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  1. laftqy8wut841.jpg

    As someone who sees this shit way too often in Sonic I feel like this needs to be said more often

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Not often do I view a comment that makes me go "^This^", but ^THIS.^


      It makes me think of these people from this social group. At one point they discussed how Star Wars fans are so bitter and always ranting, as if they they were claiming they don't consider themselves "fans". Yet they went on about about reading and playing the old EU stuff, and how that was way better than the new one and consider that the real canon.

      With all due respect for their opinions, isn't that the kinda stuff a bitter Star Wars fan would say and do, going by their own "definition"???

    2. Blacklightning


      It's not even one's specific definition of a fan that bothers me, so much as "you need to dip into every media to be considered worthy of fandom".

      I realize this could be a no true scotsman all its own, but I can't conceive of a fan any other way than someone that likes something when it's great, is critical of it when it's not, and just refuses to buy something if they know they don't like the direction it's taking. I used to buy Sonic games just to be informed of the state of the franchise, even when I knew it wasn't good - and Forces finally taught me that it only encourages them to make more of it, which isn't healthy for me or Sega.

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