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  1. As much as I would like to see 21st century characters in a classic style game, this is... just not true in any sense of the word. Even if we're just talking in terms of likelihood, this is even less likely to happen than having them playable in the main games and I'm pretty sure you know that too. It honestly tires the hell out of me that people believe "having multiple playable characters" is somehow a matter of mutual exclusivity between 2D and 3D games all of a sudden.
  2. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    If it were up to me and me alone, I'd take the multiplayer aspect out of Smash Run entirely. Make it less about gathering stats for a randomly determined showdown and more about integrating some of Run's mechanics into a simple roguelike affair, running through stages and beefing up in various ways along the way for bosses and other such encounters. Hell, borrow a few things from Smash Tour while you're at it, because I always thought collecting the characters themselves as extra stocks was like the one thing I liked about Tour.
  3. Honestly surprised it took this long to find a fuckup that simple to be honest.
  4. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I'm not expecting an especially huge number of newcomers, and I don't think there are a whole lot of options left anyway. As far as safe picks for first parties are concerned I can only think of Springman, K.Rool and yet another fucking Pokemon and Fire Emblemer. Most of the demand as of late has been for 3rd parties, which I imagine are expensive and tough to negotiate, and honestly I'm surprised Smash 4 even had as many as it did. I think I'd be happier overall if they took most of that time and put it into balancing and replay value instead.
  5. Characters of the Classic type usually have one, at best two mechanical differences between them. Give Shadow an 8-way teleport, streamline Silver's telekinesis all the way down to Klonoa levels so it's just catching and either throwing or vaulting off enemies. Boom, done. That wasn't so hard, was it? The only reason this isn't considered a serious possibility by many seems to be the supposition that Shadow and Silver are bound to a certain brand of narrative that doesn't gel well with classic aesthetics and... well, no shit? Just don't do that then. Christ.
  6. Okay, hear me out.


    Mr Potato Head...


    ...but with Chao.

    1. Zaysho


      ...I'd buy one.

    2. Kiah


      Never cared for Mr. Potato Head for almost 30 years now but THIS I want! Make it happen SEGA!

    3. Rusty Spy
    4. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      To be brutally honest, while I like Chao and their various preset designs, I've never enjoyed the way they look with the animal bits. It's not a bad idea just because of that, though

    5. Bowbowis
  7. 3IknASV.jpg

    want it

    1. Ashwalking Bat
    2. Tatters


      I would sacrifice everyone here in SSMB for that.

    3. SupahBerry



    4. KHCast


      I was literally talking about this yesterday with a friend haha

    5. Fusion-Ellipsis


      I wonder what the start up sounds will be like-

      *Cue the GameCube theme but instead it's forming the Nintendo switch logo and the ending is the Nintendo switch finger snap instead of the usual BONK sound from GameCube*

    6. Pelvic WOO! engine
  8. esynic-2-4g-wireless-mouse-vertical-ergo


    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      A cone transmission shift.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      SCP-131-Z, the Eyedrop SCP’s blind brother.

    3. Adamabba


      a stress cone

    4. Ferno


      a good time

  9. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Okay I'm not sure if it's because I worded it weirdly or because people aren't reading into it right, but either way I don't quite think the message I intended to convey got through. I'm not asking for 3rd parties to be treated equally, just to be given consideration for echoes of their own. You guys are absolutely right, not every one of them warrants an echo. That's not what actually I'm asking for.
  10. if peach is only a princess then who the fuck is the queen

    1. Adamabba



    2. GentlemanX


      Whoever married this guy.


    3. SupahBerry
    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      This picture of Prince Harry's wedding should explain it all


    5. KHCast



    6. Ferno



      l-like, stop askin taze-worthy questions little man

    7. Harkofthewaa





      "And that is why I have no time to go save my daughter. Too busy ruling, so I hired a couple of plumbers to do it instead."


  11. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    That's basically what Ganondorf was for the better part of 3 generations. Everyone hated it. I can't imagine two franchises that have characters so similar that they're so interchangeable. All that comes to mind is a Mighty #9 rep, and lol at the chances of that.
  12. Quote

    Even James Bond was once considered for Melee following Rare’s GoldenEye 007, only stopped by licensing issues that naturally comes with an IP based on a long-running novel and film franchise.

    Tbh this just makes me more sad that we never got Joanna Dark in a Smash game.

    1. Space☆Yeow



    2. SupahBerry


      Huh. In the old 2000 days, there have been many playground rumors going around that Sakurai wanted James Bond as a guest in the original Smash. I knew it was somewhat plausible with the motion-sensor mine issue in Melee.

      Alot of those same rumors also claimed he wished Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader could be in Smash 64. He is clearly a Star Wars fan in reality, hence the lightsaber item and him comparing himself to George Lucas regarding his nagging fanbase. 

    3. Nast


      i can't confirm this but i'm pretty sure the context of that james bond quote was sakurai answering a fan's question about Rare characters appearing in smash in general. i highly doubt james bond was seriously considered at any point. 😕

  13. Blacklightning

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I just think that if we're gonna put in Shadow as a 3rd party Echo, I think the rest of the 3rd parties should at least be given a fair consideration for one of their own. That's easy for some of them. Ken or Akuma over Ryu. Jeanne over Bayonetta. Raiden over Snake. I don't feel like Sonic should be given special treatment just because he's been in Smash longer.
  14. happy birthday! hope you had a good time on your birthday.


  15. LTKzWk9.gif


    1. DanJ86


      Must be what it's like to be a moth.

    2. Blue Wisp

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