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  1. 4 hours ago, Scritch the Cat said:

    Please clarify this.  Where are those other “complaints now” that are opposite this forum’s complaints, and how so?

    Complaints like "too much characters" and "too much story" and "too many gimmicks" are huge in this thread. Now 10 years later people complain about Sonic being the only playable character, the stories being too simple and the gameplay being boring

  2. It feels like the 2d sections are a way to pad out the games without using Slower gameplay styles. Since 2D sections in colors were seen as more acceptable than the wherehog in Unleashed  Sega has overused 2D sections so much that it created a backlash


    Overall the problem of Sonic 3D games needing to be padded  Has been a thing since Adventure, almost nobody provided a solution to it. The budget needed to create a long fully 3D Sonic game would probably be 4 times the Budget of Mario Odyssey given how Sonic Levels were 4 times bigger design wise than Mario levels in the 2d games



  3. Sonic Colors was competent at what it tried to do which seemed impossible for Sonic Games at the time


    Nowadays people attack it for it's Influence on the series and Blame it for making SEGA Give up on ambitious Sonic Games  , but frankly I think Colours is Better than that Sonic 4 game which would have turned the series into Generic phoned in 2D Nostalgia Cash ins

  4. If we are going to attack Shadow for being a Sonic Clone then we might as well attack dozens  of the characters in this franchise 

    And Shadow's "Edgy Gothic" aesthetic is hardly any different than Sonic "Edgy Xtreme Skater" aesthetic or Knuckles "Jamaican Boxer" aesthetic , it's cheesy but this entire Franchise is meant to be cheesy , the fact that that aesthetic became a meme doesn't matter, 80's aesthetics  used to be a joke and then all of a sudden the internet decided it's cool again, who cares since Pop culture is fickle about what's cool and what's uncool 

  5. On 1/6/2020 at 9:20 AM, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    Pft. yeah, I bet Rise of Lyric and Forces knocked us straight back to "keep making Sonic-only Back to the roots Games" ville.

    It would be pretty stupid for them to assume that Buddy or the 10 min Shadow DLC are the reason why Forces was panned

  6. I feel like Colors was a downgrade from Unleashed  , it removed the Werehog but at the same time replaced it with the Wisps who honestly weren't interesting just inoffensive, the Boost mechanics was heavily watered down and felt less dynamic and at the same time While Unleashed was a compromise between fans of "epic" stories and older fans who didn't like it, Colors picked a side between the two and it deepened the divide in the fanbase, not to mention that while The writing was inoffensive back then , once that style started being used in Lost world and Forces where it was completely out of place it led to a lot of hatred toward Colors for starting that trend 


    It saved us from Sonic 4 though , Sonic would be in a far worse place if that game didn't get outshined , the fact that Sonic 4 has a better Metacritic score than either Generations or Colors should tell you of how Fanatical Classic favouring Critics were at the time as they championed a mediocre

  7. 27 minutes ago, Conquering Storm’s Servant said:

    Be the better person and keep being open minded in spite of that.

    Have a backbone of course, but people being close minded says a lot about them than it does you.

    As an added note, don’t stress yourself too much over those who can stop moaning about a decade old game ruining their lives for a few years.

    Meh, from what I have seen on other forums a lot of the people he is talking about are literally "Comic Books guy" tier, those kind of people deserve to be mocked and fought back against 

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