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  1. Hello there! Not quite sure if I have to reserve a place or not but my band would like to enter a song for this year's album. We previously entered this one (see below) but we're currently working on something new. Just thought I better put something here to say we're interested!
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one! c:

  3. Give me the cyber razor cut.

  4. I've got this in the post! Really looking forward to finally playing it. Completed Kirby's Epic Yarn at the weekend at that was amazing.
  5. If it is, then what does it actually mean for the series? I mean Mario games are kinda of Mario games regardless of number. It's not like they haven't return to 2D gameplay before (New Super Mario Bros anyone?). Either way, it's bound to be a really tight and almost bug-free experience. Mario games never disappoint unless we're looking at sports spin-offs.
  6. It's funny that you should mention the PS1 games because they were the games this most reminded me of in gameplay style. They were also the games that got me into Spider-Man altogether!
  7. If you like Spider-Man you'll love Shattered Dimensions. Been my favourite Spider-Man game of recent and we've certainly had some rubbish!
  8. OH MAN. Totally forgot how much of a train-wreck this stage is. Took me 45 MINUTES to complete. I think it's safe to say I won't be returning to it any time soon!
  9. Ah, the old opinion card! You come and piss people off and then pull out that old trick! Whatever mate. Anyone who can tell their arse from their elbow can hear that Roger's Sonic voice is not "annoying and whiny". Look at Cream or Amy for examples of that.
  10. God I love this game. Best 3D Sonic game in years. I'd quite happily have an Adventure 3 if it used this engine. But to be honest, I'd want a Colours 2 first.