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  1. Aww, how wonderful! I've always wanted to try writing or drawing Sonic comics! I'm kind of curious, can people still apply to write or do art for these stories?
  2. https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic#cite_note-tssz-160 More parents are gamers than in any generation. And among the gaming community, Sonic has become infamous. Even if a parent doesn't research when the game's price drops they will trust game reveiws and word of mouth to figure out what to get their child. and more often than not, they'll be dissuaded from buying a Sonic game. A parent might get the game for their child if they REALLY want it, but most don't care that badly to buy it at launch. Parents usually buy for kids indirectly through things like an allowance to teach them financial responsibility, rather than just spoiling them with whatever they want. And most kids aren't going to spend $60 on a Sonic game. But don't take my word for it. Sales figures have shown a gradual downward spiral. If kids could be relied upon to buy Sonic games, how come he can't even make so much as a million in sales anymore?
  3. Some do. But one, your assuming kids are interested in Sonic enough to ask their parents to buy his games anymore. They're not. Especially when, $60 for a mediocre Sonic game means they won't be able to buy anything else until much later. And many of the parents who do buy Sonic games for kids, won't buy it at launch and will just tell their children to just wait for the price to go down.
  4. Yet another reason why SEGA shouldn't be marketing primarily to children. Their games are too expensive for the average child to reliably afford, and many kids who DO have that kind of money won't be blowing all that on a Sonic game at launch. Older audiences are the ones with the buying power and the ones more likely to buy Sonic games, but because SEGA's always alienating their fans they can never maintain brand loyalty. And now, things just got worse. Because as low budget as SEGA's become, Youtube has actually been a means of advertising Sonic games to kids and other audiences. With the outlet gone its going to a little harder now to reach out to people without bleeding MORE cash. Its a shame, too. I wanted to make Sonic art videos on youtube, but it looks like I'm just going to have to make it more generalized, if its only going to get me flagged.
  5. I'll probably make an alternate design with Twilight in a labcoat she may occasionally use, but I feel like she wouldn't realistically wear it right away for a couple reasons. From a stylistic standpoint, it doesn't reflect the magic aspect of her design as well, and from a logical standpoint, she wouldn't want to reveal too much about herself, like her skillset to people, without knowing their intentions first. Hence why she also doesn't have her horn or wings in this design either, because, she's made an effort to ensure they're both magically hidden. I kind of feel like between all those people stealing and/or abusing Equestrian magic in EG, she'd learn to know better, hence a less assuming outfit better designed more for blending in. Meanwhile, I don't see Spike wearing TOO much. Maybe not something like pants or anything like that, but some upper-body clothing and accessories as well as shoes might work. As Twilight's assistant, I could maybe see him maybe wearing or taking something practical with him like a backpack that carries their essentials, at least. With maybe a jacket and some shoes to keep him warm in prolonged cold . I like the idea that reptiles such as Vector, Godzilla and Spike would have a weakness for freezing temperatures. They're not rendered immobile, but their energy and thus ability ranges are stunted, because just like real reptiles they get sluggish quicker. So I thought about Spike being equipped with clothing that helps maintain his body temperature just in case. But I'm open to more ideas and suggestions. As for Shadow, I'd probably make his design a bit more based on his prototype. Not a fan of the loud McDonald's esque usage of red/white/yellow here, but I like how desaturated the muzzle looks in these with the black fur. I think the quills should turn to a whispy and smoke-like texture. His body might also shift a bit in its appearance to look a bit more like Mephiles, but that might go against the more smoky, almost flammable look he's got going on with the quills. Part of my idea for Nightmare Shadow, is that he can LITERALLY move/materialize through the shadows, and becomes stronger at night. When the night falls, he can pretty much go full Shikamaru from Naruto and control the shadows and any person in his range of control. In contrast he has a weakness to intense light and can be deflected to a degree with magic. His body can melt in the the shade and become one with it, and you wouldn't know where he's moving until its too late. Characters like Tails, Rarity and Twilight however, might have an easier time reading his movements through magic and handheld devices, tracking his energy, but its also a matter of being able to do so at the speed he can travel. And I'd imagine he's pretty fast. But what would make Shadow fall victim to something like that's the question, though. I think the IDW comics tried touching on this concept more with Nightmare Rarity? EDIT: I should probably also add that certain IPs like Ghostbusters, TMNT, G.I JOE, etc. that exist in modern earth could probably just count as parts of one world, rather than separate entities as well as the place of Eggman's origin. And I'm sure G.I Joe would probably be a little easier to tie into organizations such as G.U.N, if nothing else as an affiliate.
  6. Who says it has to be something that's done right away? Or can't be something excluded into something standalone like a crossover special, though? Archie Sonic routinely used to come out with Sonic Super Specials. It could be something thats its own separate comic the way Sonic Universe was, without interrupting the main book.
