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  1. Though some didn’t, I’ve always loved the Mobius Years Later concept— so I think It’s fantastic that you’re looking to take your own spin on it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. What characters do you plan on including?
  2. I haven’t slept in 3 days ever since I started playing BOTW (switch). I’m also TRYING (get the emphasis on TRYING) to play sonic 06 (xbox360) but the glitches keep eating up my lives like 11 year old me on Halloween candy. I’m almost finished with Super Paper Mario (wii), though! (Literally one of my fav games). And I’ve really been meaning to finish Sonic Adventure 2 (pc) but it’s sooooo laggy nnnnn
  3. Over 5,000 lines of pure bliss indeed. There’s a lot of character interactions going on in TSR that aren’t really expanded on anywhere else. I think the only line I could go without was the w h o s y o u r d a d d y s h a d o w. I love how everyone supports n hypes each other up but at the same time rejects your friend request on Facebook if you so much as pass them [Amy will remember that]. Tbh Everyone’s having a good time so YOU'RE having a good time as well.
  4. !!! I don’t know why but I LOVE to go z r o o m. Me and my friend both played as shadow in local multiplayer and there wasn’t a second that went by where he WASN’T talking and tbh? Best worst thing I’ve ever experienced. -0/10 would absolutely do it again.
  5. Honestly, I stuck with sonic through most of it too— but mainly because I was too lazy to change characters lmao. The fact that she’s a cat really sealed the deal for me. i love racers and cats, and get this, she’s a racer cat. What’s not to love? Plus, this may be a personal thing but I agree that the voice acting not only doesn’t feel out of place but is fun to listen to— she’s one of the characters you’d want your volume on for because she has some pretty neat dialogue. I haven’t played as Zavok yet, but despite him not being a fan favorite, I’ve heard a lot of people say he’s fun to play (I might have to find out why later on). And honestly? team vectors an overall lively and diverse group, so all characters in that rooster get an A+ from me.
  6. All the sonic characters play Minecraft. Shadow is 0.0001 seconds away from beating down on Sonic because he keeps griefing Shadow’s Minecraft house. Knuckles is equivalent to that of a raging Minecraft let’s player. Rouge always steals his diamonds and emeralds when he’s off in the mines. Amy spends a lot of time looking for nice flowers and putting them around her other friend’s houses, even though they could truly never compare to HER house. She canonly has the best Minecraft house— she spent 2 months on it. Tails likes to mess around with red stone, so he usually gets knuckles to mine it for him so he can lay cool  contraptions all around the mc server. Sonic has 53 dirt houses in one biome alone because he simply cannot stop exploring. He carries nothing but a bed and a wooden sword in his inventory— he refuses to fight mods with anything BUT his trusty sword. He tried to fight the enderdragon with a wooden sword and no armor as soon as he found the enderportal. 

  7. Personally, I always race as Blaze. She’s not only my favorite character, but she has one of my favorite cars too! But I’m kinda curious— who’s your favorite to race as and why?
  8. There’s a ton I personally enjoy tbh! Though their story may not be the best all the time, playing them is really fun. The mini games in sonic and the black knight make a up 95% of my childhood. Sonic 06 is something I LOVE now, and the original sonic the hedgehog series was really entertaining. I love the simple but nice story line in Team Sonic racing and the gameplay/music is so fun! Aaaaaa it’s one of my favorites. I haven’t played shadow the hedgehog yet but I realllyyyyy want to.
  9. Tbh, this is a personal opinion but I’m kinda a fan of sonic boom! Amy. The show is good when it comes to comedy, but I don’t know what it is about it but the writing seems kinda.. off. And I respect your opinion on the show’s Amy, because it truly didn’t WRECK her character— she’s a nice addition to the cast of characters. Everyone who likes sonic boom has a valid take, because there’s no wrong sense of taste, but the writing didn’t really sell me on any of the characters.
  10. Let shadow be his own independent character!!! Stop taking the past Amy Rose route of making his identity dependent on sonic... they both deserve to be characters that stand all on their own! 

    1. KHCast


      u cant make me

    2. T00tis3


      @KHCast with every cause there is a effect. You have made a cry only god can answer. You have been summoned to his jury floor, and he will NOT Be going easy on you. 

    3. KHCast


      Okey dokey 

    4. Celestia


      If anything I think official Sonic stuff has severely underdeveloped their relationship, not that that's unique to these two characters by any means. Hell the original idea behind Shadow was that he's a darker Sonic, but past like...ShTH they don't really interact much. If Shadow appears at all, mind you.

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      But Shadow is wheelchair bound for the rest of his life!

      He ain't standing anytime soon :<

    6. T00tis3


      @Celestia I think your opinion on this topic is very interesting! This subject is kinda opinion based, so ideas will probably clash, but I think that’s a nice take on it. It really depends on who you think shadow the hedgehog is as a character. The way I saw it, SA2 shadow was an independent character that didn’t need to prove his worth to anyone, because he KNEW what he was capable of and didn’t need to prove it for that to be true to him. NOW it seems like shadow will do anything to best sonic. I know he’s kinda competitive, but it’s just kinda weird that he would go out of his way to prove he’s the best. It’s kinda like his victories against sonic are his source of validation, and now he has insecurities that came out of left field. He’s always put against sonic, especially in games like TSR, when I believe his coding would best be suited for a stand alone character. Hell, he even has his own game. I just really want SA2 shadow back— can you tell :(

      @Crow the BOOLET nothing beats the ultimate life form! Except for maybeeee wheelchairs

