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  1. When Sonic Channel Wallpaper 2021 coming out?
  2. It's time to Save Cosmo the Seedrian from Sonic X https://www.change.org/p/sega-make-cosmo-the-seedrian-canon #SaveCosmo
  3. Sally is coming to Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces Speed Battle really soon https://twitter.com/LineGutter/status/1277776560603508736
  4. Here's the Future Characters who want to see Sonic Dash: Jewel the Beetle Sally Acorn Super Sonic Super Tails Hyper Knuckles Super Shadow Super Silver Burning Blaze Classic Tails Sticks the Badger Bunnie Rabbot Antoine Rotor Walrus Scourge the Hedgehog Fiona Fox Rough & Tumble Mimic the Octopus Mighty the Armadillo Ray the Flying Squirrel Honey the Cat Metal Sonic 3.0 Honey the Cat
  5. Sonic Channel Wallpaper 2019 Extra: Bark the Polar Bear
  6. Time for Hint: Cream goes to 200m and Archery Jet goes to BMX Espio goes to Long Jump Zazz goes to Table Tennis Omega goes to Javelin Throw Metal Sonic goes to Shooting Eggman goes to Trampoline
  7. You can play as Eggman Nega and Zazz in all events for Mobile Version
  8. All Guest Character in one event, Now with Espio Hope for DLC Guest Characters and Tokyo 2020 Events
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