  7. It was really the tone of the world in addition to her design that probably steered people away from the pairing, aside from obvious roadblocks like the occasional Amy fan. The more serious nature of the story and her design didn't lend itself too well to the more wackier, slapstick atmosphere that would have been more accepted in. Its not that he wasn't expressive or animated. SatAM Robotnik had epic tantrums. And he could occasionally be funny, at least to me under Cummings VA, but a VA can only do but so much. Getting the occasional chuckle from Cummings' voice going on a rant-rave every now and again doesn't make SatAM Robotnik well rounded or interesting overall. He was just a bad man who did mean things and that was it. And that's not to say Eggman is anymore dimensional beyond that either (and its one of the criticisms I have with making trying to make the characters 'timeless'), but he at least in Archie he had more charisma to keep you engaged. By the time the end of the reboot happened, I found Eggman and his underlings more interesting to watch than the heroes, and would have sooner picked up a comic or even games about THEM than Sonic. Don't underestimate my capacity to erase her from memory! After all, Archie clean forgot her after awhile until the reboot, LOL!
  8. I don't think making her design more 'cartoony' would have made it any less cringe for people. Unlike something like Roger Rabbit or Looney Tunes, The story took itself way too seriously for that kind of ship. If Sonic was a more zany cartoony kind of series maybe but it wasn't. To a degree, I will agree with that, although I feel like Cummings really helped make the character somewhat more dramatic and entertaining to watch. I've felt there were various issues with SatAM, including with characters like Sally (who imo, felt kind of Mary-sueish and a little too 'adult', especially in the comics) and Antoine for obvious reasons, but I feel like a lot of these problems can be tweaked and ironed out. Archie's already proven you can make a similar premise with a more charismatic variation of Robotnik/Eggman.
  9. Considering the fact they were going up against Power Rangers, facing harassment at ABC, who kept changing the timeslots etc. if they hadn't managed to keep those ratings consistent enough, SatAM wouldn't have survived long enough for a Season 2. Appealing to authority by using SEGA doesn't mean squat. SEGA is a business. Businesses require people to give them money to stay afloat. Its not just about their pride or what they want, they're here to give consumers a service. If they want to act like fanboys who continue to alienate their fans because of personal preference, they'll go under like all the other businesses who fail to consider practical matters. In this kind of economy, especially with the cost of games going up, and their negative reputation among the gaming community, they can't afford to keep discarding older fans to replace with little kids. Because little kids can't afford Sonic games. And the kids who were abandoned by SEGA in the 90s and early 2000s have grown up and become parents, now. And many of them don't want their kids dealing with Sonic. Except you just contradicted yourself by bringing up Mega Man X. And while sales wise, many of the spin-offs don't sell "as" well as the earlier releases of classic Megaman, they perform well enough to land Capcom a profit, which for them is the important thing. And spin-offs like Legends especially has a fairly positive reception. Likewise, many people had their differences in the Sonic fandom but things didn't get toxic until post 1999 when SEGA of Japan overhauled everything and replaced their fanbase with a single story whilst discarding the rest. And have periodically continued to do this ever since. If people had no reason to see each other's differences as a threat and onset of SEGA alienating them, we'd have less fighting and less people put off by the fandom. But because of their history, and how they're known to treat their fans, people will hate this movie just on the premise of it threatening the versions of Sonic they like. And understanably so. And as a result will feel they HAVE to attack it so that they don't get kicked out like the older fans who came before them. SEGA NEEDS to be held accountable for this. And one way or another they will, because they can either listen or fall under. If they can make Sonic Boom, a story nobody asked for, they can make something based on an AU that was more popular with people. Furthermore, the general public and gaming community doesn't care for or respect Modern Sonic. So while I don't think Japan's version should be abandoned, they really have nothing to lose at this point making AUs like SatAM. Sally and the Freedom Fighters, hell even some of the Archie originals had more fans than the newer characters SEGA has now. I guarantee you more people cared about Princess Sally and the Freedom Fighters, or hell even Mina the Mongoose before Infinite, Dodon Pa or the Deadly Six. And Classic Sonic games like Mania are practically a spit in the bucket budget-wise for SEGA. Dude, stop reaching. You just admitted what they did wasn't terrorism. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters weren't using methods of violence or intimidation to intentionally hurt innocent civilians, Robotnik was. point blank.And even in the comics, where the Robians tried to hurt them, the Freedom took measures to AVOID harming them. And neutralized other people's attempts to do so. Also fighting in self-defense is not terrorism. Then don't compare Sonic to the likes Bin Laden, ISIS, or other terrorist organizations who hurt and killed innocent people to further their own political agendas. Thats extremely disrespectful.
