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  1. It's only going to be wallpapers, avatars, and profile themes.
  2. I really hope life gets back to normal soon because I miss seeing my friend and family members now. I'm so bored being stuck indoors all the time and not having a new Sonic game out for a while really sucks. I hope we get an announcement for the next Sonic game soon.
  3. Sally is owned by Wildbrain who now owns all the DIC cartoons including Sonic SatAM
  4. The Sonic movie is the only good thing that happened this year. 2020 sucks.
  5. I'm worried that the 2nd Sonic movie won't come out in theaters because the pandemic is killing them off forcing the movie companies to release their films on demand. Also I don't think the pandemic will end by 2022. We could be living with this for much longer than that if we don't get a vaccine soon.
  6. I hope this game gets shut down like Sega Heroes and Sonic Runners did.
  7. I've now read all the issues up to the current one including the Tangle and Whisper mini series and I'm enjoying it. The metal virus saga has dragged out a bit too long though and I can't wait for it to end.
  8. It's going to be a very long time before we see the end of the Metal virus saga! This Coronavirus could be around until 2021!
  9. I really hope the IDW comics doesn't get cancelled! I really want to see how the Metal Virus saga ends!
  10. When is the Sonic movie coming out to Sky Store? It still comes up as preorder. I thought the digital release was yesterday?
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