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  1. Yes, but while it wasn't the only one listed, one of the reasons people said they disliked Amy, and why they found her antics annoying had been due to the fact they didn't like how they felt Sonic Team romanticized her behavior. They didn't think she was "empowering enough" or acting as a good enough role model for impressionable children, etc. Especially in those age old Amy vs. Sally debates, where pro Sally fans would use this as a talking point to dismiss Amy or the SonAmy pairing. Also, Boom!Amy, her watered down personality and pro-feminist rhetoric within the show is in direct response to the SJW crowd; designed to both appeal to these types of fans while simultaneously occasionally making fun of these of female characters. But while the writers do try to poke fun at this from time to time and make it a subject of humor, Amy, like many of these types of characters.... Just isn't funny enough on her own for it to really work in that series.
  2. I don't think its her hugging Sonic that's the issue for them, though. Its the way she pursues him. The fact her entire shtick is chasing Sonic, chronically obsessing, stalking, demanding he marry her. And the fact that, despite her being the lead female, outside Sonic, she lacks an identity due to the fact the premise of her entire existence is soley to pursue him. For impressionable, teenage girls and young adult women, I can understand that, this..... may not be the most appropriate thing to romanticize. Still, I don't approve of the SJW's approach of completely overhauling her just to make her a 'feminist ideal' either (ie: Boring for the sake of political correctness). Amy just needs more flexible facets for her humor to be expressed, imo. Keep her feelings, but give her more of an identity outside of Sonic and make her a character who can just be generally designed to be 'funny' like say, Harley Quinn or Pinkie Pie, from MLP, without revolving her humor solely around chasing her crush. What I'm saying is, the general concept of her character's fine, it just needs to branch from Sonic a bit more so it can be more flexible with other characters and situations.
  3. Despite there being magic within the series...? And it being a pivotal part of the plot? I don't think a magic wand is bad, but I'd prefer it if was used in a more slapstick manner. Less complex spells and for more looney tunes physics to perhaps enhance the gameplay and its physics. The hammer isn't bad in my opinion. It reflects a more childlike personality, but I feel like a wand might offer more flexibility. Her trying to learn magic might also give her something else to do other than.... Just be around the plot to chase Sonic or be "just there" for little purpose other than fanservice. I think my main gripe with Amy is that she's supposed to be comic relief, but SEGA either relies too heavily on the one trick pony that is Sonic chasing for humor, or alternatively water her personality down. Likely to appeal to the SJW crowd, who are in no mood to see her classic antics anymore. I feel like more work needs to be put into simply making Amy funnier as a character. For example, YES Harley Quinn is the girlfriend and love interest of the Joker, but she doesn't rely soley on him to be funny and have stage prescience. Same with the new version of Lola from the Looney Tunes show --- regardless of your stance on her alterations. Lola is OBSESSED with Bugs, but her chasing him isn't the only thing the writers rely on to make her entertaining. SEGA meanwhile either dilutes her personality, or keeps trying to roll in the same, tired ass Sonic chasing angle, which doesn't even work well because Sonic barely interacts with her before running away from her anyway. A middle ground needs to be reached. Keep Amy's' feelings for Sonic, but don't make Amy so clingy and obsessed she's not interacting with him much because he's always running. Focus Amy more on her energetic personality and how she can be generally more humorous+ and less on her chasing Sonic to be funny. Because that shit's going to get stale and old to people after awhile, because there's not enough variation in how the dynamic works. I didn't care much for Boom!Amy, mainly because it just felt like they were trying too hard to dull her personality to appeal to SJWs. And compared to many of the other characters in the cast, she wasn't all that funny to me. Its like, they got rid of one problematic aspect of her character and replaced it with another. But I do agree, that I wouldn't want her to use her fists. I mean granted, she probably could, but it..... Just doesn't suit the character very well imo as a weapon of choice compared to the hammer or even her attempting magic tricks a la Saint Tail. Amy is supposed to be energetic and childlike. So I think her hammer better reflects her personality.