  10. Dude... SatAM got at LEAST 4.8 million veiws, which is pretty good considering that they were going up against of all things Power Rangers, and their management was facing harassment by ABC who intentionally put the show on inconsistent timeslots to sabotage it. And for something so 'obscure' SEGA was promoting it personally in their theme park. What this is really about. You don't want SEGA to let these fans have what they want because you don't want it to compete for the resources of things that YOU want. Because Megaman has done just fine with multiple universes, and the Sonic fandom wasn't nearly as toxic as it became before SoJ got rid of everything and alienated people. You realize this kind of mentality doesn't help Sonic's sales either, right? Its this very kind of conflict and inability to get along because everyone's fighting to have the 'right' for more resources, that makes people deem the fandom toxic and not worth joining. I can't even say I blame parents for not wanting their kids involved with the Sonic series, because if the mediocrity doesn't turn them away, the fandom will anyway. And no parent wants to see their kid get bullied for their opinions. Wooooooow, dude.. Are you serious right now? I get that you hate SatAM, and I'm by no means trying to convince you to like it, but... to call Sonic and the Freedom Fighters terrorists? Is going too far. Sonic and his friends worked to protect people from a dictator who was trying to enslave the planet. They weren't bombing and hurting innocent civilians and denying people their freedoms. So by your logic, I guess WW2 veterans who risked their lives to stop dictators like Hitler are terrorists now? Guess that also means your saying the US armed forces are terrorists too. Yes Elise was bland, but when people voiced why they hated her with Sonic, the biggest reason was always the fact he was a hedgehog and she was a human. Wacky animal logic doesn't apply as well, when your series... Isn't a wacky animal series. Sonic's not Roger Rabbit or Animaniacs --- And even in Animaniacs part of the joke was the fact the human characters were repulsed by their Warner's advances. Perhaps if they had made Sonic more like Looney Tunes it would have been better received, but... If they had I don't think the series would have been as popular, either way.
  11. only for SoJ to contradict aspects of the classics in later games with their own "AU", and then change Sonic's story to a Mario knock-off. but I don't see you complaining. Also, lets not forget this was the same branch that depicted more extreme and mature themes such as character murder, death, swearing, etc. compared to the brightly colored themes of the classics. Despite the fact SoJ has repeatedly experimented with concepts that deviate from the classics and their gameplay. Just because YOU don't like the western interpretations doesn't change the fact that that "nonsense" helped Sonic's brand and helped make him popular. I see nothing wrong with SEGA listening to SoA's older fans and letting them have their own, separate AU series from the current games. Even if you hate it, how does that effect you? You don't have to buy it. Its not like SoA changed Sonic's core concept as a character, and it wouldn't hurt anybody for those fans to have something they like. its not like it would affect the games SoJ wanted to create. If it weren't for SoA, Amy wouldn't have been adapted from the Sonic manga because Sonic would have already had a girlfriend. And Tails wouldn't have existed because Sonic would have already had a supporting cast for them to work with. Considering how hard people hated Sonic and Elise, it was probably for the best SEGA listened to SoA's concerns. Also, because Sonic was initially depicted as such a rebellious character, adding a human girlfriend might have been too much. Especially in that day in age.
  12. Madonna and the band were scrapped because SoA's executives TOLD them to get rid of them. If it hadn't been for that, Tails and Amy wouldn't exist. Also, SoA's advertising as well as the UK's played a large part of what made Sonic popular. Thats not to say Naka didn't contribute anything to Sonic's success, but it didn't rely on soley one person or on just Sonic Team. It was a team effort between SoJ, SoA, and the media they produced. But not enough of the more crucial elements people wanted after awhile. They should have just let stories like SatAM remain its own separate universe much like how Megaman has its own AU titles. Half the problem with SoJ was the fact they tried to consolidate too much when it wasn't necessary. Let SoJ's fans have "their" version of Sonic and the west have theirs, as well. There's no reason why there only needs to be one mainstream version of Sonic.
  13. I could honestly care less because "Naka's" vision isn't what made Sonic popular in the west, anyway. If we let Sonic Team have their way without any American input, Sonic would have been very different. It was America and the UK's versions of Sonic that brought the initial bread and butter to the table. And SoA's the main reason we even have characters like Amy or Tails because otherwise SEGA would have shipped Sonic with that human girl, Madonna and put Sonic in a band. And I can guarantee you the former wouldn't have sat well with western consumers and parents.
