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  1. All the sonic characters play Minecraft. Shadow is 0.0001 seconds away from beating down on Sonic because he keeps griefing Shadow’s Minecraft house. Knuckles is equivalent to that of a raging Minecraft let’s player. Rouge always steals his diamonds and emeralds when he’s off in the mines. Amy spends a lot of time looking for nice flowers and putting them around her other friend’s houses, even though they could truly never compare to HER house. She canonly has the best Minecraft house— she spent 2 months on it. Tails likes to mess around with red stone, so he usually gets knuckles to mine it for him so he can lay cool  contraptions all around the mc server. Sonic has 53 dirt houses in one biome alone because he simply cannot stop exploring. He carries nothing but a bed and a wooden sword in his inventory— he refuses to fight mods with anything BUT his trusty sword. He tried to fight the enderdragon with a wooden sword and no armor as soon as he found the enderportal. 

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