  4. This also doesn't bode well for SEGA's finances either. You have to think how deep a hole they must be in to put up with that. Irs also possible that SEGA isn't paying IDW enough in licensing fees so the comic doesn't get released as often as it should. Also, they used to do major title every year for awhile now. I'd like to think that they're trying to take their time and rethink they're strategy, but knowing SEGA, its likely because they can't afford to anymore. Sonic doesn't even sell a million copies these days. Old rivals like Crash Bandicoot who initially faded into obscurity is ironically doing a lot better now, and outselling him. These kids don't even know who Sonic is, anymore. SEGA wants to live in the past and rely on things like superficial 'nostalgia' and Sonic's classic popularity, but want to alienate the old fans who made him popular and would have otherwise brought their kids to the fandom to put new blood into it. Hate to say it but it just gets worse and worse every year with SEGA, and we're probably witnessing the slow death of them a company. In 5-10 years I won't be surprised if someone else buys the rights to Sonic once they go bankrupt. Except they've been delaying more than simply "a week or two". More like months, abruptly between issues and multiple times at that. Its hard for people to get back into a book when the release dates are so erratic and spacious, and I don't think its going to bode well for them in the future.
  5. If they were consuming reliably enough, Sonic Boom wouldn't have been cancelled. And some kid buying the occasional cheap merchandise doesn't mean they invest in SEGA's games, which cost a lot more to make. And that movie's not going to help Sonic's chances with kids, either. If anything, it'll just make it worse. As a former Archie buyer I can tell you for a fact that, no, it wasn't. Archie may have had a couple delays, but they were nowhere near as frequent as IDW's. They almost always came on time with the exception of a couple occasions.
  6. You'd think they'd get with the program already. They're still stuck in the 1990s and early 2000s. Games are more expensive, and/or come with constant payouts to keep people paying. And kids these days don't have the same kind of disposable income to buy videgames that they used to. So while you can certainly still be mindful of them and make games to encourage kids to play, its kind of dumb in this day in age to market primarily to them.
  7. At least a fanfiction writer will put actual care and effort into their characters, regardless of whether or not they're Mary-Sues. The Avatar was boring, which was a shame because if SEGA had played their cards correctly, they could have branded the concept in non-Sonic games. The Avatar could have had personality presets that effected their dialogue and the decisions that they made, and despite what problems I had with Shadow's game, I did like the branch-story format, and thought that would have been perfect for them. The CaC's gameplay should have been less about gimmick weapons and superficial customizations and more about making choices you wouldn't be able to in Sonic's mode of gameplay. And one other thing. How the hell did fans manage to come up with a better backstory for Infinite and the Avatar than SEGA? Their writing is just getting lazy and uninspired at this point. SEGA can't even get basic parts of their lore correctly like Tails being able to fight, and that was established as early as Sonic 2. And you don't even need to watch cutscenes or even play the game to know that! It was on the back of the damn manual! If they can't even be that invested that much into their own characters and lore, why should anyone else? I don't blame people for wanting Archie/SatAM/STC/etc. elements in the games because regardless of what you think about those universes, you have to admit even that's better overall than what SEGA's doing. At this point they may as well let the comic writers take over because SEGA's current staff can't make stories to save their lives. Give me Archie comics or fanfiction writers like Dan Drazen. Despite what issues I had with SatAM, I'll take that any day over SEGA's current direction.
