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  1. This question seems to crop back up practically every time the design is mentioned in this thread, and for the life of me I'm struggling to imagine what other answers you're expecting to hear besides "corporate greed" and "focus tested stupidity". The people making decisions pretty plainly have no idea what the hell they're doing, because if they did they never would have let it get this far. =V
  2. One need only look at Braid for a case in point of this. Pretty much all the assets iirc were hand drawn, and sure it might look pretty in motion, but it also took them something like four years to get a game done this way between their small, two person team. In fact this isn't even just true of indie games. Though they were still technically sprites, one of the Guilty Gear games (forget which one, other than that I know it was before Xrd) made them in such high resolution that they were basically direct rips of their reference drawings, and someone on the team went on record that making graphics this way tended to get things done at roughly one frame per day, even with the resources they had over an indie group. Power to the guys that wanna go all out on graphics, but most people making games on their own aren't making them for that reason. A lot of budding developers will want to focus their attention elsewhere on merits they can compete better with, gameplay or story devices probably being the two most obvious ones. This is kind of an unfair comparison. SA1 doesn't fail to hold up because its polygons are dated, it fails to hold up because its artstyle is dated. That's as true of pixel art as it is of 3D art. There are some pretty dated 3D games that still hold up to this day because they're simply appealing to the eye despite (or sometimes even because of) the limitations of the day, just as much as there are 2D games from the 8 and 16 bit eras that look like pixellated vomit. I mean fucking hell, just look at the very next game after that. Artstyle trumps technical power every time, and that's true of any medium. Worst case, you might sometimes spot a creative shortcut the developers made to make things look more appealing than they are (most common example of this era would probably be 2D cutouts in crowds just of the top of my head), but I don't think I've ever thought less of a game's looks because of them.
  3. MFFuVqw.png

    I should probably make an art thread.

  4. Seeing the return of Staatmeister and the Master State would be a pretty funny callback to the SNES Wolfenstein now that you mention it.
  5. FNDJjNh.png

    Sire, I bring terrible news! Sonic the Hedgehog tanked hard!


    Wait, do you mean the Genesis game, the 360 game or the movie?




    Friggin' smartass.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer



      "By the way sir, Lord Frieza of Paramount called, said they've gotta talk to ya about some kinda movie design. Sounds like a deal all the fans will get a kick out of"

  6. This is amazing to read coming from the guy who once said this: Look, this is a pretty divisive flick, and I'd honestly be disappointed if people didn't disagree on things surrounding it. But this is a discussion board first and foremost - if you're not prepared to discuss it, maybe you should take your own advice instead of flinging ad hominem at anyone who disagrees with you.
  7. KXWsqGx.jpg

    1. KHCast



    2. Ferno


      maybe they should've just given him real/rocket racoon styled eyes after all

    3. Ruomarta


      Why thank you @Blacklightning. Thank you for the nightmares.

    4. Celestia


      tbh that's more or less how I was expecting Pikachu to look before we saw anything of the movie.

    5. Zaysho


      So I guess we're firing Blacklightning

    6. NegaMetallix


      ...I've gotta be honest. That top one kinda reminded me of this:


    7. Blacklightning


      Glad I’m not the only one who thought of that

  8. I really need that 0:52 bit as a gif

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda


      Also here you go


  9. I should probably remind you that this is a two way street you're talking about here. You entered this thread to talk trash about other people's opinions and then had the nerve to demand others respect yours when you were inevitably challenged. Don't do that. Either debate with reason and good faith or get out.
  10. Yeah, and so do actual bootlegs. What's your point? There's a shitton more to representing a character than a tiny list of bullet points.
  11. This was literally the first thing I thought of so of course I had to shitpost it
  12. Hey if movie adaptations of Pokemon spinoffs are allowed to look this awesome can we get a Mystery Dungeon movie next


  13. That's not something I would know for sure, but here's the way I see it - if that's true, it's a failure to understand that audience, and if it's false it's a failure to understand what audience this kind of film appeals to. In my book, either option is still a monumental fuckup.
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