said more often

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Not often do I view a comment that makes me go "^This^", but ^THIS.^


      It makes me think of these people from this social group. At one point they discussed how Star Wars fans are so bitter and always ranting, as if they they were claiming they don't consider themselves "fans". Yet they went on about about reading and playing the old EU stuff, and how that was way better than the new one and consider that the real canon.

      With all due respect for their opinions, isn't that the kinda stuff a bitter Star Wars fan would say and do, going by their own "definition"???

    2. Blacklightning


      It's not even one's specific definition of a fan that bothers me, so much as "you need to dip into every media to be considered worthy of fandom".

      I realize this could be a no true scotsman all its own, but I can't conceive of a fan any other way than someone that likes something when it's great, is critical of it when it's not, and just refuses to buy something if they know they don't like the direction it's taking. I used to buy Sonic games just to be informed of the state of the franchise, even when I knew it wasn't good - and Forces finally taught me that it only encourages them to make more of it, which isn't healthy for me or Sega.

  5. There's your problem. Seeing as this isn't the first time this ancient thread has been bumped for little apparent reason, and it's probably going to happen again otherwise, I'm locking the thread. If OP happens to have an actual update to post, let a member of staff know and we'll unlock it.
  6. who mariosonic 2020

  7. Is there an adjective for "not tired enough to sleep but too tired to play videogames"

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I need a word for the opposite; tired enough to go to sleep, but forcing yourself to stay up playing video games anyway.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      The first one is called restlessness, the latter is called masochism. 

  8. IIRC at least one of the trailers has shown Sonic taking a portal to earth at more or less their current age - so guessing they either scrapped that as a concept or it was never a thing to begin with? Admittedly my memory's a little hazy on the original source of that suggestion.
  9. You know what the ultimate movie easter egg would be

    Finally making Chao in Space for real as an opening short.

  10. A quick PSA for the fanbase, seeing as I've seen it crop back up again here and there and it's quickly become a pet peeve of mine: if you still don't like what you see and aren't seeing the movie because of it, good for you. If you're genuinely excited and want to see it either way, I'll be totally honest right now and say I don't agree, but I can see why, and it's ultimately your choice and I respect that. But if you're going to see the movie to "see how bad it is", stop. Just stop. All you're ultimately achieving is convincing them to make more of the thing you clearly never liked, never would have liked and never will like, and it's a trap the fanbase has already fallen for in the games for the better part of a decade and a half. And if you had anything resembling a spine and a sense of impulse control, you'd start voting with your wallet so people high up actually have an incentive to get their shit together. It doesn't matter if you have some scathing critique or something lined up afterwards, because frankly they're not listening to you - because they obviously would have never let the project get this far if they were - and your time would be equally as productively spent inhaling a gigantic wheelbarrow of cocks instead.
  11. have you ever shat so hard you pissed

    1. TCB


      aren't you supposed to be a mod

  12. SUPER


    1. Big Panda
    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      So a full lengh version of the Rolling Ball levels from Mario Galaxy?

  13. d1b257fc8f21ed371dc01b932d22a482.png

    oh my god

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      So we've finally found Sonic's answer to 7 Grand Dad?

    2. Harkofthewaa


      Was the prototype called CD Obama?

    3. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Obama chuckled. You mean the chaos emeralds?

  14. Where I'm going with this is that all of your comparisons are bullshit. Stop for just a few minutes and think - actually think - about all of the things you have suggested so far. This all started because you baselessly labelled Terry a Ken echo. Not a clone, not even just generally speaking a ripoff - an echo. Do you actually know what that means? What that's reserved for? I'll give you a hint: all of the current echos are, bar one or two differences (and sometimes not even that, ala Daisy) functionally identical to the character they're based on. The only exception so far is Chrom, and that's only because he borrows from two characters instead of just one. I don't know how much I can drill words like "functional" and "mechanical" into you before you comprehend stuff like race, colour and theme does not fucking fit that definition in any meaningful way. So Terry has a projectile. Big whoop. So do 59 others. But off the top of my head, Bowser Jr is the only character with a grounded one - but it wouldn't matter even if I was wrong on that count, because even if there were many others, none of them are Ken. So Terry has fire moves. Big whoop. So do about 20 others. But if you'd rather narrow it down to "people that punch with fire", Terry has more in common with Captain Falcon than Ken, and yet comparing the two at all is still a premise so laughable it basically approaches parody. So Terry has a "shoryuken" esque move. Big whoop. So do about 6-7 others, and considering even if later games hadn't basically phased that move out anyway that Smash is almost as much a platforming game as a fighting one and all characters need recovery options regardless, it's really puzzling to me that this is somehow a sticking point for you. Funnily enough, continuing off the theme Tornado established earlier, Mario is one of those characters. So Terry can punch and kick people. Big whoop. It's a fucking fighting game. Punching and kicking are the default actions that signify fighting. There are way more characters that fight with hands and feet than those who don't, and most of the exceptions are fucking quadrupeds whenever they're not weapon users - and even those still have kicks thrown in here and there most of the time. It is beyond baffling that this is seriously, actually, honest to god a point you're trying to make. Did you come from another planet and hit your head or something? To be totally honest I'm not sure why I'm wasting this kind of energy on you, because I can't reason you out of a position you clearly didn't reason yourself into. So you know what? I'm done. And so are you. I'm done tolerating this hysterical, borderline fanboy attitude that's been on show every time you try to double down on this nonsense, and I'm this close to acting in an official capacity to ensure this comes to a stop. If you're not here to say anything of substance, just stop.
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