  8. Don't be so rude! That's game was an insult to fanfiction itself! 😂
  9. Most of Archie's backstory for human and mobian creatures. At in the sense they all lived on one world in their own segregated communities and had a conflict leading up to the Great War. Its simple, interesting and gets to the point. And would have explained Shadow's origins a lot easier than all this two worlds nonsense. It would have made Sonic's fight with Eggman more compelling because he'd have to also deal with certain groups of people mistrusting or disliking him due to being a Mobian. With certain human groups even going as far as trusting Eggman first like they did in the comics because he's human and Sonic's not. This would have made the addition of more human characters feel more organic and less awkward, I think. Egg Bosses. It makes more sense for Eggman to utilize this than simply using a Roboticizer or even Badniks, really. After all, if his entire army is made up of Robots all someone needs to do is make an EMP and disable them all. And with characters like Tails, or Rotor in SatAM/Archie (who I think even made one at some point, I think), or the G.U.N military, it didnt make sense why Swatbots and other creations like them would have been as much of a problem as they were if you have characters smart enough to whip something up and disable them. Even in the games that's kind of odd to me, when the series has characters like Tails. So having Egg Bosses and Grunts, I feel would help level the playing field. Revised versions of older characters who existed outside the games. Because why constantly make new characters and take a gamble on their reception, when you can just use new versions of characters you already have that you can augment to fit? None of SEGA's newer characters are very popular. Hell, even Archie's minor characters had more of a fanbase than some of these new additions, so it begs the question.... Why not use some of the old ones within reason?
  10. Sadly, yes. Maybe not as much as Infinite (though the Freedom Fighter are probably more popular than him) but the Deadly Six and some of the other new additions are more or less infamous than they are liked. Or just flat out, not cared about.
  11. I get what you mean. Even with characters they own, they refuse to use them after their signature series is up. For both the fans and content creators, that has to be really discouraging. SEGA's business model makes it very difficult to keep the fans they make through the alternative media they create. And with all due respect, none of their recent, mainstream characters are garnering much interest. There are probably more fans of Princess Sally and the Freedom Fighters, or even of Sticks, Mina, and Dave the Intern compared to the Deadly Six, Dodonpa or to a degree, Infinite.
  12. As much as people complain about Archie creating original characters and them taking spotlight from game characters, this is what happens when you have too many game characters in the main cast: The series gets boring after awhile, because their plot armor makes outcomes too predictable, with losses being barely consequential at best. None of the characters infected so far have gotten a particularly strong reaction from veiwers. Either because its a game character, and we already know the virus isn't going to do anything long term to them, or the character wasn't established enough, due to the fact the focus was predominately on game characters. I kind of feel though, that Ian blundered a bit with Rough and Tumble. There was an opportunity to do something interesting with them through this experience and he missed it. It would have made more of an impact if only one of the brothers got infected, leaving the other to reluctantly team up with Sonic. We could have learned more about the brothers through one of them tailing Sonic, with potential character development through their efforts to save the other brother.
  13. Maybe its the red eyes and deranged faces, but I'm getting major Sonic.exe vibes from this picture. Its interesting in that it's horrifying. However, I don't feel like this is going to raise the stakes as far as it could to maximize the effect of the virus. The metal virus has the potential to be a very intruiging plot device, but when none of the major characters are expected to endure the full magnitude of its effects for a prolonged period, it takes away the threat level. One of the bonuses of Archie was that it had enough prominent characters who lacked plot armor that could be utilized for these purposes. This is probably one of the major criticisms I have towards focusing the series almost entirely on game characters.
  14. Interesting. Because, last I checked (though this was admittedly awhile back) he said he wouldn't due to legal reasons. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  15. Not necessarily. For legal reasons, IIRC, he said Lost Hedgehog Tales won't continue. So for those would-be writers waiting for him to finish that conclusion? I wouldn't hold my breath on it. Meanwhile, he DID say he could technically make expies of other characters and was legally within his right to do so. Note how, despite Shade being an Expy of Julie-su, SEGA never technically lost that case. Ian just doesn't want to do it for his own reasons. I actually liked Carrotia. Wendy was 'eh' for me, but better than Naugus, and Thunderbolt was... Okay? But without enough fleshing out, that's kind of all she was for me. I liked Cassia and Clove more. And Maw was also turning to be interesting, understanding that despite what kind of person Eggman was, he was needed to progress the greater good of the world.
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