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  1. If it took them four years to make a short game like Forces then imagine how long it would take to make a Classic game in 3D, remember that back in the genesis era Sonic's Levels were 4X larger than Mario's , and now remember how long it takes for Nintendo to make 3D Mario games , despite Nintendo having much more money
  2. That's true, it reminds me of the discussion over which Samus Appearance is the "Most loyal to the original vision" with Prime and Zero suit Samus being the two most popular candidates, that discussion actually got as heated up as a lot of discussions in the Sonic Community due to Other M(The 2006 of Metroid) Because Samus has had so many appearances in different games and media and even Magazines nobody agrees on what she should look like , doesn't that remind you of something?
  3. I think they dropped the ball with the Phantom Ruby They should have hyped up Infinite as Eggman's Answer to Super Sonic, where he played with Infinite's genetics to make his body react to the Ruby in a similar way to how Hedgehogs react to The Emeralds Then after a fight between Super Sonic and Infinite , the Ruby's power could get too much for Infinite's body to handle and it takes control of him and turns him into a beast while Eggman tries to Take the Ruby out leading to a 3D version of the mania Final Boss
  4. Conan and a lot of Slice of Life Romance Manga are classified as Shounen so it's hard to define it , unless you mean Fighting shounen
  5. No, People forget that Goku was not the first Shounen Protagonist, Hanamichi and Yusuke are completely different from Goku for example it wasn't untill the people who grew up on Dragon Ball started making their own manga that it started to feel that way , and even then you had exceptions like Ichigo, and then you have Shounen Magazine and Sunday Mangas with a hugely diverse Subgenres unlike the Fight Shounen domination of shounen Jump saying every Shounen protagonist is like that is like Saying every superhero is like Superman
  6. Then one could argue that the series always had a theme of a Technological exploitation of Nature, Both the Emeralds and Live animals being used as batteries and even Eggman's attempt to control Chaos/Shadow etc ,
  7. Do The Emeralds and overall magic items Count as "Nature"?
  8. My point is that Wacky Sonic is a bit more Surreal and Felix-Lite rather than a normal quippy Jerk (Colors Sonic)
  9. No, Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic should be treated as completely different characters mainly because the fans of the two are so different in what they want that it's for the best for a Hard Divide to happen
  10. There's a bigger Chance that Zelda will be playable in the BOTW sequel than Tails ever being playable again Let that sink in, the Overly Conservative Nintendo nowadays is more of a Risk taker than SEGA the company that prides itself on being edgier than Nintendo
  11. 90's Sonic was a witty Teen, 2010's Sonic is like that one 30 years old guy with a mid age crisis trying to seem hip with Dad Jokes
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