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  1. Speaking of Sonic being an anti Hero Maybe we should have a game where he allows Eggman to become stronger out of boredom and it ends up backfiring to remind everyone that Sonic isn't a goodie two shoes.
  2. Sega has a lot of Platformers from the 90s that honestly would benefit from crossover with Sonic the way NiGHT has done
  3. Complaints like "too much characters" and "too much story" and "too many gimmicks" are huge in this thread. Now 10 years later people complain about Sonic being the only playable character, the stories being too simple and the gameplay being boring
  4. This thread aged poorly. Pretty interesting to how a lot of the complaints now are the opposite of the complaints of the forum now It's almost as if the problem is with Sega in general being incompetent and not certain elements being inherently bad
  5. I will say this. It's a good thing that This Game outshined Sonic 4 because for all it's faults, it's at least not nearly as boring or disgustingly shameless pander as that terrible game. I would shudder to thing of a timeline where Sonic 4 was the future of the sonic franchise
  6. I still think this is a bad way of doing it
  7. It feels like the 2d sections are a way to pad out the games without using Slower gameplay styles. Since 2D sections in colors were seen as more acceptable than the wherehog in Unleashed Sega has overused 2D sections so much that it created a backlash Overall the problem of Sonic 3D games needing to be padded Has been a thing since Adventure, almost nobody provided a solution to it. The budget needed to create a long fully 3D Sonic game would probably be 4 times the Budget of Mario Odyssey given how Sonic Levels were 4 times bigger design wise than Mario levels in the 2d games
  8. Sega can add her at this point, the game isn't canon anyway
  9. This is kind of a bad example because at this point people would praise it since a lot of people are sick and tired of the "Lasers" fights
  10. It seems as if he's too delusional to realise that he's going too far, maybe having such the greatest scientist in the world as a grandfather gave him these delusions
  11. The whole situation feels like a mess
  12. Wasn't Shadow voted The most popular character in a Nintendo Magazine?
  13. Silver and Blaze also suffer from the fact that Writers keep on writing them back simply due to popularity despite it not making sense Knuckles too, his entire Character doesn't make any sense thanks to the writers not even bothering to explain why he leaves his island so often
  14. Sonic Colors was competent at what it tried to do which seemed impossible for Sonic Games at the time Nowadays people attack it for it's Influence on the series and Blame it for making SEGA Give up on ambitious Sonic Games , but frankly I think Colours is Better than that Sonic 4 game which would have turned the series into Generic phoned in 2D Nostalgia Cash ins
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