    7. Sean


      Yeah I actually feel like Shadow and Sonic don't clash enough. Although the neat thing that's come out of this is that Ian made him and Knuckles rivals in the Archie comics and I'd like to see more of that

    8. T00tis3


      @Sean and that’s valid! They’re supposed to be rivals, so I get it. Now that I think about it, we haven’t seen much shadow and sonic fights. He usually works with sonic now in days. They could use a more grounded rivalry. I personally would like to see a bigger rivalry between sonic and metal sonic. Shadows literally out here on sonic’s side nine times out of 10 but because he is the same species as sonic and has some different ideas they’re rivals... idk I just really miss when sonic’s main rivals were metal sonic and knuckles. Of course I don’t mind knuckles being friends with sonic now, It’s the friendship I grew up with, but bro... metal sonic is literally your metal carbon evil copy but some dark hedgehog that kinda looks like you is your rival? ¿¿¿ (little side thing: sorry this is getting kinda long but... do humans see a hedgehog and just assume it’s sonic because sonic and shadow look almost nothing alike¿?)

    9. Sean


      I think Metal is touted as Sonic's primary rival these days actually. He shows up in almost every Sonic game now.

    10. T00tis3


      @Sean which is something I personally enjoy but I do understand people like the shadow v sonic dynamic (because I’m one of those people. I love it. It just... hasn’t been written as well as sonic v metal as of late) so I do hope they have more interactions, but I ALSO hope he continues to have motivations/character outside of just “Sonic’s rival”

  11. I see your points, and after looking back on what I’ve said, I can say I somewhat agree. Amy in Sonic forces was the game that made Amy actually interesting to me. Not only that, but the sonic mania shorts really brought her out into a light I had never seen her in before! Because of that, she has truly worked her way up into my favorite list. As I’ve said before, I never really felt like she had substance because not only was she the only girl character, but she was also mainly comic relief. Growing up, I was just really tired of girl characters not having the same importance as their male counterparts and being seen as a nuisance rather than a useful character that’s relevant to the storyline (that’s why I mentioned it was probably just personal bias—). I’m really happy with what they’ve done to her character now, though. This is a character I can relate to because she has traits that stand out and make her HER. There was nothing wrong with her being boy crazy but that’s about all there was to her. NOW she has things OUTSIDE of sonic that makes her relatable and fun. Before (in sa) her interests were sonic sonic and sonic. Sega gave me no other reason to like her other than hey,,,,, she likes sonic YOU like sonic,,, you know the deal. And yea uhhh sonic boom Amy? W...what was that Jet is just bird sonic... shadow is just black sonic... blaze is girl sonic from a different dimension... you know the deal.
  12. It’s kinda hard to make a sidekick for a character who barely stands out as a character: which is probably why all her past sidekicks haven’t sticked. Recently, Sega really has been trying to make Amy into a character worth being in the series, so I think it’s safe to say there’s at least hope for Amy getting a sidekick that works in ways that her past sidekicks couldn’t. But even then— Amy is more of a supporting character than anything, so giving her a sidekick would not provide much use. She doesn’t stand out enough to really influence another character to the point of them being a sidekick. It would just be a hollowed out story with not much meaning.
  13. Thoughts on Sonic Boom’s Shadow? Personally he makes me want to punch myself in the face for a bag of Doritos I already own but everyone has their personal opinions so—

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      A Bag of Chips is my favorite Sonic character. #oldssmbjokes

    2. RedFox99


      Boom!Shadow is without a doubt one of the worst things about the Boom subseries. His second appearance in the show somehow made him even worse.

    3. Red


      I like him. He's my edgy son and I will protect him.

    4. T00tis3


      @Red god same. Shadow the hedgehog will forever be my son who’s quills are dipped in hot sauce. I will bring forth justice for what sonic boom has done to him

      @RedFox99 shadow showed up in the games only to fight sonic for unjustified reasons and appear as a boss fight. Not only did the game do him dirty, but the show too. They’ve reversed some of the (kinda little) process that shadow’s character has made— but tbh, pretty much all the sonic boom characters are questionable. Poor knuckles + shadow; they didn’t deserve this.

  14. This one has been on my mind for some time— not sure if anyone will find it— but... is it just me, or do some of the sonic series have a way of making sonic a certified douchebag? I really like the IDW’s take on Sonic, because for a while there— I was getting pretty concerned. I know sonic is suppose to be cocky, but there’s other times where he’s just...  plain mean and he gets away with it because he’s the good guy. I don’t want to call this out of character but at the same time... 😕 

    1. T00tis3


      Like... I don’t know how to explain it. Sometimes I’m sleeping and get vivid visions from my childhood of sonic crossing that line from being a cool dude to why is this our main protag again?

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Sonic is canonically an asshole. He's bullying a fat man and potentially mentally disabled robots depending on the continuity.

      You can't tell me otherwise.

    3. T00tis3


      @Corviknight sonic the hedgehog stole my lunch money and bought my wife’s time with it. Classic sonic. I am in no position to correct you, because you are undoubtedly  right. 

  15. This is just a personal opinion, but I didn’t really like how Ken Represented relationships in the comics either. I love romance stories but sonic the hedgehog ISN’T a series you want to center romance around the way ken penders did. He took relationships way too far, including the introduction of banging furries. If some young female animal wasn’t banging another male older animal then he would lose his MIND. I like romantic spins on things, sure, but sometimes the romance included was just... poorly written and uncalled for. I wasn’t the biggest Archie comic fan so I can’t claim I know EVERYTHING about the Archie comics, but expert or not, you kinda have to agree that Ken Penders did take it a littleeee too far when he made a 16 year old blue hedgehog into a womanizer...
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