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  1. I'd say Tangle & Whisper #1 was pretty good. It was kinda what I expected for the first issue, but I wish there was more action in it. Nothing too spectacular, but it seems like the following issues will be more exciting based on the solicits and covers. I am pretty excited to see what Whisper's backstory is. Seems really interesting so far, I hope it's good. Mimic also seems like a pretty interesting character.
  2. I was really excited for Sword and Shield when they were first announced, that I overlooked a lot of negatives. Now that a LOT of people have pointed those things out, my hype for the game has dropped a considerable amount. Something that really bamboozles me is that somehow LGPE looks BETTER than SWSH? Now I get that SWSH has larger areas and way more Pokemon, even if they are cutting some of them, but it gets even worse when you compare it to Breath of the Wild, an open world game. I'm sure that Game Freak has a ton of money, so this is disappointing to see. I don't really care about graphics too much in games, but I feel that Pokemon, one of the largest franchises, should definitely have better graphics then it currently does. Sure, the graphics might improve before launch, but I don't think it'll be significantly better. I also really don't like the Dynamax feature. I'm sure there might be more to it than just being bigger and more powerful, but even so I'm not a huge fan of it. Sucks that Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves were removed, but I can kinda understand why. I still think the games will be good but maybe not as good as I hoped. Hopefully, they'll reveal a bunch of new stuff for the game that can make up for these shortcomings. A big franchise like Pokemon really shouldn't be having these problems.
  3. My picks: 1. Catch Me If You Can (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) 2. Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2) 3. Wrapped in Black (Sonic Rush) 4. Flame Core (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006) Remix: Chaos Angel (All Acts) (Sonic Advance 3) - GaMetal Remix
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