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  1. It would be pretty stupid for them to assume that Buddy or the 10 min Shadow DLC are the reason why Forces was panned
  2. I feel like Colors was a downgrade from Unleashed , it removed the Werehog but at the same time replaced it with the Wisps who honestly weren't interesting just inoffensive, the Boost mechanics was heavily watered down and felt less dynamic and at the same time While Unleashed was a compromise between fans of "epic" stories and older fans who didn't like it, Colors picked a side between the two and it deepened the divide in the fanbase, not to mention that while The writing was inoffensive back then , once that style started being used in Lost world and Forces where it was completely out of place it led to a lot of hatred toward Colors for starting that trend It saved us from Sonic 4 though , Sonic would be in a far worse place if that game didn't get outshined , the fact that Sonic 4 has a better Metacritic score than either Generations or Colors should tell you of how Fanatical Classic favouring Critics were at the time as they championed a mediocre
  3. I feel like The whole "Sonic kissed a human" is very overblown in the internet Did anyone care when planet of the ape had a Human and a female anthro ape kiss? Or the interspecies stuff in many scifi Fiction? Yet people act like 2006 was the only time in all of fiction where an anthro and a human kissed
  4. Given how they characterize Shadow nowadays I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did kill them
  5. Meh, from what I have seen on other forums a lot of the people he is talking about are literally "Comic Books guy" tier, those kind of people deserve to be mocked and fought back against
  6. Jaleel White is probably the VA who would have caused less butthurt , but even with him It would piss some people Off
  7. I don't think 2D should cost less but the public perception is that since 2D games are cheaper to produce then they shouldn't cost as much as full 3D games, unless if they are of exceptional quality And the 2D gaming market is really oversaturated at this point, a lot of Nintendo fans even admit that they won't buy DKC/Kirby games because there are too many high quality indie 2D games that cost a half the price that those games do , and honestly Nintendo only gets away with high priced 2D games today because of their good will.
  8. The problem is that they advertise the games as 3D and give them prices that are closer to the prices of full 3D games than 2D games People don't mind this with Mario's 2.5D games because its Mario, people didn't mind this with Crash's trilogy because despite being 2.5D because it's three Games at once . But with The Sonic Boost games we get really short Games that are only half 3D yet are priced as much as fully 3D games that are longer and with a lot more content and often better gameplay. And before you mention Colors and Generations, yes they also have those issues but opinions changed from 2010 to now, and platformers were in a much worse state at the time
  9. He also spoke in Sonic CD I think, and in that Japanese game that introduced Mighty and whatshisname
  10. I am not sure why people are still so obsessed about making Sonic a mute Mute Characters work when it makes sense to their character, Sonic's overall character works best with voice acting
  11. It literally means "for the uneducated" , for those of lower income, and sometimes for "Minorities"
  12. It feels to me the whole dimensional retcon was mainly so that the 2D games no longer had to follow Modern Sonic's canon
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