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  1. When is the Sonic movie coming out to Sky Store? It still comes up as preorder. I thought the digital release was yesterday?
  2. Well it's official. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is cancelled and will now take place next year. I bet Nintendo is gonna recall this game.
  3. I have a feeling this Coronavirus won't go away for a year! Plus a vaccine is years away!
  4. Sonic at the Olympic games Tokyo 2020 for mobile will most likely get cancelled since the actual Tokyo Olympics will most likely not go ahead this year and may move to 2022. This will mean that this will be the first time since the early 90s that both the winter and summer Olympics will take place in the same year.
  5. E3 will get cancelled due to the Coronavirus just like SXSW. If E3 does get cancelled there will never be an E3 again.
  6. You didn't mention the Switch! It would be great if you can play every Sonic game on the go!
  7. I don't think SXSW is going to happen at all this because of Coronavirus. That means we won't get any Sonic announcements this year.
  8. I bet SXSW will get cancelled because of the Coronavirus.
  9. That's basically what happened in the Sonic movie.
  10. I've also noticed that Sonic is wearing different shoes in that clip whereas in the trailers he was wearing his trademark shoes.
  11. It's a shame that this movie is most likely going to flop because if it does flop, we won't get a sequel that features Tails or other characters and then Sega will pretend this movie never existed and never mentions it again!
  12. I think we're getting a new Sonic movie trailer today but no one will get notified about it if it's marked for kids.
  13. Bad news. The Sonic official YouTube channel has been affected by COPPA.
  14. The Sonic Movie is sponsoring family movies on Channel 5 in the UK. That's the only ad for the movie I've seen so far.
  15. Then why isn't the release date shown on the UK trailer? It just said game on 2020.
  16. Sonic Boom Season 2 is still not on UK Netflix.
  17. In Sonic Chronicles, after I defeated the Marauder at the bridge in Green Hill Zone to get to Metropolis so I can meet up with Tails, I guide Sonic to the bridge. Then the animation of Sonic running plays and the screens went black and Metropolis doesn't load which forces me to reset the game.
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