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  1. Now we're two of us who have to watch/read Utena. I NEED to. Its setting seems fascinating, like a onirical vision of a fairytale. It has a strong female lead, has this shoujo-esque asthetic from the 90's, might have some visual metaphors... I'm all in. I have to know more about Utena, Anthy and their world... and romantic relationship? Same with Zombieland Saga. I'm not a huge fan of idols anime, but this one seems different... is it really though, or my expectatives will decieve me?
  2. Yeah, I mean, I assumed they made a deal of some kind, but wouldn't it be cool if we got to see that exchange between Rouge and the Commander or something like that? Some things might be implied, but that doesn't mean they are less interesting to see and know more about, don't you think?
  3. I think so far, the female characters in this franchise are quite different from one each other, so the feeling of having one character that is "the girl" seems unlikely. As many of you have pointed out, they all have different motivations, procedence, vastly different designs and their own spotlights. Still, nowadays, seems like aside Amy, they are not as relevant as they use to -not because of them being female- but because secondary characters seem to be losing importance in the series as it goes. Sad thing, considering how cool these ladies are. Moreover, the only girl that seems to have had character development so far is Amy, changing from the obsessive self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic, to a more mature and (at least to me) likeable character, although some of you point out how she has become more dull due to this change. I see a lot of possibly great stories if given time to this heroines, specially in the likes of characters as Blaze and Rouge. C'mon, we have a flamethrowing princess from an alternate dimension and a secret agent that steals jewels in her free time and you do almost nothing with them script-wise? You don't show the burden Blaze has to go through because of her fire powers, and the responsability of being a ruler? Or why Rouge is working with G.U.N. if she's a thief? And that's talking about just two characters! Feels like huge wasted potential to me...
  4. You could say that in Team Dark's theme, "This Machine", the one talking is Shadow, although the title might make you think the narrator is Omega. Heck, I think Team Chaotix's theme is the only one not sung by a character!
  5. What am I doing here?

    1. TCB


      said nearly disgruntled sonic fan since 2001

    2. Failinhearts



    3. ChaosKaiser


      Both so true...

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Idk but it seems like you have a lot of time on your hands

    5. Failinhearts


      i have way too much time on my hands lol

  6. OOF, welp, then I might be mistaken and the game is bigger than I expected! I mean, for 30$ it should have quite content... It seems it will be quality content, sure, but hope it's ambitious and gives us many hours of gameplay.
  7. Maybe they'll just release the full game in September and that's it. I mean, if the game is like a classic arcade beat'em up, it might be short, so WayForward wouldn't want people to see much?
  8. ChaosKaiser


    Okay, haven't read them all, but just wanted to say how much I admire the constant effort you're putting into this, @JezMM. Not only the comics look cool, they are funny as hell! You have a lot of talent, both in writing and drawing! Keep the hard work, and hope you get to 200, or 300... as many Chamomile comics as you see fit! (without forcing your mental or physical health that is!)
  9. Wow, never noticed that... Still, it could be a Chemical Plant near a city (which would be dangerous AF, but hey, wasn't Eggman the one who built it?). That could be even more dramatic when you think about it.
  10. I've seen the trailer like ten times by now, and I still don't see the sexualization. And each time I watch it, I want to play the game even more. Hell, one of the reasons I liked it so much is that it doesn't treat the main female characters as objects or fanservice material. They don't even look sexy to me, they look cute!
  11. Funny thing is the studio making this is not even Japanese... Also, seriously? A girl streching and exposing some skin hints at sexualization? I don't see that. Same with the spinning kick. Even as you said, they didn't show a panty shot, and they could have. If we took this even further, why would they "censor" their own trailer, if it's well known that "sexy things sell more"? Wouldn't they just show all the "erotic" content in the trailers just to seek for more attention? I mean, they could do that in case they show more footage of the game, but we'll have to wait for that. BTW, we all have seen fighting games where male characters don't even wear clothes from the waist up, that could be considered even more sexualized than this...
  12. Nah, I think this is quite lighthearted. It's rated E 10+, so... And perhaps I missed something, but I don't see any sexualization in the trailer so far, so they might not take that approach. Heck, I hope they don't go for that, or else you won't be the only one here to cringe!
  13. I love the way this looks, from the detailed pixelated look, to the comic/manga-like artwork... the main characters are cute badass girls (YES), the soundrack sounds neat, the gameplay feels like a classic beat'em up and the story seems silly in the best way possible. I HAVE to buy this.
  14. Hi there, @tailsBOOM!, nice to meet you! ^^
  15. Hey... now THIS was truly unexpected! Hi there, @NegaMetallix ! Thought I'd be the only SCANFer here for a while...
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