  14. You shouldn't be too quick to underestimate that demographic. Even if they're not the parents, these are the gamers who are likely going to be the older siblings or extended family of a child who is a Switch owner. And assuming they didn't buy the console or game for the child and not the parent, which is also fairly common, the parents may still look to them for input on what to get the child. That still doesn't change the fact that, brand loyalty does help quite a bit with helping maintain the Nintendo brand. You're explaining the "how" in why Nintendo's able to keep a steady balance that keeps adults around long enough to encourage kids to play. Nintendo knows how to appeal to their market. SEGA does not. Nintendo appeals to children, but they don't alienate older gamers and fans the way SEGA does. Guess you didn't read my prior post. Yes, there were kids in the 90s, but consoles and video games were a lot more affordable back then for kids to buy. Sonic had a better reputation, and parents/older siblings of that generation weren't gamers influencing their children's/sibling's decisions. So the circumstances were completely different. Kids could be relied on a lot more to buy the games because they were more affordable, and there wasn't anything discouraging parents and those close to the child from buying them. I think your over-estimating how in-demand Sonic is with children. Firstly, your assuming parents now can afford to just blow money on whatever $60 game a kid wants. Again, the economy is different than it was in the 90s. The middle class is struggling more than their parents, which means parents have to cut back on spending for their children to give them the necessities. Also most parents will try to teach their kids financial responsibility through things like an allowance. $60 is a lot for a kid to save up for. Many of them are not going to do that for a Sonic title. Many parents and older gamers in the kids family will either advise them not to buy or wait until the prices get cut down until its more affordable for them. And either way, SEGA's losing money. Your assuming parents and people who are older have no influence in what their kids will want to buy. Kids are more likely to listen to their parents' reasons and input. Guiding a child to make healthy decisions is part of what being a parent is about. Then by your logic, what's stopping the parent from saving money and just giving them an app game that's free like Candy Crush or a game like fornite? Doesn't change the fact many parents still do it and will tell a kid to buy the game themselves through the money they save. Trying to add a morality argument doesn't change this. Its like pointing out the fact parents gave their kids GTA V. People have made constant articles regarding the concern, and despite even Rockstar publicly shaming them... it doesn't change the fact parents still do this. Also, again. Some parents and older family members won't 'force' their kids not to buy a game but will simply advise their kids against it, based on their experiences and the experiences of those around them. And this will often be enough to influence a child's decision. There are a number of reasons Sonic's doing bad, but catering specifically to children for the main, $60 titles isn't going to help his sales. Yes, he was popular with kids, but the differences between then and now are in things like the economy, affordability of games, his reputation, and the fact parents in that age weren't gamers who could influence their children's decisions on what to and what not to play. I mean its common sense that kids are going to have trouble buying of all things a $60 game and for Sonic no less. But, if your that bent on numbers, here ya go: https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic#cite_note-tssz-160 Look. I'm not saying SEGA has to alienate children from getting their games, but that their marketing tactics need to change. The goal shouldn't be to discourage kids, but also not to make them the primary focus, either. Sonic needs to be bare minimum for general audiences. And SEGA needs to stop alienating their older fans in favor of a market that's not buying. Thats not going to happen when you, for example, try to make the series more child geared with stories like Colors and Lost World, don't develop your characters because you wanna emulate Mickey Mouse -- A character whose storytelling style no longer even appeals to kids anymore let alone adults... And then alienate your older fans by discarding lore and stories popular to them and their demographic like SatAM/Archie or the Adventure series. They need to get over this whole 'centralized Sonic' concept, and just make AUs to appeal to other facets of the fandom the way Megaman did and learn how to embrace their own diversity. They tried profiting off this with Worlds Unite, so whats stopping them? And if SEGA wants to make child-geared stuff specifically, it needs to be at a more affordable price kids can buy with an allowance. Like Sonic Dash, Mania, Jump, etc.
  15. ...Where did you get a "vast majority" from, when reading this, though? Looking at the data from the graphs, the younger crowd doesn't even make half let alone a landslide majority. Also, this doesn't negate the fact brand loyalty has a role to play in maintaining the Nintendo brand. Yes there are many Switch owners who are kids, but that's often because their parents, who were fans of Nintendo will often buy it for them and then buy another for themselves. With some parents buying multiples of the same consoles so that their kids don't have to share. Either way, at the end of the day, its basic, common sense to assume a small child can't make money on their own and its the parents who are buying these consoles and their games for them. And unlike Nintendo, SEGA's given them a reason not to want to buy them. What parent's going to want to buy games with a bad reputation, or knowingly subject their child to an infamously toxic fanbase? I'm not saying ignore kids completely, but SEGA really needs to repair the relationship they destroyed with older fans if they want them to encourage their children back into the franchise. And not just SEGA. Fans really need to watch how they treat each other. Because people look at that, and turn away from the franchise because of that. And then try to encourage others not to get involved. I've seen so many times on gamer forums as well as from my siblings' acquaintances how people tried to get into Sonic but couldn't get past how the fans reacted to their opinions or the opinions of others.
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